Perhaps some of you might be wondering - how did the orientation program go so far? I have one particular experience to share with you. One of the programs scheduled for our orientation is called the 'Mega Challenge'.

Ah... somebody raised a hand to ask why is it called as such? Good question. It was meant to be the most challenging task we have to complete during this orientation and it involved lack of no sleep, no food and no decent weather either. It was totally wicked.

At 2pm, we were forced to run helter-skelter to the gym to assemble or ELSE (kena hukum la, apa lagi). Then, we marched to a field, where we had to complete 2 obstacles - which are actually the less torturous compared to the all-nighter assignment we had.

The weather was not cooperative either - it rained cats & dogs soon after we finished the 2nd obstacles back we went to the gym to assemble & pray. Then back to another field, in our poncho, dripping wet.

That sounds bad already? Nooo... of course the worst had yet to materialize.

At 6pm, our heavy bags and rolled up sleeping bags were stored in our tents (two for the girls, and two for the boys). Food ration was then distributed to appointed persons-in-charge and we were told to guard at all costs because the 'natives might attack and steal our food'. So we had to hide them and ration out to everybody. Dinner comprised of a boiled egg and a piece of bread. Awesome.

The engineers had assembled to complete the grand task - building 5 platforms which had to withstand 10kgs of burden. The material? Two boxes of PVC pipes, a few roll of tapes and ropes to tie the pipes together.

Rain continued to pour, albeit not-so-heavily. Security team was formed, password given around to avoid natives creeping up to us unbeknownst. The design team continued to discuss and sketch, and we had to move our working area (tent and all) to another area which was less muddy. The whole experience was horrendous. I was wet, shivering cold, and hungry the whole night.

The construction began, everybody sat building basic structure and assembling them together to form the platforms. Throughout the night we worked, we slept in turns but most did not. At 10pm, a drill took place and we had to abandon the camp and run to assemble or risked our food ration being confiscated. From then onwards, we had another 5 more drills and those who was just about to take their nap had to run without their shoes, treading on muddy puddle. I repeat - the whole experience was horrendous.

I had my half an hour rest and even though I was still clad in my raincoat, I lay down without bothering to take them off because I was so tired. It didn't matter anymore the wetness, the cold and the shivering - all I cared for was sleep.

At 6am, we barely survived and couldn't even gather the strength to eat our breakfast - comprising an orange, a piece of bread with sardine gravy (uncooked), and a piece of cracker. One girl had fainted at 3am, and had to be brought to a nearby hospital. Two more suffered gastrics because of the lack of sleep and food. The rest were just grouchy, tired and extremely sleepy. The weather continued drizzling, and our teeth chattered every time the wind blew in our direction. My feet were all wrinkly from the wetness.

Our engineers were worried because the platforms were wobbly and looked like they were about to collapse. Our materials were not enough - as a result, the 'natives' demanded two of our tents in exchange for a roll of tape and low quality rope. The team decided that it was not enough to build 5 sturdy platforms - but there was no other options. It was 5, or fail.

At 8am, an officer came to inspect the platform and found that none was strong enough to carry a 10kg-lead. We then marched ran for two more obstacles. If you had watched a military practise before, you would have an idea of the kind of tasks we had to complete.

The torture ended at 12pm - I did not have the strength to go for lunch and headed back to my room because I stinked and badly needed a hot shower, clean & dry clothes and hours of sleep on the soft, warm bed.

I had one lesson firmly lodged in my brain out of this exercise - uncooked sardine rocks. The fishy taste of it after a long, cold & tiring night on a piece of bread sent us to heaven and back. No matter what the chain email claimed - sardine, you are our saviour and life's hope during that extreme challenge.

Cheers to tinned sardine.
It's been almost a week since I started orientation week and thank God, except for a little, nondescript creature, the rest has been pretty okay. After work on Monday, Hubby sent me straight to Bangi and then I checked in the training centre and was told that I had to share hotel room with 3 other girls.

Initially I was quite upset because I preferred twin-sharing, but after meeting my roommates, I thanked God that I got a quad-sharing room. They are a really pleasant, chirpy bunch of people and we got along well.

We spent the whole week learning about the organization, the value, culture, etc. which I had already learnt by myself for the past 5 months I started work there. But it is quite interesting to learn the story behind each significant milestones, furthermore our facilitator is a good story-teller.

Last night, we didn't have any program to do so I took the commuter back to KL to (yeaay!) meet Hubby. And tonight, he checked in a small, cheap hotel in Bangi so we could spend a few hours together again. Sungguh la sweet Suami Terchenta ku ini.

I think that's now for today, tomorrow will be another early day for me until early next month. G'nite, folks!
Saya sepatutnya hapdet cerita tentang outing all-gurlz last week tapi saya terlalu sebok. Kenapa saya terlalu sebok? Sebab saya kena siapkan banyak keja weekend ni. Kenapa? Sebab saya takde kat ofis next week. Kenapa saya takde kat ofis next week?

Sebab saya kena pegi kursus induction selama 2 minggu :(

SAYA SANGAT SEDEY OK! Sepatutnya induction program ni untuk budak-budak baru lepas belajar, bukan orang yang dah kawen macam saya. Saya akan outstation selama 2 minggu (paling lama!) dan meninggalkan Suami Terchenta sorang2 kat rumah *guling2 sambil nangis kuat2* Owh, I don't like it!

Hopefully, masa cepat berlalu dan saya boleh balik ke pangkuan Suami Terchenta.

Walaupun belum bertolak lagi, saya dah rindu kat Suami Terchenta. Akan peluk dia kuat2 malam ni & besok sebelum saya disappear 2 minggu.

p/s: Dah nak dekat anniversary kawen, tiba2 kena jadi bujang lagi. Sadisnya :(
You know how I used to fondly babble about my favourite group of friends in the whole wide world, the Fab5?

There were Ferocious Dilla, Frivolous Ainie, Fun-tastic Jen, Follow-je Chairman & Formidable me in that group.

Last Saturday, Fab 5 minus 2 met up after (???) years of not seeing all of us together. We made schemes & plans & promises with a bit of ugutan to Jen if she dared to bring her hubby-to-be to our all-girls outing. After rounds of emails, jests, sms-es and calls, we finally settled to meet at Italiannies at The Garden.


Will blog more about our memorable outing later this week!
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I heart this cardigan! :) Aiyaak, bila aku boleh beli baju baru ni?
This month, I spent so much on health food, supplements & gym membership. So semangat want to lose weight lead healthy lifestyle. Haven't seen any results yet. *garu kepala* Except my love for physical exertions is now awakened - especially after a very frustrating, tiring day at work. It's a great feeling to sweat it out and steam off the bad feelings while doing the stairs and like-want-to-dieeee abs blitz class (seriously, I feel faint after only 1 class).

Also, this month a big chunk of my salary's gone to renew our car road tax. So enough said - I certainly could not save up for the one big important event next month - our 2ND ANNIVERSARY!

Haiyooh! How now?

Anyone can recommend where we can go for a romantic anniversary celebration / what we should do???
If someone read the title again, it sounds like a perfume. A brand new perfume - fresh, intoxicating, alluring. Sniff it, and the only smell you can smell is the pages off new books.

And they are my new books which I bought from MPH Warehouse Sale last week (Omigod! I MUST visit the sale next year, because even well-known titles are incredibly cheap!):

From fiction, to lifestyle, to brain food - pick your choice.

Can't believe meh?
I'm a die-hard of Tintin and I collect almost if not all of Tintin series. At normal price, the comic sells at RM40-ish. During MPH Warehouse Sale, I got it at RM16. Plus, none of the books above are priced more than RM30. Altogether, I only spent RM120+ for those 5 books (they are also tax-deductible!)

Now that I have grown my books collection, the bookshelves at home are practically overflowed with books. There are books stacked on the computer table, strewn by the bedside (my side of the bed, to be precise), and on the side table beside the sofa in the living room.

It became too much that my hubby decided that we definitely have to add a bookself pulak. One day, he just woke up and told me, 'I'm thinking of going to IKEA.' And I had to straddle him and demand identification to know whether he's an impostor. It's just not his nature to initiate the plan to raid IKEA (usually, I'll be the one dragging him to that part of Damansara!).

He had a budget of RM100 to buy a decent-looking shelf but then we returned home with a shelf that saves us RM45. That's why I love IKEA! For letting me have a bookshelf which is both gorgeous and cheap:

The bookshelf, RM55. From Ikea.

At first glance, I'd mistaken this shelf as a ladder, used to retrieve books from one of those 10-ft build-in bookshelves. It is made of light metal, but very much sturdy and stable. Its narrow frame allows us to be parked in a small space. It certainly adds character to my living room now as it doesn't resemble a traditional bookshelf too much. If we decided to get a bigger bookshelf later, we can put this shelf in the kitchen to stack all those ketchup bottles, containers, etc.

Another plus note: It complements our TV rack most wonderfully, they are practically old chums by now. Tonight after we go to bed, they might even plan to go to mamak stall and watch football together.