Pada hari itu, dia kehilangan helmet baru kesayangannya. Oleh sebab semua kedai motor dah tutup dan dia takut ditahan oleh polis, dia pun mengikat sehelai tuala di atas kepala supaya Pak Polisi menyangka dia memakai serban. Adakah dia ingat Pak Polisi tu rabun malam?? Aku yang membontoti di belakang motornya di atas CLK ku sendiri tergelak sesorang di atas motor. Patut kah aku menggelarnya bhai??? Arre, bhai... lawa turban itu!

Pada hari yang lain, aku ternampak dua orang 'Bhai' original di atas motor. Aku mencuitnya dan berkata, 'Awak tak nak bertegur-sapa ke ngan saudara awak tu?' Dia sangat geram tapi juga sangat lucu. Aku temannya yang sangat suka mengusiknya. Adakala dia mahu 'memakan' aku kerana aku suka membuat lawak jenaka berunsur dia.

Kami singgah di pasar malam. Dia dan aku berjalan-jalan meninjau sekeliling. Akhirnya, setelah aku membeli barang-barang aku, dia dan aku berjalan ke motor masing-masing. Aku menjenguk apa yang dibelinya. Keropok je?? Keropok apa tu?

'Keropok apa awak beli?'
Dia tersengih-sengih. 'Pappadum.'
Aku sudah gelak sakan. Mahu berguling-guling di atas jalan raya yang sesak ngan kereta dan orang tu.
'Awak, kalau ya pun baru jumpa sedara mara...'
Dia sangat geram, tapi sangat lucu.

Dan pada malam itu, dia dan aku ada misi besar ke Carrefour. Membeli salad untuk aku :p Bila di Carrefour, dia dan aku berjalan-jalan (kami makhluk yang suka memenatkan kaki). Aku dan dia berborak-borak tentang perkakas dapur. Hmm... Pinggan apa yang paling tahan lama? Paling murah? Paling...

Dia pun menunjukkan pinggan mangkuk stainless steel yang kebiasaannya untuk menghidangkan capati dan naan. Aisey. Sah mamat ni seorang 'bhai'. Aku sudah ada idea baru untuk mengusiknya:

'Nanti orang akan panggil awak makan, cenggini: 'Annnnneeeey! Sappeddeeee!' sambil mengetuk-ngetuk pinggan. Hahahahahaha!'
Dia sudah tertunduk-tunduk menahan perutnya yang sakit.

Anney, sorry daa... :p

Bila April tiba, hati mula berkata
Setahun lamanya perkenalan kita
Kutanya padamu kapankah hatimu
Akan kumiliki selama abadi.
Dia bilang aku, kau katakan padaku
Sabarlah menanti, takkan lama lagi
Kau senyum bermakna, padaku kau pinta
Berikanlah oh waktu, kenalilah dirimu.
Bila... Bila April
Aku menantimu, Aku menantimu
Dan bila April, bila April
Dapatku pastikan cintaku ini
Dan bila April... bila April
Bibirku pasti akan bertanya
Kapankah kau milikku.
At the best of time, this is a wonderful nature that helps me to de-stress. When encountered with an ugly terrible mess, a tiny voice at the back of my mind crooned delightfully, 'Oooh... Look at that mess! I'm going to have fun setting it straight again!'

But unfortunately, this nature also pops up whenever I DON'T have the time or THE MOOD to tidy things up. My hands will automatically reach out to store that paper in that file / folder, and that pencil into that pen holder. And that newspaper ought to be put elsewhere but my table. In the waste basket for instance. No matter how my brain screams, 'Oh, leave it for tomorrow, you idiot! I'm tired already!' It just didn't work, my poor, poor brain.

Yesterday, I had a little bit of free time since I've finished with Trump's speech and other things are just not that urgent matter to be attended to. So I decided to organize the payment documents.

For several months now, payment was totally out of my hand. When I first joined my department, I had set a certain procedure of filing things to make it easier to locate that particular item immediately. The same thing goes for the payment file - whenever the department purchases anything, the first process is to fill in the Purchase Requisition form (PR) and attached together with a memo to justify the procurement. The memo being approved and the PR signed, the order is then placed. Once the procurement department released the Purchase Order form and the supplier has given their invoice and verified, the PO and the invoice is submitted to the procurement team so that payment can be processed. To simplify, the process goes like this:

PR + Memo + quotations --> PO (released by procurement dept) --> PO + invoice (submit to procurement dept) --> payment released

So, all those documents make up one transaction and these are made copies to be filed by the procuring department to refer to at the end of the year (how much of the budget has been spent).

I then moved out of the department and several people came aboard. Eventually, I am back in the department again. Suddenly, payment comes under me. And suddenly, I have to sort 3 piles of jumbled up and mixed up documents which had never been filed since I left the department.

It was mind-boggling. It was a huge confusion. It was a tsunami experience. My table was buried under hundreds of pages, pages, pages forward, more papers than I had ever read and I felt so alive.

Yup, I felt an euphoria at the thoughts of having to organize these papers according to date / transaction / agency / status of payment... When Trump came to tell me to add something in his speech, I had 2 hard cover document files covering half of my table, and papers all over the place - on the floor, on tissue box, on the monitor, on the telephone, on document tray, on my mug, everywhere except on me. Even my keyboard and my handphone were buried under these avalanche of papers.

Trump doesn't like to see messy tables (which is why, I have the suspicion, that he had overlooked Chairman's capabilities because Chairman simply haven't learn to tidy his own desk despite numerous times I taught him how to be more organized. Luckily, now he has someone more permanent to do that for him *wink*).

However, Trump likes to see his staff at hard work. So he was rather indecisive whether to reprimand me for the state of my table, or to encourage me to stay back 'because you have a lot of work to do.' So he settled with a remark, 'You like to work under that condition is it?'

So now I have managed to clear one pile of the documents comprising of 4 months of transactions. The documents are meticulously stored according to date of order, items, and status of payment. The rest of the documents which are waiting to be filed, are tidily placed at one corner of my table to be tackled tomorrow. Everywhere is a picture of perfection.

The same goes to documents in my PC. They are organized together according to subject matter, and kept in separate folders. So I have many folders which I kept together under one folder so it doesn't look too messy. The next time somebody ask for a picture from my image databank, all I have to do is to ask specific questions and quickly retrieve the correct image :)

It is a wonderful, wonderful experience to think in neatly compartmentalized mental.
Despite the fact that this posting is overdue by one week, I am still posting it because my sister wants to know every details of her activities in KL (Please note that my sister is an accauntant and a uncertified auditor who tracks records of all financial transactions on behalf of my splurging mother to evaluate whether she can be trusted to have lots of money in her account).

Last week, my mother was in town for a little holiday and a lot of shopping. The reason being, because she had been such a wonderful mother, and the Government somehow forgot to award Anugerah Ibu Mithali to this wonderful woman, I have decided to give her this little treat - return tickets (AirAsia, I can't afford MAS) to KL, fully sponsored accommodation (my rented house), free meals, and two dedicated tour guides-cum-chaperons-cum-chauffeurs (namely, me and him). The only cost she had to bear is the shopping money (with two monthly donors, she's extremely rich).

She arrived on Wednesday night, donned in her best blouse (green) and pants (white). Beloved was first to reach KL Sentral and found her sauntering about, looking as unlost as any other KL citizens. She could apply for KL citizenship, I warn you. She looked ready to conquer KL (minus KL Tower and KLCC, because she just hates height). Our first place of attraction was a restaurant by the roadside which served good food (by our standard, not hers). To her, Mom's cooking is the best (
kudos, Mom!)

Thursday. I woke up and asked her, 'Would you like to take a rest today and begin your conquering feat tomorrow?' since I couldn't apply for leave. Adamantly, she replied, 'Over my dead body.' So, it was that then. I had to bring her to work, and after breakfast, I clearly described how to get to Masjid Jamek and she cheerfully went off on her first shopping spree and got lost. She was sooo enthusiastic that she managed to cover half of KL ON FOOT, I tell you. She walked all the way to Pudu but eventually she found her way to Masjid Jamek. In the afternoon, she walked back to my office laden with an armful of plastic bags. I had to carry this back to my office, dumped it on the floor and then we went to Sogo for lunch.

'Mak,' I asked after lunch, 'I'm sure you're tired and will need to rest at the surau in my office.' Full of energy, my 47-year old mother replied, 'Nonsense. I want to explore Sogo pulak.' My goodness. Being a wonderful daughter, I told her should she ever come across the word tired, the office have a comfortable, air-conditioned surau for her to rest. With that, I hurried back to my office for a meeting at 2.30pm.

That evening, she came back with three bagloads of tudung, kain and more kain. When I asked her, 'Mak, how much did you spend?' I regretted doing that because it nearly sent me into cardiac arrest. I'm sure she wouldn't mind that to happen because then I'd be rushed to IJN and she would get the chance to bump into Mawi (she's a big fan of Mawi). Being a responsible sister, I called up my elder sister to report her activities (I'm sure my sister also almost crashed her jaw on the table to hear our hard-earned salaries were happily spent on yards and yards of kain).

However, it was worth it because my mother was in such a jovial mood. She has plans to sell the kains when she goes back. We spent the night calculating how much profit she'd make. I just pray that she's right when she said the market are very, very good and things will be sold out in no time at all. Otherwise, she'd have 25 different tudungs to choose from to match with her 10 different new baju kurung.

The following day was a holiday and we brought her to Aquaria. This, I will tell in the second part of 'My Mother Sets Out On An Adventure In KL - Part 2'.
Nichi Comot... bersama Teddy yang dihadiahkan ex-roommate aku 4 tahun lepas. Senyuman comel Nichi sungguh memikat hatiku...

Keychain kesayanganku akhirnya pulang jua ke pangkuan tuannya yang setia menanti.

P/s: Comel tak, Nichi? ;) (sapa cakap x comel kene belasah)
a. Emak yang muda jelita bersama anaknya yang wonderful-wonderful! ;)

b. Goreng pun sodap...
c. Posing ayu!
d. Emak di LCCT. Jangan lupa beli kereta, pesannya pada aku dan dia. Cam la harga keta tu macam beli kain kat Nilai 1 tu...

Hari Khamis lepas, sempena kedatangan mak aku, kunci motor aku menghilangkan diri (dengan kehilangannya, lesap la jugak duit RM55 utk tukar lock, dan keychain kesayangan aku). Keychain kesayangan aku yang aku beli di Pesta Konvo UTM 5 tahun lepas ialah harta yang paling setia menemani aku (selain Nokia 3210 aku yang bak kata LediAgli ialah teman baik sorang pompuan sbb baling kat anjing boleh pengsan gamaknya anjing tu).

Semasa berjalan2 dengan mak dan dia di Jusco Midvalley, aku sempat bermain-main ngan teddy bear (sambil berangan-angan nak beli untuk tambah koleksi atas meja opis). Tiba-tiba dia datang dan bila aku berpaling sambil tunjuk teddy bear yang aku pegang, dia menghulurkan keychain seekor kucing yang cooooooommmmeeeelll gilerrrrrr.

Time tu jugak aku rasa terharu teramat10x sangat sampai merah-merah muka menahan air mata bila dia hadiahkan aku keychain tu. Hehe <-- aku="" atas="" bergolek2="" beruk="" br="" bunga="" dia="" gamaknya="" hadiahkan="" jiwang="" kalau="" kerana="" la="" lantai="" mau="" plak.="" plak="" sangat.="" sejambak="" suka="" tak="" tau="" teramat="" terkejut="">
Aku terus terjatuh chenta sama itu kucing. Kucing tu mula-mula aku nak namakan 'Mimi' (sebab kat Sarawak kiteorang nak panggil kucing mesti sebut, 'Mimi! Mimi!'). Tapi ada label kat kucing tu menunjukkan nama dier Nici. Jadi aku pun bagi nama Nichi kat dier. Cute Little Kucing (CLK - Nichi).

Malam tu, sambil mak berehat2 di tepi, aku tergolek2 di atas tilam sambil belai2 Nichi dan memanggil2 namanya, 'Nichi! Nichi! Nichhhiiiii!' berulang-ulang kali sampai mak aku fed up dan berkata,

'Sudah la tu! Cam nak panggil kucing balik rumah pulak. Mak nak tido.'

Hehe. Harap2 Nichi tak akan hilang dari pandangan mata aku. I love u sooo much bebeh! Best giler belai2 Nichi sambil picit perutnya yang buncit dengan manik2 di dalam (beany cat).

'Suka tak Nichi?'
'Awak rasa apa bila orang kasi tu?'
'Rasa nak nangis.'
'Sebab best.'
'Macam budak2.'
'Orang kan baru 12.'
'Budak kecik.'

P/S: Time kasih ;)
Aku dan PA Trump:
'Carneyz, appointment you ngan Dr. N next week ye? Dia tak free besok. I block Monday?'
>Scan organizer<
'Monday I on leave.'
'OK. Morning or afternoon?'
'Afternoon you kan sit in discussion ngan Datuk & Datuk H?'
'Oh yeah... pukul 3.30pm ye?'
'A'ah. OK, I block 10am. Dr. N's office.'
'Jangan lupa discussion Project A besok, 4 pm.'
'Pukul 4 ye? (scribble in organizer) Nanti I call dieorang.'

Aku & bos:
'Carneyz, I want you to go to JB next week. Tuesday.'
'Oh, but I am blocked the whole day.'
'Really? OK, make it Wednesday la.'
'In the meantime, try to submit that summary for corporate video's input by tomorrow. Datuk is anxious to see the storyboard any time soon.'
'Will do.'
'3 pm David will be in to discuss on this project. I want you to sit in.'
>bila gamaknya aku nak siapkan data tu untuk Trump padahal dier nak by Thursday. Gila, gila! Aku gila!!<

Aku & colleague:
'Carneyz, I email contact details publisher. Pastu department budget kat you.'
'Za, I rasa macam I pulak nak terberanak ni.'
'Takpelah. Take it as a challenge.'
'Apsal la u nak beranak time ni?' (dier just gelak2)
>challenge giler babas<

Aku & dia:
'Sayang, banyak betul keje. Tension la. Nasib baik ada sayang.'
'Ala, kesiannya sayang...'

P/S: Caiyok2x buat diri-sendiri...!
Trump recently remembered that he is coaching me in my MBA. He has given a parallel subject to what he gave me during my interview last time to research on and discuss tomorrow. In my panic, I have emailed Big Boss for help. After all, he is taking MBA elsewhere and he maybe has done this topic before.

On top of that, Trump dumped more things to read (on countries' competitiveness analysis, mind you) on my table with instructions to discuss this as well. And on top of that too, he has also clearly specified a book titled 'The World Is Flat' written by a Mr. Friedman who has successfully fried my brain over the weekend trying to cramp his analyses and of course, this too shall be discussed tomorrow. Horror. An essay, a 30-page document to read, and 275-page book to digest.

That didn't stop me to spend my Saturday shopping with my ex-roommate back when I was studying in UTM. We wandered around Masjid Jamek, fingering fabrics and sampling food. In our mind, we have a vision to start a business and we are testing the market first before we invest in it. At night, we went to fetch my CLK (cute little komputer) from Beloved, had dinner together, before hopping on my bike to go back to my friend's apartment where I spent the night.

You could say. It was an interesting weekend.

Note: Takziah buat Kak Noamee yang kehilangan anaknya, Adik Hilmi... Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas adik Hilmi. Al-Fatihah.
One of the best things happened in my company early this month.

We will no longer work 6 days a week! To substantiate those 4 hours (half day on Saturday), we will start work half an hour earlier every day:

5 working days x 1/2 hours x 2 = 9 hours in total to replace 4 hours on alternate week

Gee, why did I bother to calculate?

Anyway, it doesn't matter as long as I can have my Saturdays all to myself!

And, to give one of the most expensive gifts I've ever given to anybody, I have booked and purchased return tickets for my Mom to come here and celebrate Mother's Day! She's so excited to come here and her most anticipated tour is the tour around Masjid India Street
Why? Boleh shopping2x kain, tudung, brooch dsb.

Lastly, malam semalam as usual dia call utk borak2 ngan aku (klu jumpa, dia xde idea nak borak sbb dulu time aku masih kat JB, dah terbiasa ngorats dlm phone je):

Dia: Orang rasa nak gi makan lepas ni. Lapar la.
Aku: Kesiannya... gi la. Nak makan apa? Nasi goreng kampung lagi?
Dia: Hehe. Camne awak boleh tau?
Aku: Biasalah, tu aje awak makan. Masa kuar ngan Bib aritu, kiteorang gi kedai buku pastu saya nampak buku 'Resipi2 Gerai'. Resipi nasi goreng kampung pun ada --> aku yang tak reti buat nasi goreng kampung
Dia: Ha, best la camtu.
Aku: Salah satu ingredients dier guna sos ikan. Awak tau sos ikan tu camne?
Dia: Warna dier hitam ke?
Aku: Ya kot.
Dia: Bukan macam sos cili kan?
Aku: Erm...
Dia: Macam sos tiram? --> cam main teka-teki plak...
Aku: Orang rasa warna dia hitam, cair tak macam sos tiram kot.
Dia: Ok, pasni awak boleh masakkan untuk orang kan? Yeaah!
Aku: Oo... bukan ke awak cakap tu tugas orang lelaki? --> mengingatkan dia janji2 manis semasa meng'usha' aku dulu
Dia: Orang ada cakap ke? --> dah tak hepi
Aku: Adaa.... muahahaha!

P/S: Kalau bab 'direction' aku tak ingat, tapi bab janji2 manis ni boleh pulak simpan dalam permanent memory dalam CPU aku nih ;) hehe.