Rio, our newly adopted kitten had disappeared last week. I had been too heartbroken to update my blog ever since missing my cute little kitten. I even dreamed about Rio and constantly wonder whether he is somewhere safe.

Rio loved a good fight with paper bags

How did we lose Rio? Last week, we figured that Rio was bored at home. He had been constantly following us everywhere whenever we are home. It’s like, we had a puppy instead of a kitty. He even followed me into the bathroom as I took my wudu’ and then ran helter-skelter when I turned on the shower and he got splashed. Right on his wee little head. I didn’t do it on purpose – didn’t see him sitting watching me did ablution. Nevertheless, it made me roar in laughter because it was so comical.

Rio after he got splashed for following me to take wudu'

So anyway, we went out for a drink at the food stall behind our house. As Rio had been cooped up in the house since his rescue, we brought him along so he can see other than the sofa, the four walls, the toilet floor, the toilet itself and our notebooks’ screen. Rio was interested in everything he saw that night. He smelled here, he smelled there. Then suddenly, he was no more to be seen!

Rio keen to be IT-savvy too

We thought he’d come back after finished inspecting his new environment and perhaps, making a friend or two but he didn’t. Suami Terchenta said that maybe because of his ‘sensor and balancing dah rosak’ (he can’t even smell his food a few steps away from him) he couldn’t locate our table. We walked around to search him, but he had simply vanished!

Rio conducting safety inspections on electrical wires

Truth is, I had this mixed feeling when he was gone. I felt guilty for taking him out that nite and losing him, but at the same time I was relieved because it’s not really healthy for him to be trapped in the house without a companion cat to steam off his kitty energy. We only managed to play with him an hour before we rushed to work, and a few hours at night because we are really tired after work. Like this, how to spend time with our kids (later)? We did look for him but he was gone. In the morning, we peeped out the window at the food stalls, and he’s still… gone.

I’m hoping that he could find his way back home and when we come back later, he’ll be at the front door waiting. If he’s not, then I hope that Rio would survive and be able to mingle with other cats there.

I miss Rio terribly – his amusing little games of chasing our ankles, his frenzy war with plastic bags and the way he springs at us (konon2 to surprise us) and then runs to hide behind the kitchen’s curtain. His funny expression when he poops and his yowlings of delight at our voices when we return home.

Rio tired after playing catch ankles and hide-n-seek pounces on us
Rio wants to demonstrate on how to be on top of the IT world (by climbing on my laptop)

And after all the exertions that leave him tired, he would trot his way into our laps and curl up to sleep, a happy and contented kitten who only craves for a piece of love from these two humans.

Come back home, Rio.

Dua tahun lepas, pukul 10 pagi sampai 12 tengahari, saya di dapur.
Macam Cinderella dipaksa ditugaskan memasak untuk tetamu2 yang bakal hadir.

Saya masak ayam masak merah, tanak nasi, bancuh air, dan siapkan beberapa lauk-pauk yang lain. Malam sebelumnya, saya buat kek batik. Tinggal nak keluarkan dari peti sejuk sahaja. Rajin betol anak dara ini kan (sekarang dah bukan anak dara. Huhu…).
My beloved mother masuk ke dapur. Dia kata, my beloved father nak jumpa.
Saya keluar dengan senduk di tangan, duduk depan my beloved father.My beloved father tanya, ‘Nak berapa lama?’
Saya fikir sekejap. 5 tahun lagi boleh? Muahaha. Mahu terkedu tetamu2 yang bakal hadir.
‘Hujung tahun la.’ Kata saya.
Kenapa my beloved father tak tanya saya, ‘Nak berapa?’ Isk… Isk. Sungguh tak aci.

Pukul 12 tengahari. My beloved father pergi menjemput tetamu2. Saya masih berhempas-pulas meniup kayu api memasak.
Tetamu2 duduk di ruang tamu. Mula2 senyap, lama2 mula berborak2. Hahaha itu, Hahaha ini. Saya sudah makin rimas. Lantak la sedap ke, tak sedap. Peluh pun dah terasa melekit di badan.
My beloved mother kata, ‘Kalau dah siap memasak, naik la ke atas tukar baju.’
Saya naik, mandi, dan pakai baju kurung yang saya bawak balik dari KL. Baju raya tahun sebelumnya.

Bila saya turun, bonda saya berikan saya cincin.
Rupa2nya sesi tawar-menawar perbincangan dah selesai.
Keluarga saya semua senyum gumbira. Keluarga dia semua senyum gumbira jugak.
Gumbira sampai tak ingat nak ambil gambar.Saya seorang sahaja yang senyum kelat *membayangkan cincin tu sebesar gelang kaki, cuma gelang kaki tu ialah besi yang dirantai kat bola pemberat. Yang macam banduan2 kat penjara pakai tu*No more ‘cuci2 mata’ with my best friend Eva, atau merempit macam minah rempit. Kehidupan saya dirasakan macam gelap-gelita.
Fobia seeyyyhhhh!!!!

Itu 2 tahun lepas.Sekarang saya sudah gumbira.
Gumbira sampai loncat2 di PC Fair sebab ada orang tolong bayarkan external hard disk 160GB.
Gumbira sebab dapat coklat mahal (walaupun bukan birthday saya).
Gumbira ada orang akan temankan saya tido sambil peluk kuat2 lepas tengok cerita ‘Congkak’ malam esok. Tak la takut sangat.
Seronok rupanya berkahwin ni.

Suami Terchenta, boleh kita ulang sekali lagi? :p
During the first few days after adopting Rio, there were moments when I was anxious that Rio had constipation because he did not poop. He peed in his box, 'cried' a lot, and did not like to be left alone. He did everything but pooping.

At that time, I thought this is something to be worried, but if I had known earlier, I wouldn't be encouraging Rio to poop so much. Now, all he does is poop. Poops after a nibble of food, after completing a round of the living room tour, and after he wakes up from his cat nap. At first, it amused us to see him stopping whatever he's doing to go for his toilet break. But after a while, it really gets on our nerve and we wish he was born without a bowel.

This is especially so whenever I come back from work and the first thing to do is to clean up the toilet. I would wonder, did we adopt a young cat or a baby elephant? A day in the toilet, and Rio managed to poop everywhere except in the toilet bowl. Even his carrier and the wall was smeared with his poop. What did the cat do while we are at work? Skimp around in the poop, then ran everywhere? Was he so bored that he decided to make arts out of his own poop?

In return, we bully Rio for pooping so much. Every time he poops, he will get a bath. He hates it so much but since he has the worst toilet manner and he steps on his own poop, we have no choice but to immediately whisk him to the bathroom and wash him again. Otherwise, his mess would be imprinted on our clean, green carpet!

We also love to do this - while he sleeps, Suami Terchenta would position his feet to cover his eyes. Rio just looks comical in this position! Hahaha!

At the moment, I can still be patient with his pooping habit, but I'm starting to think that he seriously needs to be taught by an older cat on how to poop properly and neatly without sending showers of the poop-infested sand everywhere on the 10th-time scrubbed toilet floor. Because honestly, in another week or two, I might resort to smacking his small bottom for making me repeat the same task over and over again, and I paling benci buat benda yang sama tiap2 kali.
Hari lahir Suami Terchenta sudah dekat.
Saya masih tunggang-terbalik fikir hadiah apa yang nak diberi.
Aisey... you very hard la, Suami Terchenta.
Saya siap bukak forum lagi di ofis.

Ini cadangan kawan2 lelaki:

1. Playstation
2. Jam tangan mahal
3. Laptop
4. Kamera digital SLR.
5. Kasut / seluar / baju baru.
6. Masuk dalam kotak hadiah, dan kasi diri-sendiri.

>> Korang semua gila! Gaji saya masuk 1/3 saja bulan ni, gara2 tolak advance claim utk trip oversea itu hari tau! Hadiah yg ke-6 tu, hari2 saya boleh beri. Takkan tiap2 hari saya kena masuk kotak untuk kasi diri-sendiri??

Cadangan kawan2 perempuan:

1. Minyak wangi
2. Jam tangan mahal
3. Handphone baru.
4. Kasut / seluar / baju baru
5. Masuk dalam kotak hadiah, dan kasi diri-sendiri.

>> Saya terus delete semua cadangan yang tak bernas itu.

Tapi akhirnya saya tau apa yang Suami Terchenta idam2kan!

Apple iPhone
Saya terus pitam. Bila saya terbangun, saya terus pergi ke Lihat ada tak sebijik iPhone dijual dengan harga lelong. Sila pergi ke sini.
Aiyaaak! Saya pitam lagi.
P/S: Kawan2 yang baik hati, boleh tolong sajes hadiah apa yang boleh saya beri untuk Suami Terchenta sempena birthday dia Sabtu ni? :p
Yesterday, we came home to loud yowlings and awfully messy toilet floor. Rio had successfully pooped on the floor, on the toilet slippers - and as an afterthought, a little on the edge of the litter box. I can't wait for him to grow up so I can potty-trained him.

I think something like this must've happened when he was left all by himself in the toilet:

Uh... yes. I'm Rio a.k.a. Mr. Smelly.

Peeps, we’ve adopted a baby cat! As in everything we’ve done before, it was the spur-of-the-moment thing. Last Friday, I was cross with Suami Terchenta for being late so I decided to take a walk to kill the time. It was drizzling and as I crossed the road, I heard a particularly loud, pitiful mewing coming from the longkang. I peered and saw a black kitten looking at me with very round, scared eyes. I lifted it up and it stopped mewing. I decided to take it home for a bath and some food, then send it to SPCA the following day.

Suami Terchenta came and he did not scold me for bringing back a dirty kitty because well, he was late. The kitten (nicknamed Rio because it can kick a mini football) was bathed and given a spoonful of tuna, then it immediately fell asleep. Kesian.

Saturday. We took it to the SPCA. Rio was scared of being in a box so it cleverly wriggled its way out and then sat in front, watching curiously as Suami Terchenta drove to SPCA. When we arrived at SPCA and after explaining how I found it, the staff made me sign a document that stated that Rio will be put down should no one ever want to adopt it. So with a heavy heart, I signed it. Then they stuffed Rio in the box and with it mewing frantically and loudly in fright, they whisked it away.

The less-than-humane way they handled Rio made my guilt tripled. As Suami Terchenta drove away, I began to sniff, then cried my eyes out thinking about how Rio would be better off in the ditch as it could have survived, God knows. Suami Terchenta then made a U-turn and said, ‘Oh well, we’ll adopt it then if you are that scared that he’ll be put down.’ So, 10 minutes later, Rio was once again in the car and when it came out of the box, it gave this accusing look at me and mewed so loud as if scolding me. Yeah, yeah. I know I did wrong, but shut up la!

So now we’re stuck with a kitten that loves to play at our feet and sleep on our lap and inspect every corner of the house. Luckily, Rio is one clever kitten because it knows where to do its business (in the toilet) although in typical clumsy kitten way (Rio managed to spectacularly mess the toilet floor with litter sand the moment it stepped off the litter box). It eats in the small plastic container and does not bring its food on the floor as most cats do. The only thing it hasn’t learnt is to come when we call its name, and to not use its claws so much. Rio is particularly attached to Suami Terchenta and doesn’t mind being bullied as long as it gets his attention.

Thank you Suami Terchenta, for letting me bring back Rio. I still haven’t decide whether to permanently call it Rio, or Mr. Smelly (because it still has this stinky, kitten smell even though I’ve bathed it thoroughly with nice-smelling shampoo twice a day). Or Salem (after Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s black cat). Or, what about ‘Othelo’?

Note to Suami Terchenta: Please don’t be late againt today. God knows what else I might find in the longkang should you ever be late.