Friends Ooh La La

Fly Away From Here

3:01 PM
Daily Life

SoMe dAyS oR otHEr..

4:00 PM
Daily Life

... and at 7.35pm

7:37 PM
Daily Life

Updates At 7.34 pm

7:31 PM

The Words in the Communicator's Rather Messed Up Head

12:35 PM

Letter to Yang Berhormat Trump (If I got the nerve to send this)

7:21 PM
Daily Life

A Revelation of some sort.

10:39 PM
Poetry or songs

Tiada Ertinya - Nur Fatima

5:55 PM

Le Extreme Order

4:00 PM
Friends Ooh La La

My Aimless Rambling

6:39 PM
Poetry or songs

Sorry a thousand times

8:11 PM

Speak-speak Grend-em.

1:08 PM

Di tasik lagi...

6:24 PM

Pelaburan dalam ASB

12:31 PM

Yang Paling Aku Sayang...

5:49 PM

Another Grafix

6:35 PM


9:36 AM

1:38 PM

Motor Kesayanganku Selalu...

7:29 PM

Living Out of A Suitcase

6:54 PM

Goodbye Johor.

1:33 PM

A Brand New Place

2:13 PM
Poetry or songs

Everything You Want (Vertical Horizons)

1:11 PM
Daily Life

Gurisan Jiwa Lagi.

9:50 PM

Selamat Pengantin Baru, Esah!

8:47 PM
Daily Life

Nukilan selepas raya

8:45 PM

Balik Kampung (3)

8:19 PM

Balik Kampung (Part 2)

3:19 PM

Balik Kampung (Part 1)

2:18 PM

Salam Aidilfitri

6:28 PM
Friends Ooh La La


7:21 PM

Grafix - Aku.

5:18 PM
Friends Ooh La La

So Long & Good Nite.

1:41 PM
Daily Life

Tak de apa nak citer...

1:52 PM

How To Say?

4:24 PM

Sakit Gastrik

2:37 PM

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