I can't wait to get this over & done with so I can go back to my sister's house and watch tv


I'm in Miri, coordinating interview sessions. That's what HR do. Last time as a PR person, I organised events, now I coordinate interview sessions. The latter is a piece of cake after the thunderstorm of event organising. I still wonder how people can still leave out important details when planning interviews. Hmm (Berlagaknya!)

Anyway. ANYWAY.
I was looking forward to the in-flight food of MAS. The last time I travelled, the food was oh-so-classy. But when I got mine yesterday, my eyeballs nearly popped out and rolled around on the aisle because...


Seriously, even the un-nasi lemak nasi lemak served by Tony Fernandes' airline looks more palatable.

At this moment, I'm waiting for the interview sessions to be concluded so I can collect the forms and then pack my stuff and go back to my sister's huge house.

I don't know why I'm feeling slightly unwell... feverish and ache-y.

Could it be because of my hectic work schedule or something else? *imagining myself with a huge bump in front running waddling to catch a flight*

Shudder. Let's hope that my schedule will slow down if I ever should get preggie.


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