I am so glad we made this decision when we are both young and child-less.
I can't imagine going thru this process when I am in my 40-ish, or 50-ish.
I'd die before I even step inside that house.
The agony my heart went thru when dealing with lawyers.
My headache last until today!

Atttention aspiring house owners - I have 2 useful tips to share with you all:

1. When dealing with lawyers, make sure you only believe 10-20% of what they say (unless you know them for years or they are your friends / family)
2. Make sure you do a thorough study of all the process and procedures of buying a house / securing loans / withdrawing EPF before you actually proceed to sign anything.

This is a true story of a friend of a friend:
She and her fiance are getting married. So they decided to buy a house. They applied for housing loan. Soon, they were approached by a man at the showhouse unit who claimed he was a lawyer who could help them to manage the whole house-buying process. He wanted to charge them RM10k for 'legal charges'. Without thinking, the then-happy couple borrowed RM10k from relatives, siblings etc. They thought this is part of the buying process. They met up with the 'lawyer' at a coffeeshop and gave him the money. Guess what happened after that? Yup, the 'lawyer' and their borrowed money were gone with the wind. They tried to call him, but he didn't answer. They went looking for him at the address on his business card - the office is just a block of empty shophouses. When they realized that they were cheated, the girl spent days crying in her room. She did not think that she want to go ahead with the wedding. I'm not sure whether she has changed her mind since then.

So you see, doing a thorough research before committing to anything is extremely important. If you don't know, check with relatives / friends who have gone through the process. Look up the guideline for homebuyers in Ministry of Housing and Local Government's website ( which is a detailed and great reference. To check for competitive housing loans in the market and how to get a loan package that suits your requirement, you can also log on to

Anyway, this is a summary of the process that Suami Terchenta and I had to go through to own our home sweet home:

1. We went to look at the show unit, paid booking fee (which is part of the downpayment) of RM100. The developer then issued a receipt (or you must ask for the receipt!)
2. Surveyed housing loan packages offered (usually you can find bank loan brochures at the show unit) and picked one.
3. We filled up loan application form. At this point, we were required to submit photocopies of our IC, latest 3 months' salary slip, latest income tax or EA form, latest six months' bank account statement, and the booking receipt (that's why you have to get the receipt)
4. Upon loan approval, we had to sign a few copies of letter of offer from the bank.
5. The bank informed the developer that our loan request has been approved, we then proceeded to sign the Sale & Purchase (S&P) agreement and Deed of Mutual Covenants. Before we can sign the SPA, we had to pay the downpayment as well as the disbursement fee (to pay for documentations to the developer's lawyer).
6. We proceeded to sign transfer of power document which basically means that as long as we have not fully paid our loan, the bank has the power over our house, including to sell it off in auction. This is done at the bank's attorney office. Oh, and the legal charges? Cost our arms and legs. We had to give the original copies of the S&P and the Deed to the bank's lawyer for the bank to proceed payment release.
7. We went to Kepong to settle our MRTA (Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance) policy -- you are required to apply for MRTA when buying a house. This policy is to cover the repayment of outstanding loan in the event of death / disability / critical illness of the borrower. The older your age at the time of applying this policy, the more expensive it is. So buy your house while you're still young.
8. Last but not least, we then made copies of our copy of S&P, the offer letter, IC and bank book, filled up EPF form and submitted all these to the EPF. People advised us that it is best to submit our EPF form at the their HQ in Jalan Raja Laut, as the withdrawal process is faster. We just have to wait...

It is also very important that we chase the appointed lawyers to submit or process several documents especially when the developer starts sending invoices for progressive payments. Oh, the hassles! All have to be done within 21 working days only or we have to pay 10% interest!

Please take note that you also need to have a bit of savings (more or less the amount needed for your wedding) before you actually decide to buy the house, to pay for downpayment and various fees the developer / bank charged along the way. Believe us, we are so broke now (tapi still ada hati nak pergi ke KK! Hahaha! That's called the power of credit card!) Again, climb Mount Kinabalu while you're still young & able! :p
Last Tuesday, we went shopping and bought a lot of vegetable because we love our greens. However, by Saturday, we were worried that the veggies won't last and had to come up with a dish that has a lot of vegetable as its ingredients.

So we prepared vegetable soup.

Suami Terchenta loves it so much that he has it for lunch, dinner and breakfast this morning (yup, that much vegetable stocked up in our freezer).

These are the ingredients in the vegetable soup recipe:

Vegetable & Chicken Balls Soup
Blended together:
1. 4 red onions, 4 garlics
2. A handful of anchovies (ikan bilis)

3. Broccoli
4. Cauliflowers
5. Carrot
4. Sweet peas
5. Chillies

Quartered (potong 4):
6. Potato
7. Tomato

Halved (belah 2):
8. Button mushrooms

Also add in:
Chicken balls / meatballs
1 or 2 cubes of chicken stock
A bit of cooking oil to sauté blended onions / anchovies
Salt to taste

For garnishing:
Fried onions
Celery leaves

Soup is great to when eaten with something fried, and we had a bit of potato left, so we sliced them up, toss with salt, turmeric powder and Kentucky flour, and fried them until golden brown.

Finally, our simple yet tasty lunch yesterday:

Vegetable and Chicken Balls Soup (also great eaten on its own - diet-friendly dish) ;)

Fried potato

Let's tuck in! :D
Sudah lama saya tak membebel di sini.
Saya sebok jadi wanita korporat.
Yang terbang sana-sini.
Duduk di board meeting dengan muka serius.
Bagi instructions itu ini.

Ayat yang last itu tidak benar. Saya masih kuli sejati. Belum ada kesempatan menggantikan Trump, Inc. Hoho. Walaupun saya sudah lama memasang impian. Jadi wanita korporat.

Flashback 4 tahun lepas. 2 orang sahabat poyo tengah berborak di Pejabat Fakulti.

Rahim Poyo: Satu hari nanti, saya akan jadi Naib Canselor. Awak kena panggil saya Professor ye.
Aku: Hek eleh... Satu hari nanti, saya akan jadi CEO kompeni yang terkemuka. Awak panggil saya, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Carneyz... Boleh praktis sekarang.
Rahim Poyo: Awak ingat profesor tak boleh dapat pangkat Datuk?
Aku: Ok, kalau awak jadi Datuk, saya akan up jadi Tan Sri. Amacam?
Rahim: Saya akan jadi Tun (nada bangga)
Aku: .... (tak boleh berkata apa2 sebab dah tergelak mati) Poyo betul awak ni. Sudah la... tesis awak pun saya kena tolong proofread, ada hati nak jadi Tun.

Seronok betul jadi kanak-kanak hingusan sebab boleh pasang angan-angan tak hengat dunia.

4 tahun kemudian - baru saya tau. Sangat susah rupa-rupanya nak jadi seorang Datuk. Kena main politik, sogok sana sini, kipas orang itu ini, barulah boleh jadi Datuk.

Sebenarnya, banyak yang berlaku sejak kali terakhir saya membebel di sini.

#1: Big event itu sudah ditunda sehingga tarikh pilihanraya diumumkan! Kerana, Menteri Besar cuma akan menunjukkan muka merasmikan itu ini bila tarikh pilihanraya dikenalpasti. Barulah nampak imej bekerja keras. Huh. Peduli apa duit kami habis kerana terpaksa print semula kad jemputan, etc. Peduli apa saya dan assistant terpaksa balik pukul 3pagi demi membuat persiapan utk event ni. Saya sangat fed up dengan orang besar-besar ini. Kensel niat jadi orang besar!

#2: Saya dapat panggilan dari sebuah syarikat MNC tempatan. Mereka panggil saya utk datang interview peringkat kedua. Sebenarnya ini ialah kali kedua mereka panggil, tapi sebab saya terlampau sebok jadi wanita korporat, membuatkan saya terpaksa menolak kerana pada kedua-dua tarikh tersebut, saya berada di JB atas urusan kerja. Adakah saya bodoh? Hmm... Tapi, sgt tak tersangka walaupun dengan sombongnya saya mengatakan, 'I'm sorry, but I have to travel on those dates', mereka masih mahu atur pertemuan kali ketiga! Saya masih perlu advise mereka tarikh yang sesuai kerana sejak kebelakangan ini, urusan kerja sekarang semakin tak menentu.

Saya sebenarnya berbelah-bahagi. Sejak saya buat posting luahan perasaan, bos saya sudah berubah sikap. Saya syak-wasangka dia baca blog saya. Tapi saya tak peduli. Saya rasa gumbira lagi ada! Muahaha! Bila lagi Trump pulak yang akan baca blog saya? Trump pun sangat baik dengan saya sekarang. Lagipun, sekarang saya sudah masuk sebuah projek besar. Ini adalah sangat baik untuk pengalaman kerja saya. Mana tau satu hari nanti, saya boleh bukak kompeni perunding perniagaan. Sekurang-kurangnya saya boleh jadi CEO. Muahaha lagi! Dan, saya rasa dengan projek ini, ada kemungkinan sangat besar saya akan berjalan-jalan ke negara lain atas urusan kerja. Owh. Apa jadi dengan Suami Terchenta bila saya kena berjalan-jalan? Of course dia kena ikot sekali! Muahahaha! Harapan saya - saya mahu anak made in UK *peace*

Tapi... kompeni yg sedang usha saya ini ialah kompeni yg besar. Gaji juga besar. Ofis pun di KLCC. Ada gym di bawah. Saya boleh masuk gym dan menguruskan badan! Kalau sudah ada Little Carneyz, saya jugak tak boleh selalu balik lewat kerana urusan kerja. Jiwa saya sangat kacau bila fikir lama-lama :(

#3: CLK saya merajuk! Kali ini, memang sangat teruk. Semasa di atas CLK, kami berbual tentang hajat membeli motorsikal baru. Dengan tiba-tiba, CLK mematikan diri. Walaupun saya sudah pujuk2, CLK tetap degil. CLK ku sayang...! Kamu sangat temperamental. Saya sudah tidak ada masa nak pujuk kamu. Kerana saya sudah ada chenta hati yang baru (iaitu Suami Terchenta). Dia tak kuat merajuk macam kamu. Dia boleh masak nasi, menyanyi dan teman saya tidur waktu malam. Hahaha! (tapi dalam hati saya sedey sebab saya sangat sayang CLK). Saya rasa, CLK cemburu bangat dengan Suami Terchenta.

#4: Siang tadi, saya call travel agent yang kami sign up dulu. Kami bayar RM300+ untuk membership tapi kami tak berpeluang guna perkhidmatan mereka. Saya kata, 'Tolong hantar quotation untuk pakej mendaki Gunung Kinabalu.' Saya fax kan request form. Tapi kamu tahu tak? Travel agent yang sengal tu hantar pakej 'Kota Kinabalu'! Saya sudah rasa hendak bertukar jadi Incredible Hulk. Tapi saya masih bersabar. Saya call lagi, 'Cik, saya nak EKSPEDISI GUNUNG KINABALU. Bukan pakej KOTA KINABALU. Tolong hantar sekali lagi.' Petang tadi, mereka hantar lagi. Sekali lagi, pakej KINABALU PARK pulak! SENGAL TAHAP CIPAN!!!

Saya nasihatkan kepada kamu semua di luar sana:

Kalau terjumpa booth yang promote keahlian MY EZY VACATION, kamu CEPAT2 LARI JAUH2. Jangan toleh ke belakang, dan tutup telinga daripada mendengar pembohongan2 mereka. Sudah la kami hendak tebus penginapan percuma pun banyak songeh ('Oh, kuota penginapan free kami tahun ni dah habis. Kena tunggu bulan depan baru boleh booking'), hantar quotation pun salah. Lagi satu, mereka kata boleh dapatkan tiket kapal terbang murah, lebih murah dari online. Tapi bila saya check, quotation mereka sebijik sama harga di website AirAsia! Tipah tertipu, bang!

#5: Saya rasa sudah cukup bebelan hari ini. Kamu semua boleh balik ke blog masing2.
Hi Boss,

The reason why I'm writing this post for you is because I do not know what else to do. August last year marked the third year we work together. I would like to say, it's been great, I am fortunate to have a boss like you - but I can't lie. The truth is. It's getting more stressful that every day I think about quitting.

Between you and Trump, I think I am more inclined to quit because of you.

This is in no way being insulting neither an attempt to condemn you as a person. I mean, as an individual, you are ok. You are not short-fused like Trump, you don't care that I'm constantly in late (and going back late as well), you approve my leave every time I request for it, you ask for our opinions. In short, you are an understanding and easy person to get along with.

But that's the problem. You're overdoing it, the fun stops there. You don't care. Period. Whether work gets done or not, you don't care. Whether we work right or not, you don't care. So much so that most of the time, both my assistant and I are forced to run around like headless chicks(en); having no idea whether we are doing things ok, are we doing fine or not, until someone scolds us for doing it wrongly. How are we supposed to know? Our boss doesn't care to let us know that it's wrong!

Most of the time, I find myself mentally and emotionally tired after coming back from work. Tired, because not only I have to carry my responsibility as an executive, I also have to make sure that my boss actually does his responsibilities. I have to think of what exactly you as a boss need to do, and then come round your room to check whether you have done it or are doing it.

'Have you done this? Has that been attended to? Have you called this person to inform him that?'

You always complain about how tedious it is to make sure that other departments do what they are supposed to do. You nag about it every month, 'Must we always remind them to update us about any news over there? I'm tired of being a nanny!' Yes, exactly. So am I, boss. I'm tired of being your nanny.

I tested my 'I'm-my-boss'-nanny' theory last couple of months. One day, I came into the office and instead of jotting down tasks that need to be accomplished on that day and coming in to see you to update about those tasks, I kept quiet and did my own personal business. Nothing work-related at all. Half a day passed. You did not step out of your room. One hour before office hour ended, not so much as a word about work came from you. Silent. Nada. I know you are not doing any work, because if you are, emails would be flooding in. Besides, I have taken over the job of setting the department's goals. At the end of the day, I couldn't help feeling extremely disappointed in you because you simply do not do anything unless I dictate what needs to be done.

That explains why after being away from the office for a month during my wedding, I came back only to wonder why did it feel as if work freeze while I was gone.

There's a reason why you are a boss, but lately, I constantly struggle to remember the reason because you are not acting like one. Ever since the last project where you were scolded gila2 by Trump, you become scared of being in-charge and happy to let other people take that role. I mean, if you are scared of handling another project under Trump, I can fully understand your reluctance. But, you can't be scared of being in-charge of the department! For heaven's sake, you are the boss! Even if you are scared, they pay you to be the boss!

Frankly, my assistant and I, we need proper guidance. We are here not just to do work, we want to learn and gain invaluable experiences. Some day we want to be in a higher position, and therefore we need to know how to make decisions like a boss, how to handle things like a boss.

In the beginning, you did share your knowledge with me since I started with zero. You patiently taught me everything that I needed to know to do my job, and I respected you as my mentor. You helped to navigate certain areas, which I observed and then learned. You helped set my goals and in areas where you saw that I was struggling to accomplish, you coached me until I could do it easily. I had ease of mind knowing that I was in the right path and making progress every day.

But that changed. You changed. With your don't-care attitude now, we hardly learn anything new. In fact, I felt as if my brain cells' count had shrunk due to the lack of new learning progress. My time at the office is spent on doing mindless chores and my learning curve has been somewhat flat as I face the same mundane things every day, year in year out. Career and intellect-wise, I'm dying a slow, grueling painful death.

You just dump your responsibilities on our laps, particularly mine, and then they become my responsibilities, albeit unwillingly. You start to rely too much on me, to see things through.

Proof? This morning, you called me in and said the finance needs our last year's activities report. Which you were supposed to do, like, last year? Last December? The month before this month? That month which we were (or you were) not too busy because we were were still waiting for approvals for the thing we have to do this month?

You: Oh, I didn't manage to do it. Can you come up with a report like the report you did last year?
Me: I was on marriage leave this time last year.
You: Oh, well. The one you did for the last couple of years before that?

If you were curious to know, that was when my expression changed. I was trying so hard to control my irritation.

Me (trying to make you work for what the company's paying you): I don't know whether I can do it... I have to do some urgent tasks now. Important.
You: Oh well... then in that case, can you email your appraisal report which outlined your activities last year.
Me: But that's just on my part. It does not include our assistant's and YOUR activites.
You: Hurmm.. which to me is about 90% of what WE did last year, and I will add in what our assistant's handled too in one or two line.

I wanted to raise this question - What then, did YOU do last year? If 90% of the department's activities were done by me (as you rightfully claimed), what was the less-than-10% contribution by YOU that outweighs my 90% workload? Isn't that unfair? And tell me again - who is the one getting the fat paycheque?


The more I write, the more I am feeling upset and abused. I do not like the fact that you hardly do any work and yet you are earning more than me. I simply feel trodden upon knowing that I struggle every day carrying heavy work burdens of both yours and mine, only for you to claim my work as OUR work. Enough is enough, boss.

I do not know how long I can stand your attitude, so I hope you will come to your senses very soon and revert to your old enigmatic self. I'm increasingly losing my respect for you and feeling suffocated being under your charge. Perhaps if I fail to secure another job elsewhere, I will consider changing departments and sacrificing the line of work which I love right now, just so I can save my sanity.

I shall stop here for the moment or else I will have bad dreams again.

Your employee
Blog aku tak dapat hapdet.
Aku sangat penat sekarang.
Kerja aku semakin stress.
Minggu ini aku balik dari ofis pukul 3 pagi.
Kesian Suami Terchenta sebab kena angkut sekali masuk ke ofis.
Temankan aku dan assistant bekerja.
Semalam meeting di JB.
Sangat tension.
Balik rumah malam tu.
Kepala rasa macam nak pecah.
Penyakit gastrik menyerang lagi.
Nasib ada Suami Terchenta.
Tolong picit2kan badan dan kepala.
Penat sampai tak boleh tido.
Lepas bergolek2 sejam dua.
Baru aku terlena.
Aku sangat penat sekarang.
Three years ago, Mr & Mrs Junaidix got hitched in a simple, low cost modest wedding of the year. Sesuai la kan, mengikut Sunnah Nabi.

We did not have professional photographer capturing the once-in-a-lifetime moments.
We only had a pair of wedding attire each, which was meant for the nikah ceremony.
They were not made in Bandung nor Jakarta, but by a Chinese tailor in Wangsa Maju whom a friend of a friend told us was the cheapest tailor in KL.

The pinnacle of our simple wedding.
We. Printed. Our. Own. Wedding. Card. By. Ourselves.
Haji Bakhil would be proud to have us as relatives.

Because we are so stingy like Hj Bakhil, our wedding photos were mainly taken by my elder sister who was my wedding make-up artist slash photographer. Kata jimat kos kaannn... Nasib baik kakandaku yang baik hati tak hantar invois lepas tu.

Kerana photographer merangkap mak andam perlu amik gambar, pengantin kena touch up diri-sendiri!

Of course yours truly was the one who whipped out Photoshop and touch-up2 the photos afterward to make them look yummier and come out straight from a professional studio. After all, if you can't have it, fake it! Muahaha! After the wedding, I posted the photos on my blog and Flickr for the viewing pleasure of our friends who could not make it to our wedding due to the its 'oversea' location.

We never gave two hoots about them later.

A year passed by. Suddenly we were told that one of our wedding photos appeared in the National Service (NS) textbook!

Quick-quick sepantas kilat we checked our email and mailbox, in case we missed seeing the email / mail seeking for our permission to re-publish our wedding photo in a national level text-book. Nada. Nil. Zit. I guessed we were doing a national service of our own by posing for the benefits of national education. Hey, but those kids got paid, why didn't we???

And what happened to Intellectual Property right? What? Tak de IP? Kau tengok betul2 muka siapa yang sakan bersanding dalam gambar tu and tell me that again??

We figured that since it is for educational purpose, therefore we decided to just let the ministry off the hook. Dapat publisiti pahala kan. At least after this if we were caught in khalwat, and forgot to bring our marriage cert, we could always tell them to look up the proof in PLKN textbook. Satu Malaya tahu kami pasangan yang sah ye.

Tonight, boom! Deja vu. As I was bloghopping, I found a photo of my newly-wedded hand with my wedding ring on my newly-wedded finger in another photo:

You cilok my photo, I cilok yours balik! Hahaha! Taken from a blog - nama blog adalah dirahsiakan

Can't remember which photo? Let me show the original one:

Jari-jemariku yang masih suci dan dara semasa waktu itu

So, moral of the story.
#1. Just because our wedding is cheapskate wedding of the year, does not mean it won't get national coverage and mengalahkan wedding beratus-ratus ribu ringgit. So get creative, not expensive, uols.
#2. Learn Photoshop skills, and you'll save RM3k - can buy a complete bedroom set or pay off 5 months of your rental or even go for a luxurious domestic honeymoon.
#3. Watermark your photos, bebeh! Nanti orang suka hati cilok tanpa perasaan kesalahan, walaupun dia kerja dengan kementerian ok!

Nota: Ini ialah entry malas, harap maklum! :p

Lepas sesi makan-makan & berhooray2 di Teluk Bahang, team Msjbox berpecah dua. Amy dan Kak Niza mengundur diri sebab ada hal sendiri. Kami pula menyerbu rumah Sishoney untuk guna toilet free (muahaha!). Memang sangat tak guna, kan? :p

Then aktiviti jalan-jalan cari makan di Penang pun bermula.

Mula2, Sis nak bawak kami ke round2 di Taman Rimba. Tapi oleh sebab semua dah letih dan Intan & Fysal pun mungkin tak larat nak bawak si kecik Ika tu jungle-trekking naik ke air terjun, maka plan itu dibatalkan. Kami cuma lalu di situ, ambil bau pun tak apa. Kami meneruskan perjalanan ke Penang.

Sebelum tu, kami singgah di Masjid Terapung untuk menunaikan kewajipan. Menurut Sishoney, kat sinilah berlaku tsunami dulu, dan apartment bertentangan masjid tu ialah rumah mangsa-mangsa tsunami.

Kami sempat berposing-posing di depan masjid:

Yonna, me & Sishoney posing sakan!

Lepas solat, Sis tanya kami nak cari treasure hunt nasi kandar tak? Ramai yang agak malu2 (contohnya Suami Terchenta), tapi aku tak. So Sishoney pun bawak kami ke Gurney Drive:

Gurney Drive yang aman damai

Kami menuju ke restoren ini:

Sishoney tak pasti sama ada nasi kandar di sini paling sedap, yang dia tahu nasi kandar kat tempat dia paling sedap. Kiteorang tak kesah, Aiman pun tak kesah...

Nasi kandar Penang, macam best nih

Pada mulanya, Suami Terchenta tak berminat untuk makan dek kerana masih kenyang. Tapi bila dia tengok nasi kandar yang menggoda ini:

Udang galah goreng, telur masin, sayur kobis, kuah banyak-banyaaaaakkkk...

5 minit kemudian:

Korang tengok tu, siapa yang lebih2 nak makan...?

Sishoney pulak order pancake honey ni (roti pisang + madu + aiskrim vanilla):

'Sebab nickname aku Sishoney, mesti lah makan pancake honey!'

Muka yang malu2 nak makan nasi kandar 20 minit sebelum tu

Lepas puas melantak, aktiviti seterusnya ialah mencari jeruk untuk dibawa pulang ke KL:

Kami diserbu oleh penjual2 jeruk - 'Lai, lai! Beli jeluk, satu bungkus, lima linggit saja!'

Kami sempat jugak beli t-shirt untuk kenang-kenangan. Mulanya, apek t-shirt tu nak jual dengan harga RM18 (wow, mahalnya!) tapi lepas tu Sishoney tawar menjadi... 5 hengget je sehelai! Seronok la shopping ngan Sis nih! :)

After puas pusing2 cari jeruk, kami pusing2 pulak carik shopping complex tapi memandangkan hari dah senja, kami pun bertolak ke pangkalan feri untuk sesi thrill yang last:

Naik feri pun thrill juge...

Bye-bye, Pulau Pinang...

Yeaaa!! Akhirnya tamat sudah cerita lipur-lara nih :p
Nampaknya ramai yang tak sabar tunggu part 2.
Walaupun mereka sendiri tau apa yang berlaku sebab mereka pun join sekaki round2 di Pulau Pinang :p
Hehe. Sori yek, aku sebok bangat sekarang ni ;)

Ok, let's begin Part 2!

Pagi Ahad tu, kami bangun awal. Tapi tuan rumah pulak bangun lambat :p Sebelum bertolak ke Penang, kami sempat menikmati nasi lemak ayah Fysal:

'Nasi lemak satu!'

Suami Terchenta training dukung baby ngan anak Fysal, Ika. Ok, boleh kasi lulus!

Kami sepatutnya bertolak pukul 8pagi, tapi disebabkan kelewatan tuan rumah (bukan kami ya!), kami akhirnya berkonvoi pada pukul 9 pagi. Kesian Amy dan hosmetnya, Kak Niza, sebab kena tunggu lama sikit.

Setelah penat 2 sang kancil bermain kejar-kejar di highway, akhirnya kami sampai di Jambatan Pulau Pinang!

Tengok tu! Di Penang pun ada Twin Towers ;)

Amy dan Kak Niza sampai dengan kereta Savvy merah. Kami berkonvoi pulak ke Teluk Bahang untuk bertemu dengan Sishoney dan Yonna. Sesampainya di sana sekitar pukul 11pagi, kami semua yang sudah penat di dalam kereta bertempiaran keluar sambil membawa peralatan piknik dan makanan masing-masing.

Sementara orang lain bersiap-siap untuk berpiknik:

Geng Msjbox bersiap-sedia untuk sesi hooray-hooray di Teluk Bahang

Kami berdua pulak bersuka-ria snap gambar kenang-kenangan:

Bercanda di tepian pantai...

Demi merealisasikan impian kami mendaki Gunung Kinabalu, kami praktis dulu di Teluk Bahang:

Adeh... gayat ni!

Dan lepas bermati-matian memanjat, akhirnya berjaya naik ke atas!

Wokeh! Gunung Kinabalu, here we come!

Sishoney pun sambut cabaran mendaki batu di Teluk Bahang

Sesi makan + borak2 sedang berlangsung

Dalam pukul 1tghr, sesi piknik pun tamat dan kami berkemas2 untuk berjalan2 di Pulau Pinang pulak:

'Selagi hangpa semua tak kemas tempat nih, selagi tu hangpa tak boleh balik!' (Sishoney bercekak pinggang)

Sesi jalan2 Pulau Pinang aku story2 later, ye? Hehe.
Minggu lepas, kami buat rancangan langkah panjang. Destinasi? Pulau Pinang. Rancangan kemudian diheboh-hebohkan kat rakan2 blogger di Utara. Nasib baik ada yang sudi bagi penginapan free (Fysal) dan jadi tour guide (Sishoney & Yonna). Tak ketinggalan yang nak join berhooray2 (Shai, Amy Maria & hosmet, dan Bad).

Tapi, sehari sebelum kami bertolak, dengan sangat tak bestnya aku terpaksa terbang ke JB for work purpose. Oleh sebab kami perlu bertolak awal pagi Sabtu, aku arrange supaya balik malam itu jugak. Maka, selepas sekian lama, aku balik ke KL naik tren first class! Me like-eeyyyyyyy!!!

ADNFD - Premier Deluxe; RM107.80 untuk katil tingkat atas, dan RM127.80 untuk tingkat bawah (Photo source: Here)

Pada pendapat aku, travelling waktu malam lebih selesa dan selamat kalau naik tren. Sebabnya, sampai2 je hari dah cerah. Tak perlu susah2kan orang jemput di stesen bas pukul 3 atau 4 pagi. Lagipun ada katil yang selesa dan bilik mandi pun ada (tapi airnya sejuk!). Masa di France dulu, aku pernah naik SNCF train dari Nice ke Paris. Therefore, aku buat perbandingan dan hasilnya, koc KTM jauh lebih selesa, ruang lebih luas dan perkhidmatan lebih mesra dari SNCF. Syabas, KTM! KTM Boleh!

Tapi malangnya, aircond yang kuat menyebabkan demam selsema aku bertambah teruk dan mood aku bertambah jatuh. Sampai aku mengamuk dengan Suami Terchenta sebab lambat sampai. Huhu. Kesian dia ada isteri macam singa. Tapi Suami Terchenta ada teori lain. Teori yang lebih kaler2. Muahaha! Takpe, takpe. Sekarang isteri terchentanya dah tersenyum lebar semula. Terima kasih Power Root!

Perjalanan ke Pulau Pinang bermula pada pukul 8pagi. CLK berlari dengan semangat Power Ranger ke Jawi. Kami travel ikut highway Utara-Selatan, melimpasi pemandangan air terjun Lata Kinjang yang mengkagumkan, Gua Tempurung, Bukit batu kapur, dsb. Akhirnya kami sampai di Jawi pukul 12.30tghr.

Anyway, Selamat Pengantin Baru buat Dillenia / Nurshahidayah Razali! :) Dia ialah salah seorang best friend Suami Terchenta masa di UTM dulu.

Dillenia dan suaminya - sama cantik, sama padan :)

Memandangkan demam aku semakin mengada-ngada dalam cuaca panas di rumah pengantin, kami terpaksa minta diri sebelum sempat amik gambar dengan pengantin di atas pelamin. Masuk dalam kereta je, dunia aku jadi gelap-gelita. Aku tidur sepanjang perjalanan ke rumah Fysal di Parit Buntar.

CLK berehat selepas penat berlari-larian dari KL ke Pulau Pinang sebelum patah balik ke Perak

Lepas mandi dan solat jamak, Suami Terchenta suruh aku berehat di bilik. Bila terjaga, baru mood aku rasa lebih selesa. Fysal berikan ubat selsema. Nasib baik la kawan tu pembantu perubatan. Ada jugak stok ubat-ubatan di rumah.

Secara terus-terang, aku katakan. AKU SUKA PARIT BUNTAR! Suasana kampungnya relaks, tak huru-hara macam di KL. Ada beberapa sebab yang buatkan Parit Buntar as destinasi favourite aku:

Pantai Ban Pecah, Tg Piandang
Lepak2 waktu petang di sini memang best. Angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, pemandangan laut yang cantek, dan gerai2 makanan yang menjual makanan panas. Kami duduk dan Fysal pesan cucur udang yang sedap. Suami Terchenta pesan ABC dan Shai beli keropok lekor. Kami berborak2 sampai senja. Aku suka suasana santai dan angin laut waktu petang.

Bot nelayan berlabuh waktu senja

Suami Terchenta - Peace!

Shai dan Fysal, berposing sakan

Char Kuey Teow Paling Sedap
Kalau aku pengacara Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan, dah lama aku bagi 5-star rating kat char kuey teow kat sini! Memang sedap tak terhingga. Bak kata Suami Terchenta, selak2 udang baru jumpa char keuey teow, bukan sebaliknya!

Char Kuey Teow Parit Buntar, RM2.50 je sepinggan

The kind of recipe I like!
Tak hirau kiri dan kanan, masing-masing asyik menikmati kesyedapan char kuey teow (dari kiri: Fysal & isterinya Intan, dan aku)

Wireless Internet - Free!
Kalau kami sudah bosan bayar pelbagai jenis bil di KL, kami pasti akan berpindah ke Parit Buntar untuk tujuan satu-satunya - surfing Internet secara free. FREE, kamu tahu tak? Mesti ada yang katakan - kalau free mesti lambat terkedek2. Kamu silap besar! Parit Buntar ada connection Internet yang free dan high-speed. Kami hampir kerasukan kerana terlalu gembira bermain Internet sambil update blog tentang perjalanan kami hari ini (note: Internet free ini ialah hasil ihsan Pejabat MDK Parit Buntar)

Penduduk Parit Buntar yang hi-tech

Kami pulang dari aktiviti bersukaria bila larut malam. Malam tu, kami sempat lagi meluangkan masa menikmati pemandangan langit cerah ditaburi twinkle-twinkle little stars. Dah lama aku tak merenung bintang sebab di KL, jangan harap akan nampak bintang. Kedua selepas ikan di tasik, aku suka bintang di langit. Kalau aku tak dapat tido, Suami Terchenta akan nyanyikan lagu Twinkle-twinkle Little Stars. Therefore, I sangat heart bintang!

Twinkle, twinkle little stars... How I wonder what you are...

Next posting, aku akan story-mory pulak pasal trip ke Pulau Pinang :) Sebab sekarang aku dah penat bercerita. Hehe. Gud nite!