Throw some sparks, and lit some fireworks. I've passed my motorcycle driving test with perfect score!

It was unbelievable, becoz all of my practices ended up frustrating. I'd come home feeling hot, bothered, and mightily unimpressed. It took me 6 months to find the courage to actually sit for the exam. Can you believe that? 6 months? I passed my car driving test a century ago, and all this while, I didn't drive a car, but ride a bike. How come I did badly in my motorcycle driving practices?

I text-messaged Survivor about an hour before the test,

'Get a leave form on standby. I think Im going to flunk the test. I flunked my morning practices, anyway.'

Survivor replied, 'All the best of luck, Carn.' About 10 minutes after that, Jen gave the same message, 'Good luck!'

Encouraged by their wishes, I waited for my turn, a lone lady face amongst a sea of anxious-looking young boys. I peered to my left and saw that the boy next to me had 'Ulangan' stamped on his test form. I decided to ask for his advice.

'Dik, camane nak kasi tayar tak lepas garisan putih kat Bahagian 3 tu nanti?'
'Erm, akak kena amik tengah sket, lepas tu baru pegi tepi sket.'
I mentally noted this tips, praying hard that I could do this during the test.

Dark, brooding clouds began to appear as I sat on my motorbike (an old one which made me quite disappointed coz I prefered the newer bikes), wearing flourescent-colored jacket which they provided. Around my neck, I had number 25 as number 24 did his turn. When he was done, the examiner raised one hand and I started.

One circle, two circle, half a circle at the double roundabouts. Easy. Narrow 'bridge'. 7, 8, 9 seconds. OK. Right, left, right, left at the cones. None fell off. Passed. U-turned. Picked up speed, 30 km/h, 40 km/h. braked hard, heard the hind tyre screeched. Hand-braked. Stopped. Phew. That was the hardest part. The examiner gestured at me to move on. U-turned, slowed down, waved 3 times, stopped. Turned around. Raised one arm. Done, 2nd part without any flaws.

Now, the third part. I waited for the signal for me to start. Then I adjusted my helmet, the side mirrors, freed gear, started the engine, checked the lights, did the 4 movements left and right, went into gear one, turned to my right, signaled my left, and moved. The heart-stopping part. The part where the tyre should not hit the white line. I tried the boy's suggestion. It worked! I couldn't believe it, but I didn't wait to savour the moment, just continued on with the test until it was over. I had a big smile plastered on my face when I received the result. Perfect score. God be praised, finally!

Last night, I got my P driving license. An innocent-looking me a couple of years ago beamed at me. Ah. Freedom... Now I don't have to spend my weekend under hot, blistering sun trying to figure out how to pass the test.
Dah lama tak menghapdet blog. Busy, malas, tak de benda nak citer... Entahla. Sekarang nih otak tengah bercelaru. Banyak sangat keja, tak tau nak start macamane. Kerja yang tak suka pun ada, keja yang kena push kat aku pun ada. Lepas nih nak transfer department lagi. Lagi menimbun keja. Keja, keja, keja.

Semalam menghadap Yang Dipertuan Agung sekali lagi. Arituh sebelum gi KL, pun mengadap baginda Sultan. Kitaorang kena titah beramai2. Hatta hamba yang tak berdosa pun kena jugak. Begitulah murkanya baginda.

Kali nih, baginda Sultan bagi keja yang paling aku tak peveret. Kalau aku suka keje tu, aku tak yah keja bawah dia, aku boleh dapat jawatan setaraf ngan dia. Tapi aku tolak, sebab aku memang tak suka keja tu. Alergik dan menyampah ngan keja tu.

Dia bagi aku deadline sampai arinih. Projek Trump tak de progres lagi. Aku macam nak pecah kepala pikir solution. Memang tak bley pikir sehari. Tapi nak pikir camane method nak complete projek nih pun dah sampai panas CPU aku. Semalam dah ‘hang’.

(Perbualan masa lunch semalam)
Ainie : You order apa?
Aku : Arsenik.
Ainie : Jangan memain la. Lamanya order you?
Aku: Kena amik dari Department of Chemical. Korang ingat diorang serve arsenik hari2?

Aku dan Jane bersuka-ria email:

Jane : So happy that I have been working since 6am and will be extended maybe until 9 or 10 or even longer. Plenty of time to finish my report by tomorrow morning... hurray...

Me: Waliowww! I share your enthusiasm in finishing your report. Your happiness in working overtime spilt over to our side and your email sparkled with so much laughter and joy. Do pursuit your objective to shine in your career path, dearie. Put out that negative attitude, and instil more positive feelings towards your learning experience. Remember, God is with you.

Jane: I can't wait to get more and more work to do... to kill my time effective and beneficially! I am going to force my boss and ex boss to squeeze me till I dry... It's going to be very enjoyable... Yuuuu... Huuu... those paperwork that piling on my table is never enough... I want more and more and more... I wanna be the best staff this year! The best contributing staff on earth that they ever hired... Hehehe... so damn happy... Hahaha... Got too excited due to lack of sleep and long hours of working... that's a thriller for me...

Me: WAAAAAAHHHH!!! So much joy! I'm blinded with tears now... It is so nice to see that you have changed your outlook on your job, dearie...

Jane: Hahahaha... Remember... we must always "fertilize" the system! :D :D I must do my part to make it happens...

Me: Yes, that's right dearie. Don't poison or attempt to bring down the system. Negative feelings will only feed arsenic into the whole organization. Familiarity breeds contempt, they say. I say pessimism breeds contempt. Contempt mutates into arsenic. Arsenic kills you. Instantly. Obsessed with arsenic oledi.

(Peringatan: Arsenik nih bukanlah sebab aku nih suicidal, tapi utk mengekspresi betapa menyampahnya aku ngan keja aku sekarang & aku nak exit sistem nih secepat mungkin.)
I just came back from training in PJ. It was highly informative, not a waste of time as I thought. Anyway, I'm given a new task to do.

To create a new inventory tracking system. As Trump discussed it with me,

'How do I know, that when I pay for all these stuffs, they are used strictly for office purposes?'
Blank expression on my face.
'I mean, ' He rephrased, 'they are not pilfered, or abused, or used for personal reasons? For example,' (he flicked the list for me to see the huge amount it costed him)

'When a staff ordered 3 printer cartridges, he actually ordered them strictly for office printers, and not steal one of them to be sold or used at home?'

Great heavens. It's like asking me how to give candies to children and ask them not to eat 'em. Or give an F1 car to Schumacher and ask him to drive at 60 km/h. OK. Printer cartridge is fine. I can ask the requester to turn in the empty cartridge as proof to purchase another cartridge. But what about little things like pens, pencils, erasers, PAPERS??

Sensing my indignant brain processing 'WHAT DA...?' neorons, he added,

'If you come up with a good system, I'll confirm you immediately.'

Sigh. What are employees for but to do the impossibles?

Any suggestions, guys?
Dah lama tak mendesign2 aper2. Otak dah kering maa... Oh, well. Yang nih aku buat masa tak leh tido. Spiral flower, aku namakan bendalah nih. Nilah scrawling yang aku paling suke buat klu aku tgh dlm lecture yang boring, tgh kene lecture, dlm meeting yg bosan, dsb. Sejak bile, ek? Hmm... Sejak 2nd year kot. Masa tu aku memang suke wat sketching. OK la. Tadah!

Image hosted by

Besh tak? ;)
Things are really hectic this week. What with the interview going on, and then an unfortunate thing happened to one of our staff. A fire broke out and destroyed her house, leaving her without anything. So we had to help her out by organizing a committee and facilitating the donation collection, etc.

We also had a solat hajat last night as many unfortunate things happened to us of late. Today, we had visitors from Singapore and were kept awfully busy attending to them. They came quite late, explaining why I'm still at the office even though it ended a few hours ago... Jen had to present and she didn't sleep until 4 am to prepare for that. In the end, everything went smoothly ;)

Ok. I'll have to stop. Feeling really exhausted. Need a good rest.
Oh, eh, lupa plak. Apasal sumer orang sibuk nak kawen je sejak kebelakangan nih? Tak paham aku. Tadi gi blog Didiz, dier pun dah berura2 'ke arah itu'. Didiz, jangan lupa jemput aku! Aku yg selalu rekemenkan kompeni ko. Keskeskes..! ;)

Aku respek kat Didiz pasal dier sorang yang berjiwa entrepeneur & usahawan Melayu muda yang berjaya. So far, aku dengar dier dah ada 2 kompeni design. Kalau nak mintak dier buat keja2 design-mendesign nih, gi lah laman web . Semoga lepas aku promote nih, kemungkinan utk mendapat kad jemputan kawen dier akan lebih cerah. Muahahaha!!

Lepas tuh, dua orang lagi member kat opis nih nak menamatkan zaman kegemilangan diaorang tak lama lagi. Dua2 orang Penang. Sorang tu akan berkahwin ngan gadis Pakistan minggu depan (jauh tu...) n akan berangkat ke sana tak lama lagi. I'm sure she's someone nice, we all think so ;) and sorang lagi akan kawen ngan mamat 'Ganu bulan depan. Sibuk dah suruh kitaorang tempah tiket AirAsia ke Penang.

Depa nih sumer dah nak kawen, menjadikan aku terasa semakin tuerr... Mula2 masuk Uni, orang panggil 'adik'. Dah final year, orang panggil 'akak'. Tak lama lagi orang panggil 'aunty' plak ke?? Waaahhhh!!! Bila ntah nak insaf...
Ingatkan nak balik awal tadi. Tapi keja berlambak2 plak. Borang evaluation tak buat lagi. Borang claim tak isi lagi. Sat lagi Finance bising. Ish. Esok kena conduct phone interview. Mwaaah!! Tak sia2 lecturer ajar aku camane nak interview. Tapi aku dah terkena sendiri masa Shell interview dulu. Aku dah la tak reti cakap dalam telefon, tak konpiden. Pertama kali aku kena tinggalkan pesanan dalam voicemail, aku tergagap2. Lepas tu, aku cakap,

'Sekian, terima kasih.'

Ada ke patut? Ingat bagi syarahan ke?

Tapi sekarang dah tak lagi. Aku selalu gak guna telefon negotiate ngan supplier, gaduh ngan supplier, n briefing kat reporter. Hehe. Dah ok la. Tulah kena selalu training bendalah macam nih.

Anyway, aku tak jadi balik awal sebab akak kat opis aku janji nak bawak aku jumpa sorang akak yang terer mengurut. Urut? Memang sesuatu perkara yang buatkan aku sendiri bley angkat kening sebelum nih. Tapi, begitulah hakikatnya. Urat kat sebelah kiri bahu aku dah bengkak, sakitnya Tuhan aje yang tau. Sebab apa dia bengkak, aku tak tau. Tapi sumer orang cakap muka aku dah lain sket. Macam sembap n pucat, mata macam bengkak n rasa kering. Survivor cakap perubahan tu teramat ketara sejak aku balik dari konferens kat Singapore. Oh well. Badan tak sihat, sama macam motor aku.

Jadi aku kena tunggu sampai kul 8 mlm nih sebab dia kena tunggu hubby dia datang amik. kalau berterusan jugak masalah ni, aku kena gi specialist la nengok haper sebenarnya yang terjadi. Tak pelah. Sabar jelah. Kan setiap penyakit tu menghapus dosa?
Ada dua harta material yang aku paling sayang - pc flat monitor aku ngan motor Kriss biru aku. Tapi sayangnya, antara dua nih, motor aku paling banyak mendatangkan masalah walaupun aku sayang, aku basuh tetiap minggu, n aku bagi minyak petrol yang paling berkualiti pada abad ini.

Jadi disebabkan perasaan sayang teramat tebal nih, aku pun menghantar motor aku ke bengkel motor untuk diperiksa 'kesihatan'nya. Ni memandangkan motor ni selalu mati time berenti kat traffic light. Dah tu nak start balik sampai lenguh kaki n berpeluh2.

Dulu aku dah spent duit ganti brek tangan, lampu depan, lampu signal, n spark plug. Jadi bila mechanic offer nak servis motor plus tengok apa problem motor aku, aku pun setuju.

Hasil pemeriksaan mendapati:

1. Piston = RM75.00
2. Piston ring = RM32.00
3. Rebo-whatever = RM20.00
4. Valve seal = RM8.00 X 2
5. etc. 1= RM22.00
6. Plug = RM4.00
7. Servis = RM30.00
8. etc. 2 = RM6.00
TOTAL = RM205.00
Discount = RM5.00

Nak pitam aku bila mendengarnya! Aku terus rasa lemah lutut. Huhu...! Sadis... Dah la lepas tu tak bley bawak laju dlm sebulan.

Tapi malam tu gi amik motor n guna, tgk2 masih ada problem lagi. Hampeh betul. Pagi nih, aku gi keja lambat, n aku kena pakai motor yang diorang pinjamkan kat aku. Ulang suara - HAMPEH!!!
It's really annoying that an authorized person in the company gets to jalan-jalan on my blog, making it less personal.

I shall have to uproot and move. Sigh. Again??

P/S: Ainie & Jen, I think it's wise if you guys do the same. To the rest, I'll think of the new identity and address, then email you guys about it. So, please leave your email address in my shoutbox. Thanks!
I've withdrawn the money from my account. Checked the currency exchange rate. Groan. Much higher today?? Swore aloud. Nevertheless, I have to go to Singapore today and pay the deposit.

On another note. Someone said something disturbing, so I gave an advice in the commenting system. Much to my amusement, that someone got irritated by the comment. My final, final advice coz I'm bidding 'adieu' to that someone:

1. If you don't want someone to comment on your disturbing posting, don't put the comment system OR please let people know that it's a sensitive issue, you don't need comment, thank you.

2. If anything people advised you, and you take it negatively, you've got serious attitude problem. In workplace, you get a lot of advices - given to you either nicely, or harshly (a.k.a. scold -- kena marah la apa lagi...) . So you'd better take each and every advices professionally, not emotionally. At least people care to advise you. People bothered to show concerns, so show some gratitude here. Don't be too sensitive, you won't survive in the office that long.

Which reminds me of the incident that happened earlier on when I started work. Something bad happened (I mean, really bad, luckily no one was hurt). All parties involved were trying to find the scapegoat, so luckily (for them) and unluckily (for me), I was made one (for numerous reasons I can't be bothered to tell here). For a week, I was called for investigation, postmortem enquiry, etc. I marvelled at the way I held thru without breaking down and 'fessing up to a mistake which wasn't mine. After that trying moment, I was bombarded with advices from the management. I took them all positively, coz I reminded myself that it's just business, nothing personal. Al-hamdulillah, things returned to normal.

People always think I made it coz of my academic competency, but I don't believe so. Up till now, I haven't the opportunity to apply what I've learned coz I was put in an unfamiliar field different of that I took in university (I took management studies but I first started work in other than management department). It was a bewildering experience, coz I have zero knowledge in the new field.

However, I was and still am willing to learn, take advices, get reprimanded, etc. That makes me more matured and wiser each time. I am after all, a Gemini -- anyone who compliments me is my enemy; anyone who criticizes me frankly and with a good intention for my own good, merci beaucoup. No doubt I'll turn to you for you coz you have earned my respect.