Come, Rock My World.

Tonight, I spent my time reading back on my old postings out of boredom.

Then suddenly, I realized that, 'Hey, I wanna back that girl! She sounds like she had so much fun even though she hates her job!'

*Shake the dust of gloom off myself*

Enough already! I was here before, this depression - when I came back from Africa (Yes, I'd been to South Africa! Courtesy of my uni) and found out my Grandma passed away. I spent time grieving, but I bounced back. Friends helped me a lot. I helped myself a lot. I had 'crash & burn' before, but I survived.

I wanna be that girl, that spunky survivor. That sarcastic, say-what-I-want-do-what-I-please obnoxiously rebellious character.

I'm going to pummel myself to life, and be my own shining star once again. So help me, God.

p/s: Azkam, TQ tolong aku berusaha. Hehe. Hope perubahan pertama ni akan jadi titik-tolak utk perubahan2 seterusnya.


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