Today our marriage turned 3 years old. 3 years old, people. 3 fantastic, bittersweet, honest-to-God years of being man and wife.

Some people said that at the current divorce rate, anyone who made it to the third year will have it easier to deal with in the years after. At the very beginning, we spent our time trying to fit square pegs into round holes. Rubbing at each other's differences, bickering and discovering the other side we never saw before. The first year we courted and being oh so lovey-dovey till everybody else vomited blood.

Past one year, we sort of got an idea or two of the stranger we vowed to live with to the end of our days. We learned to accept the differences, sometimes not graciously but sort of you know you gotta accept them anyway. The fuzzy film in front of our eyes was slowly eroding, revealing the real person we were.

Came second year, we settled into our routine. We could already read each other's minds, body language, likes and dislikes. Yet we were still lost at which direction we should point our relationship to - Romeo & Juliet? Edward & Bella? Or are we destined to be BFF (Best Friend Forever?) I see that we are leaning more towards BFF, darling. While it is still good, I wished we could hold on to that romantic stage. It has been a long time since I got a call from someone telling me how much he missed me.

My darling husband, I know living with me is not easy. If I had to live with myself, I would probably consider an annulment. But you stuck by, undaunted. You endured my disgruntled nature, moodiness, and even crazy working schedule. I read in a paper a few weeks ago, how a hubby divorced his wife because she's too busy working. And I thank God I had married you instead of that guy.

I know I am not a perfect wife. Do you still remember that regular dinner I cooked every night during the first few months of our marriage? If you don't, I don't blame you. But you can take my waist measurement as proof of that glorious happy time. Yes, I have not been cooking, let alone warming up anything on the stove since I started work in this new company. MIL is right - I am not feeding you well enough.

I know I like to complain a lot. I complained about my work when you're tired with yours. I complained about the lack of attention from you when I want you to work harder for our family's future. I cared more about my own hardships rather than yours.

My love, tonight I feel so small beside you. No, I'm not talking about size. I'm talking about emotion. Tonight I was ready to believe that you would not think much of our anniversary.

But I was so WRONG! Suddenly you handed me a small box. All of a sudden, I felt so embarrassed. So guilty. I thought I could not accept this gift, not when both of us could not afford such luxuries at this time of the year. Not when I believed that you were pressured into buying this for me so I would not sulk for being unappreciated.

To cut it short, you proved that you are a GREATER spouse than me. Not because of the gift you bought which made me cry, but because you truly believe that I am the LOVE of your life. That despite my weaknesses, you still see the goodness in me. My dear, I don't know why, but tonight I feel the need to shed tears. Of joy, of humility, of love and gratitude.

God, I want to be a good wife to this man. I want to be a good mother to his children. I want to be his best friend, his accomplice, his ally, his partner. For as long as You give me time, please grant my prayer.

Selamat Ulangtahun Perkahwinan, sayang. You are still, the man, the very best of man in my life. I love you.
Firstly, saya mahu ucap terima kasih. Terima kasih Amy, Husna. Kalian berjaya meraih mood saya kembali. Saya sudah kurang depressed. Life still perlu diteruskan.

Ahad lepas. Semalam lah. Kami sama-sama di dapur. Saya tengah chop bawang merah. Chop halus-halus, biar tak dak rasa dah. Bley gitu? Tapi hati masih kepingin tambah bawang. Owh, life is so complicated. En Suami Terchenta sedang memanaskan air. Di tangan beliau separuh bungkus spaghetti bersedia untuk direndam di dalam air panas yang menggelegak. Nasib la kau, spagetti. Pasti spagetti sedang mintak nyawa sebelum diterjunkan di dalam air panas menggelegak.

'Potpetpotpetpotpet...' Kami berborak2. Tentang kerja. Tentang projek side income beliau. Tentang saya dan perasaan meluat dengan kerja.

Sambil tangan saya menghidupkan api, memanaskan kuali, menuang minyak lantas menumis bawang. Tangan dan mulut sama-sama busy di dapur. Tangan mencapai meatball, lalu dicampak ke dalam kuali. Kemudian mencapai daging kisar.

'Kamu lihat ni, sayang? Ini barulah minced meat.' Saya berkata sambil menunjukkan label bungkusan cap Ramly's. Suami Terchenta senyum kambing. Ternyata beliau memang tak tau membezakan minced meat dengan minced chicken. Satu berwarna merah, satu berwarna putih. Malam Khamis, kami makan spagetti minced chicken uols. Lepas tu beliau komplen rasanya tak sama dengan spagetti bolognese. Haih! *tepuk dahi*

Mujurlah sekarang En Suami Terchenta sudah tau rebus spagetti. Sebelum rebus kena letak minyak zaitun sesudu dua, supaya spagetti tak melekat. Maklumlah, spagetti tu berkanji. Next time, saya akan ajar En Suami membuat kuah spagetti ala Italian.

Yes, mintak ampun sebab kami seboks bekerja sekarang, menambah pendapatan rumahtangga. Saya sedang menunggu download trial Microsoft Office 2007 supaya lepas ni saya boleh sambung buat kerja di rumah. En Suami pulak sedang bermeeting di luar tentang projek side income beliau. Tomorrow, lusa dan tulat, saya akan berjauhan dari Suami Terchenta, demi KERJA DAN TAK LAIN TAK BUKAN KERNA KERJA. Oh Tuhanku, bila boleh kami merasa hidup yang free dari beban kerja?
'A lady committed suicide at my apartment a few days ago.' My friend announced over our dinner of char kuey teow.

It was enough to make me pause between shoving a spoonful of the char kuey teow in my mouth to ask, 'Oh my God! How?'

My friend shrugged and continued to eat as she explained, 'She jumped off the building.'

I thought of it as we walked to our Quran recital class at Heritage building. I thought of it when the class finished. It wasn't the gory details that my friend helpfully supplied later on that bugged me. It was the action itself that made me ponder.

What was her thinking when she made that final decision to step off the rail or whatever that became her jumping platform? What problems could be so huge that pushed her to the point of no return?

Did she regret it as she saw the ground closing in on her?

I am not suicidal, never. The idea of eternal damnation keeps me away from such thoughts. It was just sometimes life could be so depressing that I wished I could just... break away. Not end it. Just - walk out and start over again.

I did that almost a year ago. I changed my job. I started over. But somehow I did not factor in the transition effect. The altitude change sickness or whatever. From somewhere higher up to being back at the bottom in just a day. Surely it caused a bit of emotional wreckage, a little confusion, a lot of stress? It did. Throw in the loss of a child we hoped for, sudden weight gain due to hormonal imbalance that is VERY hard to lose, and major policy changes in the new company that made us look like the monster in the company? How then, could I not feel depressed?

How could this be the right choice if it makes me unhappier each day, if it makes us grow apart every day and makes me lose interest with my life? I no longer have any passion, not even an ounce, on things I used to love. Graphic design, reading, shopping, being around people... Every day I go back from work and all I want to do is crawl on the bed or lose myself in repeated tv programs until I drift off to dreamland, dreaming of restless dreams.

I tried to brave myself into facing this increasing complicated life by telling, 'You don't have to think of it. You just do it one thing at a time.' It worked for a while but it slowed me down and things keep coming. I know one day I am going to succumb to this brain pressure. The evidences are showing up on my health. The hormonal imbalance that messed up my productive organs, my weight and everything else is impact from the pressure I am trying to contain within.

Yet I still feel that darkness is wrapping its fingers around my heart. Suffocating me. Exhausting me. I wish I could outrun it FOREVER. I wish I could, once and for all, break away from this boring job and figure out what I want to do in life and work towards that instead!

Before I run out of time. Before I realise that I'm 40, still unhappy with my life's choice but too coward to change it.

Oh God. Tell me that there is more to life than this.
Ini bukan tipu. Ini betul-betul punya. Kami menang friendship match lawan Ma****** bukan setakat 2-1, tapi 4-3! Kawan-kawan, mari sama2 angkat tangan sambil jerit, 'HOYEEE!'

Sebelum aku story pasal game futsal malam ni, meh citer sket asal-usul penglibatan aku di dalam sukan futsal malam ni. 

Minggu lepas, kami dapat email menyeru staff-staff untuk join futsal friendly match dengan satu kompeni ni. Demi memenuhi KPI saya menyahut saranan semangat berpasukan, aku pon sign up sekali. Pastu siap pujuk2 member satu dept join sekali. Huhu. Hiduplah KPI sukan untuk negara!

Oh my God! Aku rasa macam mimpi. Macam boleh tampar muka sendiri 10x. Walaupun kami prektis sekali je tapi kami menang. Walaupun kami baru nak decide siapa main position apa 10 minit before kami start game, tapi kami menang:

'Eh, siapa nak main position apa ni? Erk. Defend? Amende tuh?'

Dah la aku serius seorang kaki bangku. Sepak bola pun dengan kadar kelajuan 10km/j. Goalkeeper boleh jalan lenggang-kangkung nak tangkap bola aku ok! MUAHAHA! Aku gelak cover line nih. Therefore, aku rasa macam tak percaya pulak bila kami menang. Gambatte!

Ehem. Warm up dulu. Prektis tendang bola

Sebelum start game, kami beratur untuk bertukar-tukar cenderahati. Kami semua dapat diari. Erk. Hopefully itu ialah diari untuk tahun depan ye geng lawan. Hehe.

Mari-mari, kita tukar hadiah Krismas.

Aku main position defend, ambik kau! Yang bestnya, bila game nak start aku leh tanya, 'Eh, defend tu apa? Dia buat apa ha?' *ramai2 pengsan di court Ampang Sports Planet*

Game tu habis pukul 9pm dan kami semua pulang dengan gumbira (ini ialah ayat malas dari orang mengantok yang keletihan lepas menang futsal).

Recently I have been experiencing a rough patch at work, which is nothing to do with work surprisingly. How I hold up emotionally, only God, Ainie and Jen know. Ok, Ainie & Jen are in the know because we used to share same office, faced same dragons characters, and came up with cute nicknames for them. Durian? However did Ainie manage to come up with that. Tsk.

Anyway, I wouldn't spill here because that wouldn't be professional, kan. Enough to say, my way of dealing with difficult characters is, I choose not to care. For me, life moves on in whatever ways I choose. If I choose to be happy, my life will be happy. Lesson to everybody - never lets other people dictate how you should feel. Happiness should come from within.

Lesson I learn from the whole experience. Whatever happens, there must be a hikmah. Maybe God just want to show me who are my real friends. People like Jen and Ainie, because we once quarreled and did not speak for months but the strength of our friendship lasted us through that and the bond became even stronger once we overcame our differences. People like Kak Za, who dared to point out my mistakes right in my face instead of talking behind my back to others. People like my dear friend Bib, who stand by me through thick or thin over the past 9 years, people like Agatha, who stood to defend me when someone tried to backstab me, and people like Eva, who never judged me and accepted me for me.

Of course, there are also people who boost up my morale like Msjbox buddies, and recently people I met over a game of futsal. The hikmah I see is, when one door closed, another door opens. More opportunities to meet more people. More experiences doing new things that enrich my life.

I believe in seeing a glass half full. I do not want to dwell on negative thoughts. Work is already so stressful, why stress myself even more thinking about people's behaviors and attitude? One thing I like about my old company - almost everybody back-stabbed everybody but in the office, professional facade is still maintained even though you hate that person's guts so bad. When you have to communicate to that person, you will do it in a professional way. You don't try to avoid communicating to them, you don't re-route the communication to a middle person and you certainly don't display your crude communication skill because that will show your weakness. In other words, you don't mix up your work and personal issues together.

So, best if I keep a respectful distance towards these characters in order not to be affected by their hostile attitude. Hanya Allah membalas dan Allah itu Maha Adil lagi Maha Mengetahui.
When it comes to impulsive holidays, Suami Terchenta and I have this motto - carpe diem! (seize the day). If you think that it means we have loads of $$ to go on holiday, you are very far from the truth because seriously. We always have budget holiday wan!

Step #1: Marry an impulsive adventurer

Hold my hands tight - we are going on plenty of adventures!

#2: Exploit opportunities and follow your heart

Since we are already in Sabak Bernam for CSR site visit, let's hop over to Lumut and then Pangkor!

#3: Stay at places where early reservation is not required (a.k.a. budget hotel)

Why pay more, just walk and save your moolah on taxi charges!

So let's go cuti-cuti Malaysia, Mr & Mrs Junaidix's style!

p/s: I'll do a review on the resort later.
Dua bulan kebelakangan ni, life sangat busy sampai aku jarang ada di rumah wiken. Kadang-kadang aku heret Suami Terchenta sekali temankan aku outstation. Kadang-kadang kami jadi weekdays couple (hahaha, orang lain jadi weekend couple, kami jadi weekdays couple) :p

Nak buat camane. Life as kuli korporat, berkorban demi negara, demi rumah baru yang perlu wang banyak, demi. WHATEVER. Akan aku perbanyakkan lagi doa supaya Suami Terchenta cepat-cepat kaya supaya aku boleh duduk di rumah macam wife2 yang normal.

Tapi weekend lepas, kehidupan gila as kuli korporat akhirnya semakin pulih dan slow down. Finally ada masa lapang untuk Suami Terchenta. Hooray! Therefore, tanpa membuang masa kami meneruskan aktiviti riadah hujung minggu secara sihat, walafiat dan sejahtera...

... iaitu jungle-trekking di FRIM.

... remember the posting about my experience playing futsal?
Dunno leh? DUNNO? Read here.
What did I say then?

Huahuahua! Ini ialah tangisan dalam ketawa.
Taubat. Aku tak mau main futsal dengan kaum jantan lagi.
Aku tak mau ulang peristiwa hari semalam!
En Junaidix, sila bawak balik rumah isteri anda sekarang!

Kau ingat adakah aku bertaubat?

Today when Public Affairs circulated email to request for volunteers to play against Ma*****f (another company), I signed up.

*punch own head, slap own face, kick own butt*



Esok petang pergi training kat Ampang Sports Planet. Huhu... Ko memang carik nahas sendiri, Carneyz. Ko memang!
Korang tau kan aku ada satu kegilaan terhadap warna pepel?

Sampai Suami Terchenta nak termuntah dengan fantasi pepel aku.

Cantiknya baju ittew. Alah, sebab dia warna pepel kan?
Cantiknya tudung ittew. Sebab kaler pepel kan???
Shut up.

Macamana kalau aku kata, cantiknya bilik ittew?

HAHAHAHA! Suami Terchenta mesti jatuh pengsan. Enough purple! Enough!

Anyway, aku mau cerita tentang satu hari berwarna pepel.

Saya terasa nak ubah bilik air rumah baru daripada ini:

 The bathroom in the master bedroom

Where do I begin. An apology? An explanation? An excuse? Or do I just pretend like nothing happens and just start to tell you people about the latest things in our lives?

Meh sini lap sikit habuk kat blog ni. Hehe.

I decided to do all. Sorry peeps for neglecting this blog because I'm so busy throughout the past two months and I hardly spent time at home let alone on a computer and by the way, our house is finally completed.


That cleared up, let's introduce my new blog skin (again). The light at the end of the tunnel seems appropriate because there's probably a number of reasons why November seems like I'm finally getting out of a dark tunnel into the light:

1. My colleague is finally back from her maternity leave. Hurray!
2. Our house is finally completed. Hurray!
3. I finally completed filling up my travel claim forms and can wait for my money to be reimbursed by the Company. Hurray!
4. I'm finally pregnant. Oops. Itu tipu. Masih lagi anak dara.

Talking about our house, last week we went to have our first peek at the completed apartment building (yup, walaupun gaji sebagai kuli korporat adalah sangat memuaskan, tapi masih tak mampu beli rumah ada tanah ok). We met our future neighbours and they seemed like decent people. We even joked about how small our houses look compared to the show room we were ushered into before the wives' jaws crashed open and the hubbies whipped out their pens and signed the sales agreement. Sesal dahulu pendapatan kau... walaupun pendapatan kau tak seberapa sangat.

Agenda petang ini.
Balik kampung Buka puasa di JB.

Last Thursday we had gotong-royong bersama Eric to decorate our floor and this was one of the ideas I came up with - rumah kampung ala low cost :p
Mak saya suka dengar lagu Hindi. Suka dengan bangat sekali. Suka sampai ajak saya pergi Low Yat untuk cari modulator & USB drive untuk download lagu2 Hindi. Pergh. Ibu-ibu zaman sekarang adalah sangat hi-tech.

Tapi bila dah dapat apa yang diidamkan, dia tak pandai pulak nak download lagu dari Internet. Haruslah saya & adik saya jadi cikgu terjun tolong ajarkan cara nak convert Youtube jadi MP3. Tapi. Mak saya seumur hidup sebelum ni tak pernah pegang mouse, tiba-tiba nak suruh convert Youtube jadi MP3?? Apekah?

Mak saya terkial-kial sebab baru je belajar click & right-click tu apa. Nak masukkan nama lagu dalam kotak search pun separuh menangis jugak saya & adik saya mengajar. Apa lagi nak ingat step2 ni:

1. Taip 'youtube' kat kotak address dan tekan Enter
2. Taip nama lagu dalam kotak Search
3. Klik video clip yang nak di convert
4. Select url lagu. Right click untuk copy
5. Bukak software converter, tekan butang 'Youtube'
6. Paste url
7. Tekan butang 'Convert'

Untuk orang yang baru first time berjinak-jinak dengan mouse, korang rasa ni bukan sangat impossible ke?

Tiga hari jugak la emak kesayanganku praktis, tapi mungkin sebab benda baru (baru belajar la kan) jadi otak beliau mengalami culture shock. Mak selalu je lupa step2 di atas. Sampai la, saya bagi example guna aktiviti faveret beliau. Shopping.

'Mak, katakan la Youtube ni pasaraya Gi*nt. Mak kenalah tau nak pergi ke mana (taip URL youtube). Sampai sana, mak nak cari tepung (search nama lagu). Bila mak dah jumpa tepung, mak kena decide nak tepung brand apa (klik video clip). Bila dah jumpa, mak pun amik, letak dalam shopping cart (copy url lagu), pastu mak pergi ke kaunter bayaran (software converter). Kat kaunter, mak letak tepung atas kaunter (paste url). Then mak bayarlah (Convert), barulah mak dapat beli tepung (download lagu).'

Saya harus tepuk bahu sendiri sebab boleh come up dengan analogi spontan ni. Yang sangat bestnya, lepas tu mak sangat cepat tangkap. Sekarang, mak dah terer download lagu. Huhu...

Apapun, syabas kepada mak sebab dah pandai guna Internet! :D
Photo credit: Eric Teoh

Cerita #1: Dulu saya ada rumet merangkap best friend masa kat UTM. Dia seorang Kristian. Saya seorang Islam. Tapi waktu Maghrib kami sama-sama baca kitab - saya baca Al-Quran atas sejadah, dia baca Bible atas katil. Untuk kamu agamamu, dan untukku agamaku...

Hold me and never let go
Show me and shine the light
Upon the path I trod
Give me strength so
I may make it right
Oh Allah, Great God.

Pasti ada hikmahnya semua yang terjadi.
A couple of nights ago, while waiting for Suami Terchenta to finish his night course @ Cititel, I went to KLCC to cuci mata. Ya, ya... Working at KLCC doesn't mean I get the chance to cuci mata frequently. Usually lunch time I stay in the office coz so lazy to go down.

Suddenly walked into Isetan and blew away what's left of my salary on Communique blouse and Executive pants! :O I can't help it, leh! The mega sales discounts were so irresistible and no way I could get THOSE clothes at THOSE prices any other time. Hanya Tuhan membalas (as Diyana of would say).

I must hand over my credit card to Suami Terchenta for safekeeping. Otherwise, I'll be getting a few more clothes such as:

1. A new swimming suit:

Source: Al-Fareeda Bazaar

I know, I know! I've got one already and since I don't go swimming every day why need two, right? But LOOK AT THAT DESIGN! How not to fall in love with that burqini? (Btw, burqini is the more or, a loooootttttt more modest version of bikini for Muslimah) Check out Al-Fareeda Bazaar for this kind of swimming suit. The price is reasonable too (RM100) compared to other online shops selling similar item.

2. Shawls


With the new baju, also need new tudung. Jen can become a testament to this crazy habit of both mine & Ainie's. These shawls are gorgeous. The good thing about this blog is, not only the lovely ladies sell shawls, they also provide step-by-step guide on how to wear them with style & elegance!

3. New Baju Kurung:


I HEART this baju kurung, isn't it elegant? Except for its humongous sleeves, it is exactly something I want for my Raya outfit (eh? Baru je nampak kat Internet, dah kata macam tu?) Selling at RM290. Sigh. Is credit card accepted? :p
Lately, I've been thinking to get a new phone. Preferably, something that can be a PDA, mobile phone and video/camera at the same time. The reasons are so I don't have to lug around my pda to keep track work, phone to call/sms people and some more, both also don't have camera. Kesian.

These are among the gadgets that I would grab if I had the moolah:

1. iPhone 3GS:


When they first launched iPhone 3G, I couldn't understand why Suami Terchenta was head-over-heel with this phone. Yes, so it is gorgeous, looks futuristic and the widgets are cute. But that was just it, wasn't it? Then it came to Malaysia and when I laid my hands on it, I finally comprehends his passion for this baby. Like, OMIGOD, THIS PHONE IS SUPER-COOL! I MUST GET ONE FOR MYSELF! Yes, me. The crazy-for-gadgets IT engineer wife. I went gaga every time we passed by one of those billboards with gigantic iPhone on it. If you still don't understand why, read the review here.

This phone is Miss Universe in IT world ok. Don't play-play! The sheer beauty and dazzling shine off the phone kinda knocked me down and since then I have an insatiable desire to pocket one of this beauty. When it comes to touch-screen phone, iPhone has the widest screen and the most finger-friendly keyboard (I never like phones that require a stylus to operate). Also, we won't have problem to locate the kiblat direction because it has an in-built compass! The only reservations I have for iPhone are its price and the fact that it's not Windows-operated. Dammit.

Or, if iPhone is not for work, then maybe I wanna get this:

2. Blackberry Storm:


Work or play. Blackberry is your best bet. It's not half as beautiful as an iPhone but this phone packs it all. You can read all your emails, open Word / Excel document and even edit them. It even has GPS, and for travel fans like us, this would come in handy anytime. A unique feature of the phone is its clickable screen - when you tap the on-screen keyboard, it's like tapping on mechanical keypads. Cool, huh? Another plus, unlike iPhone, the memory can be expanded as it has SD-card slot. The beefed up memory means we can watch movie and I tell you, the picture quality is awesome, babe!

Ah-but-then, like HTC Magic, the phone is not as responsive as iPhone. We have to press real hard to get an application to open or to type email. And also, it's slightly heavier and bulkier compared to the sleek iPhone. But the most unforgiveable flaw of all - it doesn't come with a WiFi. Bleargh! What if I'm at the airport and can get free WiFi but cannot, coz phone got no WiFi mah! *slap forehead*

Then again, Blackberry seems like too serious for my liking, and where design meets functionality, you gotta give it to HTC to whip up something like this:

3. HTC Touch Pro


Runs on Windows Mobile (checked). Has real slide-out / on-screen keyboard (checked). Achingly beautiful/doesn't look too masculine (checked). TouchFLO™ 3D that makes it almost feel like an iPhone (checked). I can almost feel its fingers closing around my heart, but I can't say more, coz I haven't experience this phone yet. Maybe it will jump to no 1 over iPhone if it manages to convince me that it feels as good as it looks.

Ok, enough about phone. Gadget shopping wish-list no 4 (and final, for this moment):

3. Olympus Pen E-P1


I wanna take professional-looking photos but I don't wanna carry a bulky camera that I can't fit in my handbag. One day, jalan2 at PC Fair and suddenly saw this camera. Immediately drooled over it and spent days afterwards dreaming of it. It looks like a compact, feel like a compact (slightly heavier) but you can put on those professional lenses and voila! You have a DSLR in hand (ok la, for leisure photographer like me). Need I elaborate more on this fascinating gadget?

Anybody wants to give me any of these to-die-for gadgets? :p
Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace?
And I'm learning you

Is your skin as tanned as mine?
Does your hair flow sideways?
Did someone took a portion of your heart?
And I'm learning you

And if you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

I let my guard down for you
And in time you will too

If you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

If you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

Deeper Conversation
Let me

Does your name rhymes with mine....

One night many years ago, two best friends sat on the porch of an apartment in Taman Universiti Skudai, and over a mug of hot drinks, they talked about the kind of guy they wish to meet in UTM:

'Carneyz, what kind of guy you'll fall in love with, do you think?'
'Hmm... I always like someone tall, fair, hair parted in the middle. What about you, Eva?'
'I guess I prefer someone tall and average size. A little bit of the bad boy type, you know, coz I like a bit of adventure.'
'And that dream guy of mine, he's gonna catch me when I fall, he's funny and makes me laugh and when I cry, he'll wipe away my tears.'
'... and takes you as you are, and loves you no matter what. I want that same thing too, Carneyz.'
'You know what? I want someone I can talk with for hours, and I have this fantasy. You know, me & him, we spend our afternoons in our kitchen and we talk about our days, our lives, our hopes, dreams, fears, and even global issues. We'll never run out of ideas.'
'Yeah, I know. Someone whom we can have deep conversations with.'
'Yes, real deep conversations. You think my dream guy is out there?'
'Perhaps. Hey, let's make a wish upon a falling star.'
'I wish you'll meet your dream guy, Eva.'
'I wish you'll meet your perfect guy, Carneyz.'
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Semalam ofismet ajak main futsal di Ampang Sports Planet. Aku macam gagah je join sekaki. Ala, apa nak takot? Futsal je... Wakaka! Haruslah kata-kata bongkak ni disumbat dalam tauhu sumbat, lepas tu kasi aku makan. Tengok la muntah ke tak muntah darah makan kata2 sendiri.

Pertama kali dalam beberapa bulan ni, aku keluar awal dari ofis. Pertama kali dalam hidup jugak, aku menjejak kaki ke Kompleks Sukan Ampang. Perggh...! Perasaan aku excited, blur dan tak sabar2 nak sepak bola ala2 Beckham. Tengok tu, bini siapa la macam jantan tu kan... En Junaidix, sila tuntut wife anda sekarang!

Kakak ofis aku dah hint awal2 - dieorang ni team yang terer futsal. Agaknya kepala aku masuk angin kot. Part 'terer' tu aku macam tak dengaaarrrr je. First time jumpa dengan budak2 yang lain, aku agak terkedu. Mereka ini wanita2 yang comel. Tapi sangat la perkasa. Dua orang pakai shorts macam footballer. Woah. Nasib baik kromosom aku pun XX jugak. Ngee. Tapi semua mereka baik2 belaka. Walaupun aku kata aku tak pernah lagi sepak bola, apa lagi main futsal mereka still teruja sebab dapat member baru (sampai la mereka tengok aku main. Wakaka!)

Sebelum main, aku & akak ofis kuis2 sepak2 bola. Ala2 warm up la gittew... Then semua masuk court, dan start lari 5 pusingan. Gagah ok. Aku cam biasa, semangat waja awal-awal. Sangat innocent, tak tau lagi tinggi rendah langit...

Then kiteorang buat bulatan. Semua tendang bola at each other. Warm up lagi. Aku tendang bola. Not bad. Mula2 sepak ala2 perempuan, lepas tu dieorang sepak tinggi2 dengan kelajuan yang boleh membunuh anak kucing, barulah aku sedar diri. Mak ai, gila terer awek2 ni! Kecut perut bila bola meluru ke arah aku dgn kelajuan 30km/j! Ngeri, ngeri...

Tapi yang tak tahannya, bila game start. Aku adalah sangat KAKI BANGKU! Hahaha! Siyes, aku sendiri pun tak faham. Tendang bola dah betul. Tapi tak masuk gol. Sepak bola nak bagi kat teammate, tapi terbagi kat lawan. Bila aku dapat bola, orang semua terkam aku, aku cepat2 tendang sesuka hati, sebab aku TAKUT! Muahaha! Takut orang sepak kaki aku! Terserlah sifat keperempuanan aku ok! En Junaidix, sila tuntut wife anda balik!

Lepas setengah jam, kiteorang berenti rehat. Kali ni, datang sekumpulan teruna. Mereka juga adalah gagah-gagah belaka. Ofismet aku boleh ajak dieorang main futsal sekali! Aku terasa macam nak pengsan. OMG, dah la aku dimalukan main futsal dengan kaum sejenis, ni nak main futsal dengan kaum jantan, kompem keesokan harinya nama aku akan naik satu bangunan KLCC tu as 'worst player in the century'!

Tapi kan. Aku tak tau macamana nak undur diri. Dengan senyum kelat, aku pon ikut semua yang lain masuk court. Kesudahannya:

Team aku kena belasah teruk. 8-2. Gara-gara aku.

Huahuahua! Ini ialah tangisan dalam ketawa.
Taubat. Aku tak mau main futsal dengan kaum jantan lagi.
Aku tak mau ulang peristiwa hari semalam!
En Junaidix, sila bawak balik rumah isteri anda sekarang!

Hari ni. Badan aku sakit-sakit. Kaki macam kena tumbuk 100 kali. Ini ialah padahnya bila cuba main game orang jantan :p Tapi, adakah aku akan serik? Maybe minggu ni, tapi next time aku mesti lupa dan ikut orang main futsal lagi! :p

p/s: SisLin, Kak Linda, Kak Ret, Sishoney, Umie... Jom kita turun padang court! :D
So the next day, we went to the National Zoo, coz you know what? Even though the Land of Hornbills is the biggest state in Malaysia, we don't have a freakin' zoo of our own, except if you count in The Wildlife Park in Bintulu (well, they don't have giraffe and Gloria hippo, so it doesn't count as a zoo):

At the zoo entrance

While waiting for hubby to buy the tickets, I checked out the noticeboard and found out that the Animal Show will start soon:

Hurry up! The show'll start in 5 mins!

I had never watched the Animal Show, which made me a real pathetic. Hubby watched once when he went to Madrid Zoo and he said it was awesome (yeah2... he had more fun than me when we were in Madrid, because I was cooped up in some boring conference while he went exploring the city).

So in our excitement, we walked fast-fast to the show, found good seats before the show started, and realised that we left our parents behind. Bummer. I'm sooo not getting any nominations for best daughter-in-law award:

Phew, Made it on time!

The show started with a flock of birds flying across the audience and already, I was as excited as a two-year-old toddler. Suami Terchenta laughed at me and teased, 'So, who's more excited to visit the zoo, Dad or you?' Excuse me dear, but in case you hadn't notice, Dad happened to be excited as well.

Then a parrot showed its skill hoisting the Malaysian flag on a mini pole:

Oi, how clever!

And a baby seal jumped through a loophole and clapped its hands (feet) cleverly:

What would animal show be without the bright & funny seal?

And that was it. No dolphin. WHY no DOLPHINS?? *wail*

Ok, I had to contend with no dolphins and get a move on with life. After the show, we all trooped out and started our zoo tour. Zoo was well, zoo. Lots of animals, some looking bored, some were grazing, or just plain sleeping. To cut the story short, here's a couple of photos of our parents posing in front of zoo animals:

With the giraffes...

... and elephants

Here's Mom feeding sugar cane to one of 'em:

And us posing in front of the bored lion:

When I last posed in front of the camels during our last visit to the zoo 4 years ago, I never thought that we'd come here again and pose with our parents pulak:

The two generations together with the clueless camel

Mom-in-law looking tired

2 hours later, we figured that we had had enough and it was time to leave the zoo:

Bye Zoo. Till the next relatives come to visit...

To be continued... the trip to Putrajaya.
Psst.. look at this photo:

Look at me and the lady behind

Same expression, meh? Like mother & daughter in law meh? Hahaha! Both of us were looking at Suami Terchenta, wonder what we were probably thinking:

Mother in law: ....why is my son taking photos all the time? Let me babab him!
Me: Why is he so adorable? Let me... bite my lips!

This weekend my parents in law flew in from Kuching to spend quality family time together with us. Since they've never been to KL before, Junaidix a.k.a Suami Terchenta had planned an exhausting exhaustive list of places to bring them to, which include:

1. My office:

The Musa Family posing between two towers

The Musa Family + Menantu

2. KL Tower:

Loving couple at the foot of KL Tower

MIL spotted something exciting from the top of the tower

3. Tugu Negara:

PIL posing in front of the monument

4. Islamic Art Museum (where I used to shoot corporate video back when I was still working with Mr Trump):

Trip to museum for a cultural experience (and the aircond!)

5. Masjid Negara:

To pray, of course

6. Dataran Merdeka:

FIL was so proud to finally make it here

7. Some awesome grafitti:

Seriously good art we found behind some back alley

And last but not least, Jalan TAR:

Braving the throngs of people in search of t-shirts for my two brother & sister in law

HOWEVER, if you ask them which experience they love the most, they'll give you this answer pronto:

... mother in law

... father in law

... horse riding.

They love it even more than bargain-hunting at Jalan TAR and even sightseeing at KLCC and Dataran Merdeka. All the way back to home after dinner at Satay Haji Samuri at Taman Melati, they kept on relating their experience riding a horse. And forever it will be imprinted in their mind, the memory of KL is not KLCC or Putrajaya or Dataran Merdeka, but KL=horse!

If you noticed that I was not really in the photos, actually I was more interested to find the shadiest place which meant I could be far away from the photo shoot. Yup, yours truly is a chick chicken when it comes to being exposed to direct sunlight.

I really admired my MIL for being able to be out in the sun even though it was a hot and sweltering day :p

Tomorrow we might be heading to Zoo Negara, Putrajaya and maybe Melaka. In the meantime, these are more photos of our jalan-jalan trip today:

My sister had been cooped up in the house for a week without any activities. Kesian.

So we thought of bringing her out for fun. What could be more fun than ice skating on a hot day?

While waiting for the crew to re-surface the ice

It had been a long time since we last skated. The entrance fee for 3 persons (plus socks & gloves) is insane - RM93! Sungguh tak senonoh Sunway charge harga yang tak patut. Huhu...

This is my sister, skating like a pro. Although she spent the first 15 mins clinging to the wall, but not long after that she was zooming around faster than me.

This is me skating like a wimp with Suami Terchenta. We were careful not to bump into any kids, although it was a tough job. The ice rink was crowded with people, I tell you. Kids fall everywhere macam durian runtuh.

Laughing at ourselves after we fell off, despite our best efforts not too.

The next time we feel like going here again, we'll make sure we bring our gloves and stockings to avoid the hefty charge. Boleh hangus poket dibuatnya.