Work is taxing me, even more than usual. Ever since my colleague went off on maternity leave, I had been desperately trying to hold everything together. At the same time, Trump has piled more works on top of my shopping cart. I've had it up to my eyeballs, at the back of my teeth, beneath my skin with everything. I'm losing it.

When Trump ticked me off for submitting something less satisfactory, he said, 'You got to buck up. You're not doing fine nowadays.' I felt like throwing up my hands and told him, 'How? How do you suggest I do that??'

'In my department, I'm doing EVERYTHING. It's fine a year ago, I don't have that much responsibilities. We haven't started the website project, the customer feedback is handled by another department, the newsletter hasn't started, the corporate video was still screwed up.

Today, I'm up to my neck with all these. The website needs to be updated every week, the customers need their enquiries answered, the press releases must be written and sent out, and somebody has to write the contents of our newsletter. And you just asked us to do TWO corporate videos, for cry-out-sake!

Fine, it's ok a month ago. I can cope and throw in a few design works when I'm not even the graphic designer for this company. The next day I can submit that report you want, sure as eggs are eggs sir. But when my colleague's baby popped out, I've to take over HER job as well! Somebody has to process that publication payment, and source for new souvenir items, and submit monthly progress report. That someone is ME! And on top of that, we need to launch a campaign to protect our company's interests, well, guess again it's MY department consisting of ME and my boss. If that is not enuff, you have ME sit in meetings and stuffs...'

'I can do everything (semangat 'can do' @ Malaysia Boleh) but don't expect great momentum when the landscape keeps changing. Plus, I need an extra pair of helping hands. Why is my department only having one staff when others have two or three? Yet I'm doing work for three persons at one time.'

Wah, basuh Trump bersungguh2! But, macam biasa, it never got out of my mouth. I just keep silent but I guess the expression I wore reminded Trump of that very rebellious, devil-may-care me who started to update Jobstreet account the moment I submitted that report he yelled for a few months ago. Sorry Trump, one more toe out of the line I will let go of everything. For real this time.
My best friend in school was in town recently for a training and we had a blast of a time. For two nites, I bunked in with her at her hotel in Bukit Bintang, and although we did not manage to explore KL to our hearts' contents because we only meet up after work, we made up by staying up for hours just catching up on each other's news and also other friends'. That was of course the best of times. We also like to stand with our noses pressed against the hotel window to admire the scene in KL city at nite besides trying to see people from the opposite hotel.

Abby was one of my best friends and we grew up together. Whenever we had semester breaks, we hang out together with another good friend, Callie. We used to go for afternoon walks to the library and the beach, baked cookies, and went for jungle-trekking near our houses. Abby is one of the nicest person I've known because she's friendly, we happen to share a lot of interests and she's one of those cool chick who doesn't mind trying new stuffs.

The nite before she went back to Kuching, we decided to go for girls' nite out session. After work, despite the rainy weather, we went to SOGO for a bit of 'cuci mata' and also because I need to buy an office shirt to wear the next day. We ended up buying the same shirt coz we both fell in love with the black colored striped Soda shirt plus it was selling for 50% less (35 bucks only). After we were done with shopping, we walked to Medan Mara for a taste of Sate Hj Samuri so she can boast to people in Kuching that yup, the sauce was superbly delicious and the large portions of chicken chucks simply melt in her mouth, would you believe it? A tall glass of teh tarik and 10 sticks of satay later, we then made our way back to Bukit Bintang via monorail.

Once we stepped off the monorail, Abby said she wanted to have a look around in LOT 10. Lot 10 is definitely not within our shopping means, but it was just fun strolling in that area because the walkways are filled with inviting cafe and welcoming lights. Our nostrils were tempted by the heavenly smell of coffee from San Francisco, so we ended up in the cafe, chitchatting while sipping at our tall cups of frothy, chilled beverage. The slightly chilly weather made us a little bit intoxicated and we found ourselves in the mood to roam around much longer. Then we thought about the next day of having to wake up early because her flight was at 10am.

Before going back to the hotel, we made a short stop at Sushi King. My God. First, we had satay. Then we had delicious iced coffee from San Francisco. And then sushi?? Oh well, what the heck. 'It's not like I go here often,' Abby said. So, well. But we were rather full so we just shared a plate of salmon sushi and she 'tapow' a few more for her boyfriend. I love sushi so much because I'm addicted to wasabi. It's certainly a different kind of addiction :p

The next morning, we woke up at 6am. We went down for breakfast at 7am (breakfast was scrambled egg, beans in tomato sauce, turkey slice, an array of sweet cakes, and fresh fruits). Then we went up again to get our stuffs, checked out and went to KL Sentral. By the time we hugged goodbye, it was 8.15am and I had 15 minutes to reach office. Hehe. But it was seriously fun to meet Abby. I hope that someday, the three of us will get to hang out together again.
Kerja paling aku minat:

Grafik design! :D

Sejak kebelakangan ni aku teramat tension. Bukan apa, Trump suruh aku buat satu kertas kerja dalam masa 2 hari je! Maka akupun kena la bertungkus-lumus menyiapkannya.

Hari Rabu tu, aku bawak balik la kertas kerja tu untuk siapkan di rumah memandangkan ofis aku sejuk macam dalam freezer. Aku nih, kalau sejuk memang tak boleh berfikir dan menaip sebab jari dah kebas!

Tapi memandangkan hari tu aku banyak kerja jugak jadi aku pun keletihan teramat sangat. Bawak motor pun separuh sedar. Hehe. Bila sampai di rumah, aku terus tido. Nasib baik aku tak boleh solat lagi :p Sedar-sedar je, dah pukul 11.30 malam (padahal aku nak tengok South Korea vs. Togo, tapi dah terlajak tido plak). Aku bangun dan mandi, lepas tu aku pun on laptop dan mulalah bermain Spider Solitaire :p Hehe. Warm up otak dulu...

Selama 4 jam 1/2 aku berhempas pulas menyiapkan bendalah tu. Sebenarnya aku nih lebih cergas berfikir waktu malam. Tak tau naper. Siang aku cepat hilang fokus. Waktu study pun most of the time aku study malam, tapi siang aku buat la notes ke, gi kuliah ke. Kalau study siang kompem aku tak boleh masuk.

Akhirnya pukul 4 pagi, aku pun menghabiskan rumusan. Aku save dalam MP3, pastu aku shut down dan terus tido.

Aku mimpi Trump tengah mengamuk. Huhu, takutnya! Tapi dia mengamuk kat tengah padang bola! Aku kompius jap. Aku tengok team Holland tengah buat warm up sambil menyanyi. Tetiba dari satu sudut aku tengok Shebby meluru dari sebelah kiri dan terus menyumbat satu gol ke dalam gol Holland! Huh? Aku kompius lagi. Kenapa Shebby sumbat gol sedangkan game belum mula?? Aku tengok jurulatih Holland memarahi goalkeeper dieorang sebab biarkan Shebby sumbat gol. Erk.

Trump dah hilang ke mana entah. Pastu aku pun tak ingat apa dah jadi. Bila aku bangun, masih terngiang2 lagi team Holland menyanyi. Hahaha!

Itulah, kempunan tak boleh tengok bola. Kan dah termimpi2 pulak! :p
Ehem. Sebenarnya dah lama kene tagged oleh Mira (Nagacute) tapi aku tak berkesempatan nak publish . Sorry ye Meera! Anyway, this is it:

Three Things

Name 3 schools you went to:
1. SRK Kidurong, Bintulu 2. SMK Bandar Bintulu, Bintulu 3. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai ;)
Name 3 things in your purse/backpack:
1. Important ID cards 2. Cash / ATM cards 3. Sanitary pad (backpack)

Name 3 things you do when you're really stressed:
1. Lepak at tasik 2. 3. Eat chocolate

Name 3 places you go on a daily basis:
1. Office 2. Office 3. Office

Name 3 favorite fruits: *not in order
1. Mango 2. Banana 3. Mata kucing

Three names you go by:
1. My real name 2. My pet name 3. My cyber name

Three of your favorite foods:
1. Nasi putih 2. Siakap stim 3. Sayur kailan ikan masin

Three things you are wearing right now:
1. Spectacles 2. Lipstick 3. A smile
T h e W h o s

Who is in the house with you?
My housemates

Who are you thinking about right now?

Who did you last talk to on the phone?
Who do you sit next to in your 5th period class?
My best friend, Reza
Who was the last person you told you loved?
My mom

Who do you wish you were with right now?
My friends in JB

Who gets on your nerves the most at school?
Can't remember.
T h e W h e r e s

Where do you live?

Where is your phone?
Somewhere under the huge piles of documents

Where do you sleep?
Wherever whenever I feel sleepy

Where is the last place you took a ride to?

Where in your house are you?
At office now. Sorry.

T h e W h a t s

What was the last thing you ate?
Jacob's Weetameal

What color shirt are you wearing?

What is the closest item near you that is blue?
Pen holder with Sarawak motifs, which is a gift from my ex-roommate and best buddy, Eva..
What do you like best about school?
Chitchatting with my best friends, Semi, Callie, Hester, Abby, Ding Kai.
What is your favorite color?
Can't decide between blue and purple.

What do you wear more: jeans or shorts?

What is the last movie that you watched?
The X-Men (The Last Stand)- quite ok la

T h e W h e n s

When did you start school?
6 years old
When is your birthday?
Last 5 June

When did you last go to the mall?

When was the last time you bought a pair of pants?
Forgot already

When did you last burn something?
When I was in 3rd year, I burnt this thing they called 'polong' because I was curious to see how hot air will make this thing float. It didn't float up, but went down and nearly went into someone's house two storey's below. The whole house and building across screamed! I never burnt any more polong after that point until I learn the theory of air (Quoting Chairman: Aerospace engineering means the study of air and space)

Sapa kena tag:
1. My sister - Liza
2. Kak Meera
3. Kak Kasih!

Haha! Jawab, jangan tak jawab!
Here are the rules:
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time. There is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

My Perfect Lover Must:
Kekasih Sempurna Saya Mestilah :
1. Boleh diajak berbicara tentang semua perkara bersama-sama (dari merapu2, hal intelek, isu-isu semasa, idea, etc.)
2. Menghormati pandangan saya! (kompem saya akan hormat pandangan dia juga)
3. Banyak persamaan dengan saya dari segi peribadi dan pandangan :)
4. Suka mencuba pelbagai aktiviti yang tak penah dibuat (e.g. mengembara, mencuba makanan baru, hiking, mountain-climbing, scuba diving, menonton teater, etc.) dan akan mengajak saya bersama secara spontan!
5. Tak malu mempamerkan SAYANG nya pada SAYA kepada orang lain ;)6. Seorang penyabar kerana saya selalu berubah emosi secara tiba-tiba :p

7. Mempunyai ketahanan dari segi fizikal, mental dan emosi (jangan dugaan sket je, terus melatah!)8. Boleh buat saya rasa selamat, gembira dan bahagia sehingga akhir hayat!

Okey.. this TAg stops here coz semua dah penah dapat! :P
One of my boring and most hateful work is answering enquiries from customers via email. You can't begin to imagine how exasperating it is to deal with people who are too lazy to read available information but find it more convenient to just hit the 'Ask Us' button. If the info is not there, fine. Go ahead and ask me. If the info is unclear, fine. I don't mind to help. That's why I'm here.

But what about if the info is there, well-explained and easy to understand even by a five-year-old kid? What about if you spend a long time compiling the info for the convenience of your customer so they can immediately view it without requesting for it and STILL get enquiries about it to be delivered personally to an email address? What other excuse can these bunch of buggers give except that they're too lazy to read and too kiasu with the 'Ask Us' button?

These attitude really annoys me, like crazy in fact. But if I can't not answer these lazy people, I can, within my freedom as an individual entity who has to deal with these mentally-challenging people, criticize these bunch of species.

Because I thought our customers can't find the info they are looking for in our previous dull and static website, I took up a three tireless months of compiling information, data and conducting surveys on best sites all over the globe to come up with a beautiful, interactive and information-driven website. All that our customers need to know are just at their fingertips. Even the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) are updated constantly to ensure customers' enquiries are attended to instantly. It least occured to me that they don't look for answers, they wait for answers to come to them. Too lazy to read and skim for the info they want and because they almost instantly get the reply, users will continue to email me redundant questions.

I got so annoyed recently when I received this email:

'Can you please tell the timing for the follwoing break ups: -
1) How much time will it take to reach from station A to reach Point B.
2) Is Point B same as B Station? If yes, is it ok if I reach B station directly?
3) How much time it normally takes at Point B?
4) And if I can reach B station directly, I assume that I can take a bus from Point B to reach Point C?
5) How much time will it take to reach from Point B to Point C.
6) How much time it normally takes at Point C?
7) How much time it normally takes to reach Point D from Point C?
8) How much time it normally takes to reach Point E from Point D.

Above information will help me to make some idea about the time I need to finally reach Point E from Point A. I have to be there at 9.00 pm.

Note to teachers: This is what you get when you raise kids who are exam-oriented. Sampai besar pun still require to be spoon-fed. These questions are akin to 'Encik, ujian ni masuk bab berapa? Bab 1 tu keluar tajuk yang mana satu? Berapa soalan dari tajuk ni? Nak kena baca buku teks je ke atau kena carik rujukan lain?'

You can't help getting asthma attack if you deal with this sort of people every single day. Even people who don't have to deal with them will get cross-eyed when they come across these qs. To make it simpler for you guys out there, this fella wants to get from Point A to Point E. A normal person would want to know the average time to get from Point A to Point E without bothering to drill into too much details. From this info, he/she will basically calculate what time to start the journey in order to make it at Point E before 9 pm. This average time (during peak hour and off- peak hour) is already available in the website anyway. With this knowledge, and with the procedures spelt out clearly in the website, normal average person doesn't have to ask anything anyway.

After all, it's just a 3 hours travel, not Amazing Race episode or even the making of Mission Impossible 4. I can just imagine this Tom Cruise-wannabe painstakingly putting these info into his latest technology digital watch with a Mission Impossible theme song playing in the background and a female voice who tells him:

'You have 2 hours 59 minutes to accomplish the 'Point E Mision'...' A hologram map appears behind his highly-sophisticated eyewear.. 'quickly jump onto the red bus! you have 2 minutes to be at Point B...' more high-pitched Mission Impossible theme song, '... Next step requires 4 minutes 39 seconds to accomplish. Be careful! Don't lose the red bus.' and there'd be snipers who'd try to gun him down to stop him from getting to Point E to make it more challenging, until he arrives at Point E, 'Mission accomplished.' Trettet teretettet...

To this kind of person, I would recommend 'A Complete Guide of Travel Planning for Idiots' before you even hit the 'Ask Us' button. I'd be sorry to anybody in other part of the world should this person try to venture beyond this country's boundary.
Hrmmmmmm...... Grrrrrrr.... #!%$&^@

Mcm tu la yang aku rasa bila aku start laptop aku pagi tadi. 'Krreeekkkkekke..' Poof! Skrin jadi blank. Nasib baik keja yang aku buat sampai pukul 3 pagi tadi aku dah save kat dalam Cute Little Kotak muzik aku. Hampehs betul!

Sepanjang pagi tadi, sambil batuk2 aku sempat membebel2 kat laptop aku tu. Ni dah kali kedua bendalah ni berlaku. Cenggini aku kene gi Low Yat lagi la. Haissshhh! Menyusahkan tol!!!

Masa lunch, aku turun beli sandwich sebab masih tak de mood disebabkan laptop tu. Aku tengok ader orang tengah wat demonstrasi kat tingkat bawah tu. Isu AUKU. Isk?? Takkan buat demo sampai kat sini? Aku tengok ader keta polis. Aku pun malas nak layan.

Sepanjang arinih aku busy menyiapkan surat kepada PM. Trump tak puas hati ngan draf surat oleh dua orang manager yang dier soh buat sebelum tu, so last resort as usual soh aku ler! Ha-la-mak... Aku dah la tengah on drug nih, makan ubat batuk. Nak berfikir pun payah. Tapi dalam kepayahan tu, sedar-sedar dah 4 muka surat aku karang. Ni tengah nak kene siapkan sebab Trump nak arinih jugak (yalah, yalah.)

Tengah khusyuk mengarang ayat yang power gilosh, tetiba aku dengar ofismet aku gelak sakan. 'Adei la... ader gak org cenggini...'
'Orang ni nak bayar kat kita RM6. Pastu dier courier kan cek RM6 ni, harga courier tu lebih mahal dari cek yang dier nak bayar tu. Courier je RM6.90..!'
Aku pun boleh tergelak sekali. Macam2x..!
Akhirnya, berlalulah sudah hari lahir aku yang ke 24...

Hmm. Sebenarnya, tahun ni hari lahir aku tak semeriah tahun2 sudah. Kalau 2 tahun lepas, hosmet2 aku wat surprise party (aku ingat lagi waktu tu Kak Za ditugaskan untuk mengunci aku dalam bilik supaya aku tak kuar, tapi last2 aku yang kunci dia dalam bilik. Jadik plan tu dah berubah sket, tapi still surprise gak sbb yang lain sumer berjaya membawa lakonan selamba badak sampai aku pun x saspek apa2...) dan tahun lepas member2 opis bawak keluar makan beramai2 sambil belanja kek besday (Ainie yang buat ;p), tahun ni pulak aku jatuh sakit dan sesorang terbaring di bilik layan perasaan syahdu. Huhu...! Rindu giler kat kawan2 kat Johor tu!

Semalam, aku terpaksa balik awal sebab demam still tak reda. Jadi aku pun gi klinik dan amik MC. Pastu aku just tengok tv dan tido. Nasib baik arinih dah ok sket, tapi suara dah macam suara orang tua! Kelakar betul.

Di sini aku nak senaraikan orang2 terawal sms ucapkan Hepi Besday kat aku ;):

1. Anip Poyo - sebulan awal (sebab dier ingat besday aku 6/5, padahal besday aku 5/6. Huhu..! masalah kompius)
2. Fiza - sehari awal (sebab dier ingat hari Ahad tu dah 5 hb :p )
3. Mak aku - love u so much la mak!
4. Agath - best friend aku ;) Besday dier sehari awal..
5. Anip Poyo - sekali lagi..
6. Kakak aku - thanks, sis! ;)
7. Bib - roommate masa kat UTM
8. Haiza - roommate gak
9. Jen - dalam komplen2 sempat gak wish aku 'Hepi Besday'
10. Ricky - ofis mate kat Johor sebab dulu masa dier offer nak jual hp kat aku, aku sempat taruk reminder besday aku kat hp dier. wahahaha!
11. Mat Pae - coursemate yang bakal sambut besday besok..
12. Fiza - sekali lagi sebab kesilapan teknikal so dier nak jadi org plg last plak wish besday
13. Ayah aku - huhu, ingat gak dier besday aku.
14. Sze Yen - senior debater dulu.

Thanks gak kat Dilla, Aini & Junaidix sbb kasi besday wish kat dalam email.

Thanks kat Amy Maria & Wai yang kasi testimonial kat Friendster.

Thanks kat Abby sbb kasi dompet syiling yang comel ;) dan kat 'Bhai' yang kasi teddy bear.
Thanks kat member2 blog yang wish kat tagboard.

Timecey kat sumer yang ingat besday aku :)
It was a crappy day, it was a crappy, crappy day. I had come down with a terrible sore throat, and occassional sniffs. The nite before had started wonderful, when my school chum, Abby came down to KL for training and I had spent the nite bunking in her hotel room. We caught up with each other's news. Who's she dating, who is who's dating, who is doing what etc. Throughout the nite, I began to experience the worst ever feeling since I dunno when. I huddled under the blanket, half asleep and half awake. I had a nightmare. I dreamed I was screaming myself hoarse at someone for being mean to me.

'You think I do this on purpose, you scum, you bad-mouthed me behind my back and you expect I could take it just like that??'

I woke up feeling like someone had rubbed the grittiest sandpaper on my throat until it felt raw that it was hard to swallow.

I was late for work because the housekeeping staff took her own sweet time delivering the iron, and bloody KL road, confusing me. I had to make a detour to reach somewhere familiar. Like I need another reason to be 'happy' today, huh, I thought darkly.

Work was well, work. Bloody Business Development people. You want a good product, give us something worthwhile la, how can you expect we deliver you gold when you give us crap? Like crap. I felt like jumping off the building. I was that exasperated.

Me: Your boss wants us to put how many bloody parking bays we'll have.
Chairman: Or you can manually count the parking bays.
Me (totally gave up): Whatever, just give me something. Why can't you be decent to me on my birthday? I have a crappy day you know?
Chairman: (mumbled something I can't hear)
Me: Yeah, whatever.

In the afternoon, I went in two presentations. They were like, *unspeakable stuffs*.

Trump to me: Anything you want to comment?
Me (rubbing my burning forehead, and feeling my throbbing temple): I like the music, you know, but it's like, disjointed. I felt something was not explained, the link was missing.
(2nd presentation)
Trump to me: Anything?
Me (shrugged in surrender): No.

Then, there was the time out zone, when I went for aerobic for half an hour. Then finally sitting here, staring at the monitor.

It could be any other day. It could be last year, or last month, or last day. But it had to happen today.

Under my breath, I sang tunelessly, 'Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to...' at this point of time, I saw an incoming email from a passenger with a long, long list of questions which looked familiar. '... crap.' Don't they ever read the FAQs? Why the fish head curry do I bother to prep a FAQs page if nobody bothered to read it???

I think I'd better go back and sleep until next year.