Tengahari tadi, aku berjalan-jalan ke Sogo. Saja nak bersenam sket. Hehe.

Bersenam ke, bershopping? Kalau dah pompuan tu, memang pantang dapat peluang...

Eh, tolong sket ye? Aku jarang gi shopping, melainkan kalau ada mood membeli-belah je. Tadi pun aku bukan menderma kat Sogo, aku masukkan duit dalam ASB je. Haper la. Buruk sangka. Ngeek!

Sesampainya aku di sana, aku tengok masih ada sale lagi. Aku gi keluarkan duit dari BCB untuk masukkan ke dalam ASB. Banyak betul ceruk menyimpan nih ye? Aku memang macam tu, sker diversify pelaburan. Sayangnya, duit je tak banyak. Huhu...!

Aku tengok makcik-makcik beratur di kaunter bayaran kat bahagian beg tangan. Aku kagum dengan makcik-makcik nih. Baper banyak beg tangan dieorang kena beli? Tetiap minggu shopping beg tangan. Kalau tak beg tangan, shopping kasut. Agaknya, banyak sangat baju nak kena match ngan beg tangan tu. Kalau dah beg tangan dan baju kena matching, kasut pun kena matching gak. Pastu tudung pun kena la match jugak. *Series kronik*, aku geleng-geleng kepala. Tak pelah, duit dieorang. Buat la apa2 yang patut ye, makcik-makcik.

Bila aku baca blog Chika tentang perempuan high maintenance, aku tergelak sesorang. Memang, jadi pompuan kompem high-maintenance. Satunya, yang kena beli bulan2 tu. Bukan singgit dua. Belas2 ringgit! Kulit sensitif. Kena pakai facial foam, mana bley tonyoh ngan sabun je. Kain baju mahal. Pastu kena tutup aurat, beli tudung plak. Tak masuk social pressure lagi. Baju arinih tak bley pakai besok. Kalau tak, sumer kat opis pakat tanya rumah terbakar ke sampai jadi sehelai sepinggang nih?

Tapi perlu ke tiap-tiap minggu shopping beg tangan?

Aku sorang pompuan yang agak high-maintenance jugak, sebab memang hakikatnya begitu. Aku ada empat pasang kasut --> sepasang kasut tumit tinggi untuk official functions, sepasang sandal ke pejabat, sepasang capal untuk travelling, dan sepasang kasut sukan. Ada SATU beg tangan, satu beg galas ke opis dan satu beg galas travelling. Aku ada lebih byk baju dari kaum lelaki, tapi kalau aku pindah baju2 aku muat dalam satu beg besar dan satu beg sederhana je. Masa aku pindah dulu, cuma amik satu trip keta Waja je untuk pindahkan. Aku terbiasa plak jadi nomad, sker2 je pindah.

Ekceli, apa sebenarnya objektif aku menulis posting nih? *kompius*
There were angry voices. More people joined in. A pontianak under a tree, in the rain. I didn't know how it ended up in this scenario. I wasn't scared. I was just worried.

Worry is like small, small things mixed up with the big ones.

Then the scenario changed. All those important people, the datuks and the directors sitting around the meeting table. I wanted to give my opinion. I did not want to give my opinion. I am not willing to step up. It's not because I don't have an opinion, I told myself firmly, I just don't want to share it less they think I'm capable. Why is it I'm so scared of being thought as capable?

Somebody leant forward and told me, It's a dream, but it's going to be real soon. When you wake up, remember this. This is soon to happen. I nodded in affirmation. 'Like a deja vu right?' I said, knowingly. The whole board faded off into nothingness.

Then there was a series of events, involving my father, my sisters and my mother. They all had different directions to go and I was going through it again - the pains of pleasing everyone of them.

I was awake again, it was 7.28am. I missed my Subuh prayer. I did not remember the deja vu part. It had been important. It felt important. Maybe it's going to happen. Maybe not. I wonder whether I'll know if it happens.
I am in a fixed situation.

One side is angry, the other side is hopeful. And I love them both.

The pressure is cracking me up. I hardly sleep for three days now, and when I sleep, I wake up so often because of angry people in my dreams.

I have been visiting tasik again. True, tasik is my sanctuary every time I am depressed. True, tasik UTM is still the best place. However, Tasik Titiwangsa will make do.

Sometimes, I bear a grudge against the hopeful one, because of this request, I am landed in this position. Serba-salah. Tapi tak sampai hati nak marah.

Sometimes, I feel wronged by the angry one, because I never intended to replace anybody with anyone. It's just a natural phase. Nature makes it this way. How come I am blamed for that? Tapi aku faham situasi dia.

At any time between these two, I just want to disappear from the earth's surface. Become a stone. A stone has no heart. No feelings. No predicament like mine.
To dearest Jen,

We did that, like we used to do millions of times. We laughed together - you, me & Ainie. We cried. We told stories that happened, we cried. We laughed. We agreed it was the best thing that happened to us. Oh yes, it is.

'You guys are the first Malay friends I have.' you told us. Then you cried. We cried.

'And the craziest, right?' I interjected. You laughed. We laughed. We did that, me in KL, you & Ainie way back in JB. We spilt tears because you're leaving. You're leaving for good.

You kicked up the leaves and the magic is lost...

Jen dear-rie,

I remembered the first time we met. You & Ainie, giggling over the employment form. You wanted to put your status as 'Janda' because Ainie told so. Chairman & tried to scare you both by telling the awful things we had done in the one-week period we were there. But we all became insaparable after that, right? We were there lunch, dinner, bowling, and all. We joked, we b*tched, we chilled, we rocked, we washed cars, we travelled 100km in a night, then back. For fun. Those were the days.

Those days we usually crash at Ainie's place, watching tv, chitchatting, three of us in bed with me falling asleep first while you two continued you chit-chat-ton. And waking up to Ainie's wake-up calls, Aunty's cooking, you curled up in bed always last to use the bathroom, going to work listening to radio & talking about Chairman (again... why was it our conversation always ended up analysing that weird guy? I always think it was Ainie's fault). And then sighing and complaining why we always ended up talking about Chairman. Then starting again, and ending up the same way. Until Care Bear existed, then we talked finally we talked about someone other than Chairman.

Then we sort of fell out because of new people coming in. Chairman went his own way, we had disagreements, we didn't speak to each other, but you were always there. I can't thank you enough Jen. I was mean, but you were patient with me. I love you the most, because of this part of you.

Jen, last week was a walk to remember. As we strolled in Jusco, you, me & Ainie linked arms together. If only Survivor was with us. We bullied Chairman tirelessly. We forced Ainie to eat at Sushi King. I have not met anyone who loved sushi as much as I do, ever since Eva went back to hometown. You & I, we are mad about sushi. We can spend hours (but not ringgits) at Sushi King. Had all those heart-to-heart talk.

So much I wanted to talk about you, but I can't. I'm like that. I keep everything inside until it exploded and I'll miss you so bad. I'll miss our Ramadhan bazaar trips, hunting for nasi kerabu. I'll miss hours we chatted through the nite on the floor in my room at your house, or nights we spent in the office, complaining, oh so much I'll miss about you! Even after I moved here, whenever I need someone to talk to, I could always pick up the phone and call you. But I won't be able to now.

Every memory of walking in the terminal, I found the picture of us in office till 4 am, It's hard to say it, time to say it, Goodbye, goodbye...

P/S: When I see anything pink, I will always think about you. Take care, Jen. Ur the Miss Universe (a.k.a. Evil Queen).

Jen --> 'One more word...' Knife brandished at Ainie.

The meeting will take place tomorrow at 9 am. Hopefully, Trump will not change the presentation. For the moment, I'm tired + hungry. My stomach rumbled a few times throughout the day. My brain:

'Oy! Dah la tak tido, tak makan plak tu??! You'd better earn RM100K per month salary to compensate for this penderaan, tau??!'

Penderaan? Talking about penderaan, I remembered my last weekend. Jen, Ainie & I were hitching a ride in Chairman's BMW. Dah la tumpang kereta dia, pastu mendera dia pulak tu.

'Pinch him, Jen.' (Ainie from the front seat)
'Can aah?' (Jen, sitting right behind the driver's seat)
'I thot you're the one with 'tangan ketam'? (Carneyz from behind Ainie)
'No. Jen pinches harder.' (Ainie)
'I pinch aah?' (Jen)
'.... (These crazy girls! $#@%! Chairman in his mind)
'.... SAKIT LAH!' (Chairman finally yelled)

Can you imagine that? All we had to go through to get him to speak? (terbalik pulak, not all he has to go through when he was with us) We have a recording of Chairman's voice, anybody? Bidding starts at RM1. All copyright go to Ainie. The Gila Kuasa.

Fast track to this week. From Monday until today, I attended meetings that lasted from 9.30am to as late as 6.30pm. Yesterday, as expected, kena bambu dengan Trump. Dah la kena bambu, boleh balas balik cakap dia.

'Why like this?'
'You said like that? Correct what?'
'No, I want it to be like this... bla2x...'
'Ok2x, I'll change later la.'

Suka2 aje ye, gaduh ngan CEO sendiri? Meh, cubit sket pipi yang chubby tu. My dad would have died in shame to have such an outspoken daughter like me. Tapi, aku kat rumah tak de ye. Anak yg wonderful, wonderful aje ;)

OK la. Nak balik dah ni. Ngantuks... zzzz...

'Carneyz! Waah! Like KL people now yeah?'
'Mana ader... Shut up, you! Shut up!'
'Waah... rude like one also...'
Arinih hari Ahad. Hari Ahad biasa aku bangun lambat. Tapi Ahad ni tak sebab aku kena keja. Aku geram ngan banyak orang. Antaranya:
1. Trump, sebab bagi aku projek yang kena keja ngan orang yang susah dan menyusahkan. Suka2 dia je nak suruh aku gi tempat terceruk kat Johor ni, tau aku tak de transport sendiri, dia tak kasi elaun apa2, dan aku pulak dah memang kena attend benda lain kat airport nih, kalau tak de aku sapa lagi nak buat. Aku tak minat la deal ngan orang gomen nih, buat sakit kepala, aku tak hingin nak belajar sumer2 nih.
2. Konsultan2 yang sepatutnya turun ke JB nih utk siapkan presentation tu, tapi tak turun plak. Pastu memandai2 nak kasi arahan kat aku suruh gi tempat terceruk kat Johor nih, dapatkan info yang dieorang nak utk taruk kat presentation. Aku berani jamin dieorang tak de punyer nak kasi aku kredit kalau presentation nih dah siap. Mentang2 aku paling muda korang nak membuli aku yek? Siap korang hari Isnin ni kalau aku kena bambu ngan Trump, korang sekali akan kena sama sebab korang yang tak turun ke sini. Pastu aku dah offer nak gi opis korang tengok presentation tu sesampainya kat KL malam ni, tapi korang yang cakap tak payah. Jaga korang kalau aku kena bambu dengan Trump! Korang tak tau lagi betapa MENAKUTKAN kannya aku kalau aku dah MARAH!!
3. Dieorang yang sepatutnya ada kat sini menyetelkan hal kat airport nih, tapi korang tak de, bagi alasan mengarut2. Kalau dah tak nak keja, berenti keja je lah, dok kat rumah tak payah susah2 lagi.
4. Group dalam projek Masters aku tu, aku angin satu badan nih!!! Korang ingat aku suka ke, keja ngan korang! Aku pun terpaksa gak, tapi aku profesional. Kalau dah server kat kampus korang kondem, korang gi la carik alternatif nak email bendalah tu kat aku. Yang korang dok bagi alasan server kondem, tak tau nak zip file, bla3x nih, macam orang tak belajar universiti nih kenapa? Camane korang boleh jadi researcher cam nih? Tak resourceful langsung. Sebab kalau aku tak dapat file tu, Trump akan bambu aku, aku akan bambu korang. Siap je la.
Semalam mak call. Bagitau dier gi klinik sebab masalah 'missed heartbeat'. Dia bagitau lagi doktor suruh dier gi poliklinik, then gi specialist clinic. Aku dah risau dah klu jumpa specialist ni mcm bad news je. Hopefully, mak tak de apa2. I love you so much, mak!

Hari Isnin plak, Layla selamat melahirkan anak perempuan :) Dia kena operate, sebab baby songsang. Insya Allah, aku turun ke JB weekend nih, aku nak gi tengok la Layla dan Layla Junior. Mesti chumey macam mak dier gak.

Lastly, aku tak de mood nak buat keja arinih. Tapi keja tetap jalan. Cuma lambat2 dan amik my own sweet time. Malam ni nak balik, dan try buat design la. Dah seminggu tak buat design. Asyik menghadap keja je, tak pun tido sebab letih.

Aarghhh.. besok meeting pukul 9.30 pagi pulak. Malas betul nak masuk meeting. Kira ni sebahagian daripada course plan Trump la, dalam Masters degree tak bertauliah aku ni. Apa2 lah Pakcik Trump. Janji gaji masuk. Boleh kasi naik sket lagi tak? ;) Hehe. Nak jugak merasa ada keta, gi Paris...

Uish. Balik2 cakap pasal Paris. Ada apa di Paris sampai menggamit2 perasaan aku nak menjejak kaki ke sana? Passport dah nak expired ujung bulan 5 ni. Kena kuar RM300 nak renew.

Hujung minggu ni akan ke JB. Tak bagitau Kak Za lagi. Aarggh! Jen dah nak pegi :( Jen, I'm going to miss u...
----- Semalam ----

Malam semalam singgah di pasaraya. Ingatkan nak masak makan malam. Dah capai sayur sawi, pastu nak gi amik ayam, masak ayam masak merah. Tapi bila aku kenangkan, siapa la nak makan jap lagi selain dari aku? Hosmet biasanya balik lambat, dan dah siap2 makan kat luar. Lagipun, kalau nak masak kena beli bahan2 nya - ikan bilis la, sos tiram la, cili boh la, itu ini. Nak makan sesorang.

Aku letak balik. Aku amik jus guava. Aku amik Cheesel. Aku gi kaunter dan bayar. Anak dara pemalas! Rasa nak tersengih2 sendiri. Biarlah dulu, kalau dah kawen nanti, dah tak boleh malas2. So, selagi ada kesempatan, enjoy je la privilege boleh malas2 mcm ni ;)

Weekend ni. Tak sabarnya nak tunggu weekend. Weekend lepas gi Mentakab, weekend ni gi JB. At least, tak de la aku terperap kat rumah buat benda yang sama - tengok tv, tengok siling, tido.

OK la. Aku rasa nak balik. Nak mandi. Nak tengok tv.
Hari Sabtu lepas gi Jengka, tido rumah Nani. Pastu hari Ahad, gi Mentakab, datang kenduri kawen Ubie. Ubie nampak cun giler. Anyway Selamat Pengantin Baru, Ubie!

Selamat menamatkan zaman bujang…
Ubie & hubby :)

Selamat Pengantin Baru!
Ohmegod. Don't tell me I can't attend my friend's wedding this weekend! *bite nails* I've bought the ticket and all... *inhale breath sharply*

Trump: This is rather slow. I need the report before next week.
Me (blinked in confusion): I'm sorry, there's not much I can do since you asked me to do it yesterday (yesterday evening, Mr. Trump. You think I'm the Internet itself ke?). I mean, I'm still doing it.

Trump: You have to think, you know.
Me (in heart): Oh yeah? Don't I just?? The room was filled with a bunch of white-haired people who spent their lifetimes in their work, and they can't even churn out a cent worth of two-cents. You want me to do that in what? 1 day??
Me: Sorry, Datuk.
Trump: While you're at that, I want you to also furnish these info. Number 1, blabla... Number 2, blabla.. also, blabla...
Me *vision of rolling around on the carpet*: Yes, Datuk. OK, Datuk. I will, Datuk. (die, Carneyz, DIEEE!!)

Backtrack to Wednesday:

Coming out of the tiring meeting, straightaway attacking Google. The Finance Manager wandered and stopped by for a chat.

FM: You're not going to JB? (his favorite question)
Me: No, Mr. C. I'm very occupied right now.
FM: So how do you find KL?
Me: OK-lah.
FM: OK only? KL more fun what...
Me: ...
FM: Been anywhere?
Me (stopping to answer him politely): My life exists between office and Kinokuniya, Mr. C.
FM (started to laugh) : Aiya... No friends here kah?
Me: I bred everything in JB.
FM (laughed again): Get a boyfriend-lah!
Me (laughed as hard & decided to play along): Aiyo, that bad ke? Now ur making my life sounds pathetic pulak. You tell me, is there a guy who wants to spend his time on a date in a bookstore ke?
FM: Aiya, you. Get a life la.
Me: Some other time, not now la. I've got a deadline, you know?
FM: What? To get married?
Me *geleman* : Don't talk about that 'M' word. My deadline for this report la.

There's a 50-50% chance I can go to my friend's wedding. Only 50%. Rasa macam zaman buat tesis dulu la pulak. Tekanan perasaan...
... korang mesti cakap aku tak de keja ke bley hapdet blog tetiap ari??

Kesimpulannya, bukan tak de keja tapi sbb aku stress jadi kena unload sket feeling tu kat blog. Kalu tak jadi Hulk.

Semalam aku balik lambat, dalam pukul 8.30 malam. Tupun hosmet aku sumer tak sampai rumah lagi.

Letrik trip lagi. Capai bulu ayam, restart balik, pastu masuk bilik, campak beg, kuar bilik tuang air, minum, masuk bilik dan terus baring. Keletihan sebab semalam tido pukul 3 pagi menyiapkan analisis yang dibentangkan depan tak kurang dari 4 Datuk dan yang lain pun head of industries. Oleh sebab terlampau detailed la analisis aku tu, dieorang gelar 'the DNA of your industry'. Trump betul2 berbangga dengan DNA tu.

Terlalu berbangga sampaikan arinih dia suruh aku siapkan report baru. Aku terkebil2 tengok siling. Ainie dah nak ke Bahrain tak lama lagi. Aku jugak yang masih terdampar di sini. Chairman buat report dan dapat pegi ke Europe, Dubai. Aku jugak yang masih terdampar di sini. Aku peluk bantal koala bear, mengiring dan terus tido. Tak tengok pun citer 'Mya Zara', faveret aku tu.

Aku nak gi Paris la. Tak payah tunggu sesapa hantar, aku nak gi sendiri. Rindunya nak berjalan2 ke luar negara. Dah lama tak jejalan nih. Masalahnya, gaji ciput cam ni, mampu ke aku nak gi jejalan??

Pejam mata rapat2. Kalau takut dilambung ombak, jangan berumah di tepi pantai, kata orang2 tua. Kalau takut bermimpi, jangan tido. Lalu aku pun tido. Dibuai mimpi ke Paris.

Senai Airport might not compete with KLIA or even Changi Airport (2nd best airport in the world, Incheon Airport now best airport) in terms of capacity, passenger & flight traffic and international routes, but their website is sure more interesting than KLIA or any other airport in Malaysia.

Check out their website at
www.senaiairport.com .
We should have more website like this :p
I need a break, I need a break, I need a break!

Head rested on table, hands clutched Teddy Bear with Sling Bag which was given by Eva when I turned 20. 'I love u sooo much, Teddy!' smacked kisses on teddy's snout.

Now all the stuffed toys collection are looking at me accusingly.

... Teddy je? they seemed to shout. So I had to pick up each toys and smacked kisses on each of them (yup, even the 'Moose yang Gila' and the grubby yellow teddy). 'I love all of u equally, but Teddy is a special gift from my best friend.'

Outside, it was drizzling. I'd give all the money in Bank Negara to go back now. Firstly, I need to bring in my laundry. Secondly, I came back from office at 9pm yesterday because I was stuck in the office doing work + heavy rain. Thirdly, the battle with a cockroach that escaped into my room (now dead) left me feeling extra tired (spent quarter of an hour hunting it down. I hate cockroaches). Fourth, tomorrow as part of my Masters' programme under Trump, I am required to attend a meeting that Trump said, could last up to 6-7 hours. Dinner will be provided. Hah. That's how long the meeting's gonna take place. Fifth, there's a Baby Bloopers show on TV at 7 this evening. I need a reason to laugh.

I've been working extra hard nowadays. Draft press release, design A&P materials, source for quotation, prep next issue, yada2x. Plus Trump's assignment. Yesterday I went to see my boss and requested to have some of my tasks be relieved off me for the moment until I completed Trump's assignment. This afternoon, I worked hard collating & matching data, and tonight I'll be filling up the ridiculous chart. Esok mesti siap, Trump nak tengok.

Guys, I think I can't stand it anymore. I gotta go back, I need my sleep and rest. Ladida & yup, the Malaysia hottest issue illustrated below.

Langit gelap gelita di luar. Sebentar kemudian, guruh berbunyi. Perut aku berkeroncong menambahkan irama Malaysia.

Bingung sey. Sejak kebelakangan ni, otak berserabut. Mana dengan komplikasi kerja, dengan assignment Trump, dengan dilema sendiri.

Wey, aku nak apa sebenarnya? jerit hati sendiri. Sedangkan mulut diam.

Aku nak balik, nak makan. Nak tido. Bukan, bukan. Aku nak ke France, melawat Amy.

Huh. Kata-kata sendiri pun dah tak masuk akal. Mungkin sebab kepala dah pening2 lalat kerana perut minta diisi.

Perut aku lapar sebab tengahari tadi aku lupa bawak dompet. Nasib baik aku kumpul2kan syiling dari poket jaket, dari laci dan entah dari mana2. Adalah RM3. Aku tak berani amik lauk banyak2, aku cuma amik nasi separuh dengan ikan kering seekor. Kuah masak lemak. 80 sen je, kakak penggerai tu bagitau. RM1 lagi aku belikan buah jambu. Aku tak kisah makan nasi berlauk ikan masin. Itu kan lauk faveret aku? Sedapnya. Nasi paling murah di dunia.

Tapi perut aku masih menyanyi. Sebab semalam aku tak makan apa2. Tengahari, aku malas keluar. Malam, hujan turun dan aku malas keluar. Aku cuma baring di bilik, baca nota Trump, satu apa pun tak masuk di kepala. Bila dah ngantuk, aku pun tido.

Sebenarnya sebab aku malas berfikir. Buat menyakitkan kepala je. Hati aku berat, sudah puas dipujuk2 tapi... masih gerun aku memikirkan natijahnya. Aku cuma membayangkan aku berlari2, tertawa2, melompat2 macam anak kecil. Aku belum ingin jadi orang dewasa. Dewasa itu mencekik nafas aku. Dewasa itu...
McD (dapat Kitkat percuma = RM 9+)
Jus jambu paling mahal di dunia!
Meh? :P
Sir, your drink is too expensive #@!!??@*#!

Akibat aktiviti branding, jadi air jambu tu sama ngan harga McD Large + Kitkat percuma. Pengajaran: Kalau keluar makan, jangan ngengada nak jaga badan la, vitamin C la, etc. etc. kat KLCC. Bedal je McD Large satu, lagi puas hati. Harga sama je ngan air jambu batu yang tak boh gula pun. Au natural gitu.

P/S: Tak payah isi borang komen, dier tak de soklan tanya 'Anda berpuas hati dengan harga yang dikenakan?' Kalau ada, 100% pelanggan mesti cakap TAK! Aku pun ternganga time bayar air jus paling mahal di dunia.

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away

The other nite, dear,
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke, dear,
I was mistaken
And I hung my head and cried.

My sunshines are all going through personal problems and I hope they can hold on and go through the troubled times bravely. Although I love them very dearly, I can only watch from afar. But I want them to know that I love them very very much and if they need me, I am always here to help.

To my biggest sunshine, I love you, I know you're going through a hard time, If you want me to stay where I am, I won't go any closer. But if you want me to come and hold your hand and walk with you through these hard times, I will. I can carry my burdens and I will also help to carry yours because God gives me strength He gives only to women. The strength to love and ease the pain.

Dieorang ni betul tak de kerja la.
Semalam aku sendiri pun boleh tak percaya.

Aku rasa ada saat2 yang aku boleh terfikir, 'Ah sudahlah, mesti Trump akan mengeluarkan hikmah, 'You're Fired!' dier kat aku.'

Tapi Trump gelak. Sebab aku tanya,

'Datuk, how are we going to get profits macam ni?'

Aku rasa, tak penah ada orang yang mempersoalkan daya intelektual Trump di depan dia, apatah lagi orang kecik2 macam aku.

Huh. Aku rasa jantung aku nak tercabut time tu. Mungkin kali ni je kot aku terlepas.

Sebagai balasannya, Trump bagi lebih banyak homework. Welcome to Masters degree, Trump University (version Malaysia).

Haha! Aku suka design beg kertas nih. Especially yang first tu. Kreatif kan?
Aku rasa bersalah pulak kutuk2 badan sendiri. Sedangkan badan aku nih tak de masalah pun. Yalah, pipi chubby sket, tapi comel apa?

Aku kena bersyukur sebab badan aku sihat dari kecik sampai sekarang. Jantung ok, buah pinggang ok, hati sumer ok. Walaupun tak de la secantik mana, tapi kira ok la. Ada sepasang mata, sepasang telinga, sepasang bibir, dan pipi yang chubby menandakan rezeki aku sentiasa ada.

Ntah la. Mungkin sebab perubahan hormon sedang berlaku, jadi emosi pun tak stabil. Tapi, apapun, aku nak memanjatkan syukur kepada TUHAN sebab mengurniakan aku anggota tubuh badan yang sihat dan sempurna. Berdosa pulak rasanya sebab kesal dengan apa yang TUHAN dah beri. Sedangkan ada orang lain dilahirkan tak sesempurna aku.

Yang penting, ada orang sayang aku tak kira la aku BlueHyppo ke, anak gajah ke. Hehe.

2.30 petang nih ada meeting. Aku tak suka. Bosan. Tau la dieorang SME dalam bidang tu, tapi sudahlah! korang tau teori je, soklan pun cam nak wat tesis. Tok sah berlagak sangat la. Korang ingat teori tu best sangat ke? Naper la Trump soh aku keja ngan dieorang. Aku tengok dieorang tak nak pakai apa aku sajes. Sbb aku budak hingusan yang dilatih dalam bidang pengurusan, bukan cam dieorang. Oh, tak pe. Sabar, sabar...