Help Me...


Today, I just stayed at home, staring at the monitor. Tried to read a book, another book, but nothing registered in my mind.

I'm trapped in time, in dread, in wonder. Wondering whether I will ever love my new job, despite being in one of Fortune 500 company.

And oh drat! The form to access my email which I passed to my sister and later dropped at the reception counter was not delivered to the intended recipient at all! In fact, the person who promised to call her never did, and I wonder how did they ever get to work in this highly established organization with such irresponsible attitude :(

I won't know how long will I get access to my email. Why do they make external email access such a hassle? In my previous company, email can be accessed anywhere through webmail. I guess when working in a bigger company, there's more procedures and layers to pass but certainly, I think they need to improve the way things are being done.

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