Happy Birthday, bro! =)

I never really talked about my brothers. Not because I forgot about them, but when I last left them to further study 7 years ago, we were at the age of whereby we'd rather hide them under the carpet than admitting that we were related *roll eyes*. If I had to mention it to my friends, I'd mutter under my breath, 'Yes, my younger bro can we change topic?'

Turned out I was plain stupid to being embarrassed about having younger brothers because - look at my brothers! They are every young girls' heartthrobs at school because they played sports and they are oozing in good looks. I mean - just look at their sister! (masuk basket angkat sendiri)

This is my second brother and he turned 22 yesterday. Recently he flew to KL to continue his degree program after finishing his diploma in UiTM Kuching. For the first time ever, I was joined by one of my siblings in KL.

At first I was rather reluctant to having him come over. KL is a totally different city than Kuching - what if he can't hold on his own and got mixed up in bad company? After all, Shah Alam is not that near to where we are staying now so it's hard for me to hawk over him.

Worse, what if he made the same decision as I did 7 years ago, i.e. stay put in this side of Malaysia?

Horror, horror.

But when he eventually joined us for a vacation after so many years of never going anywhere together, I kind of feel pleased to have my brother here. I had never really spent time with any of my siblings which left me really guilty about it most of the time, so having him here with me sort of vanquished that feeling. Now I'm spending time with one of my family members ok. Sesungguhnya saya bukan lupa daratan.

I would like to think that he feels likewise (hello big sister whom I've never really sit down for more than five minutes over the past 7 years but now we're spending vacation together). He even made attempts to chat (the first time he did that, saya nyaris pengsan) and that effort is actually a big leap of development for him - because he's the quietest in the family. He's almost like Chairman in personality except that he's not poyo *Ainie, jangan marah I kutuk bakal hubby you. Hahaha!*

Occasionally we texted each other and he requested for a birthday gift today (in the past years, I was usually the one who asked whether he wanted one, not the other way round). Hopefully, this whole thing is not just because he wanted my CLK. Kadang2, adik2 lelaki saya bukan boleh percaya pun, sebab mereka ada motif tersembunyi <-- berprasangka="" br="" buruk="" muahaha="" sungguh="">
Anyway, Happy Birthday again, bro. No, I'm not giving away my CLK because you're now old enough to take up a part-time job (like me last time) and saved up for your own ride. Anggaplah kakakmu ini mengajar awak berdikari :p (padahal sebenarnya saya malas nak repair CLK lama)

For the past two months or so, I have been kept really busy at the office. The frenzy started to build up even more the past two weeks until yesterday because of the deadline to submit appraisal nomination.

Turns out the system became haywire when it was forced to accept thousands of entries and I almost went mad in the office. There was not even time for lunch, and I went back home after 8pm almost every day.

Things were so busy that we even spoke in abbreviations:

Me: The system deleted one of our user's name, so I can't assist him.
Colleague: Really? OMG!
Me: I know! WTH??
(and we both cracked up)

Yup, it's fun fun fun in the office now.
In my most obnoxious opinion, I think Malaysian tourists are irresponsible and lazy. No doubt everyone is entitled to be lazy during their break, but that should not be an excuse to litter lovely places like Pangkor Island!

Oh yeah, btw I'm currently sitting down for a late lunch in Pulau Pangkor, one of my fave spot. Usually I don't blog when I'm on vacation but I'm so indignant at the behavior of Malaysian tourists that I simply must whip out my mobile and vent out my feeling HERE AND NOW!

I'm utterly upset with the attitude of 'someone else will clean up my rubbish' especially when it is committed at beautiful locations famous for its natural wonder. Malaysian tourists are usually the culprits with this disgusting attitude. They don't even feel guilty! In their pea-sized brain, as long as it's not my property, I can't be bothered. Other people also do, what?

Yet when they visit other countries they have the nerve to complain that 'Malaysia so dirttyyyy..' Dumbo. Who created the mess in the first place?

Is it too heavy to bring along disposable bags to keep all the rubbish after you're done with your picnics? Is it such a hassle to pick up that plastic wrappers / empty bottles / cans and stuff them in your bag before dumping them in rubbish bin at the main island? Got no brain, kah? Or you people actually stay in rubbish dump, so already used to it?

Kesian... Stay in rubbish dump. No wonder cannot learn to pick up own rubbish.

Come on la people! You all love holiday-ing, just like we do. We go to sandy white beaches with clear water so we can look at the colourful fishes. So please don't turn that white beach into 'colourful' beach because of various plastic wrappers left behind. Don't choke the fishes by leaving empty bread wrappers after feeding 'em with the bread. In short, don't spoil our vacation places!

Or you'd rather don't have any places to go to during school break / public hols because you spoilt them? If I was born with pots of money, I'd probably buy all the islands in Malaysia and make them private! Padan muka korang takde tempat lagi nak dikotorkan! Then you can just rot in your rubbish dump home while I enjoy having beautiful & CLEAN islands, protected from uncivilised & irresponsible people like you people. Hahahaha!

I just hope that if Malaysian tourists who happened to stumble into my blog read this rant of mine, they will sit up and take note. Siapa yang makan cili, dia yang terasa pedasnya. Do the right thing.

Be responsible. Pick up your own rubbish! Believe me, it's not that hard at all. If you're too dumb, I'll give free lessons on Proper Rubbish Disposal 101. No problem!
Subtitle --> Apa? Saya memang seboks!

Ini bukan alasan remeh-temeh. Ini ialah hakikat kehidupan.

Kehidupan itu ialah kehidupan saya. Sejak kebelakangan ni, saya memang seboks. Dari pagi hingga petang, saya cuma bangun dari tempat saya untuk buat air / pergi toilet / solat / makan. Saya tak ada masa sembang2, borak2, hahaha sana-sini. Stress adalah di tahap yang membahayakan. Jadi, petang2 saya akan pergi ke gym.

Apa? Kamu tak percaya? *Pembaca blog korek2 telinga & mata membaca ayat terakhir saya*

Memang benar. Saya tak tipu. Semenjak dua-menjak ni, saya memang kaki gym. Saya pergi gym 2-3 kali seminggu. Ini ialah percubaan untuk menyihatkan minda dan badan. Saya jugak ada seorang personal trainer untuk mendera melatih saya bersukan dengan selamat & efektif. Hahaha. Ini ialah hadiah kepada diri-sendiri kerana berjaya melepasi tempoh 6 bulan percubaan dalam kerja saya sekarang. Hasilnya, saya pulang ke rumah dengan badan yang sakit tetapi hati yang gumbira. Mungkin saya sebenarnya seorang yang sadis.

Secara pendeknya, kehidupan yang ultra-stress, mendorong saya pergi ke gym. Seterusnya, saya pulang rumah dengan badan yang sakit dan penat. Lalu, saya pun tido awal dan terus tak pedulikan blog saya lagi. Huhu.

Anyway, lusa saya akan travelling ke Kuantan lagi selama 4 hari. Saya akan balik ke KL hari Jumaat. Suami Terchenta gumbira tak terkata. Sebab tak ada orang yang akan membebel bila dia cuma habiskan masa buat programming pagi, petang, siang & malam *lariiiii!*

Saya tak de apa-apa lagi nak di 'bla-bla'. Boleh balik blog masing-masing. G'nite!
On 1st January last week, my blog was supposed to undergo a major cosmetic surgery. HOWEVER, I never got around to do it, partially because I was not in the mood of designing new blog design, and partially because I was too busy holiday-ing.

However, I've finally made a start today and hopefully, the revamped blog under a new address will soon be launched within this month. Internet community, pray for my diligence & perseverance!

p/s: By the way, do feel free to express your opinion regarding your favourite category(s) in my blog, so I know what to prioritize in my new design later ;)
Tahun baru. Azam baru. Azam baru pertama saya ialah...

Mengemas stor.

Lihatlah stor kami. Serupa tongkang pecah. Lantai pun dah tak nampak.

Oleh kerana kehidupan kami yang ultra sebok, jadi stor kami agak tidak terurus. Sebenarnya ini ialah satu alasan yang hampeh. Kami sendiri yang malas mengemas stor.

Jadi, sempena tahun baru, semangat waja & perkasa tiba2 datang menyerap. Apa lagi jualan Ikea menghasut minda kami yang sememangnya suka dihasut untuk membeli rak ini:

Gorm Shelving Unit, by Ikea

Sepanjang hari kami bekerja sampai mati keras membuang barang2 dan kotak2 yang tak diperlukan lagi. Lepas beberapa jam bekerja, barulah kami perasan yang:

1. Kami ada beberapa hadiah kawen yang belum dibuka.
2. Kami ada 2 toaster & banyak pinggan-mangkuk.
3. Kami suka menyimpan sampah-sarap.

Bila barang-barang yang tak perlu dah dibuang, tiba masanya utk berkemas2 & bersusun2 barang. Sebelum tu, let's go to IKEA! Yeaay! Dan beli rak! (muat2 je dalam CLK kami, cayalah CLK!).

Kami kerja kuat lagi sampai malam, kemudian pasang rak dan letak di dalam stor. Lepas tu, barulah mula menyusun barang. Hasil usaha gigih kami:

Akhirnya storku comel semula...

Boleh gantung beg2 tangan jugak...

Mari kita lihat berapa lama stor ini akan comel sokmo! Hahahaha!

p/s: Saya semakin heart IKEA. Bila la saya boleh beli satu IKEA. Satu ketamakan haloba yang tak boleh dimaafkan.
Jen ialah sahabat baik saya. Walaupun dia seorang yang suka membebel, tapi hati dia sangat baik. Gila baik punya. Dulu, masa saya takde rumah, Jen la yang berbaik hati menumpangkan saya (dan tikar buruk saya) di rumahnya. Hahaha! Kami sama2 lompat & histeria bila ada lipas gatal yang lalu-lintas di depan bilik saya. Lipas sengal. Tak lama kemudian, lipas tu telah menjadi arwah dengan selamatnya.

Sabtu lepas, sahabat baik saya Jen telah selamat melangsungkan majlis perkahwinan dia. Hoye! Jen, tahniah! Kamu pengantin amoi yang sangat cantek!

Mr & Mrs Chen

Buat pertama kali dalam hidup saya, pergi majlis perkahwinan Cina. Buat pertama kali jugak, kami datang pukul 8.00 pagi. Woah, sungguh teruja. Pergi kenduri kawen sama macam pergi kerja. Keluar rumah dengan mata sembap, terpaksa la saya cover dengan make up tebal. Suami Terchenta pun menguap2x. Macam kami pulak yang nak kawen.

Singgah mengambil Aini si budak comel sekejap. Dia lagi lambat bersiap walaupun kami terpaksa pandu lalu dengan perlahan-lahan cari pintu pagar kayu (hampeh betul). Sampaikan pengantin baru telefon tanya dah sampai ke belum. Hahaha. Pengantin baru ni. Buat2 macam pengantin, boleh tak?

Saya dan Aini si budak comel sementara menunggu rombongan pengantin lelaki dan kawan2 pengantin perempuan selesai berunding

Bila kami sampai, rupa2nya rombongan pengantin lelaki dah sampai dulu. Pintu pagar dah dikunci. Kami terpaksa la tunggu di luar sambil tengok pengantin lelaki dan kawan2 didera. Owh, sesiapa yang rasa nak kawen tu susah, cubalah kawen dengan amoi! Kamu akan disuruh:

Pumping, ok!

Tampal pelekat wax di kaki dan cabut! Nasib baik kawan pengantin perempuan yang bawak stiker wax ni datang lambat. Terselamat la rombongan pengantin lelaki dari 'penyeksaan' ni...

Bayar tol kepada penjaga pintu... Kalau Suami Terchenta terpaksa buat semua ni, agaknya dia dah balik awal2. Susah betul nak kawen kan. Apa nak buat. Cinta punya pasal.

Akhirnya, berjaya! *pumps fist*

Pasangan yang sangat secocok, En. & Puan Chen

Wife: 'What do you mean??? You forgot to bring the ring???' Hubby: 'Oh, crap.'

Malangnya, En. Suami terlupa bawa cincin kawen. Nasib baik Jen tak histeria.

Acara seterusnya ialah menghidangkan teh kepada orang yang lebih tua sebagai tanda hormat:

Mengingatkan saya peristiwa semasa saya & Suami Terchenta masih pengantin baru. Suami Terchenta menghidangkan 'teh cina' kepada tetamu2 kami. Tak de siapa pun yang berani tegur.

Tahniah Jen! Kamu dapat hadiah voucher

Suami Terchenta, saya, Aini si budak comel, Encik & Puan Chen

Di rumah pengantin lelaki pulak. Sekali lagi, upacara hidang teh kepada saudara-mara pengantin lelaki.

Ini ialah anak kepada abang ipar Jen. Budak ini sangat comel. Hopefully, Little Junaidix nanti akan memiliki pipi yang tembam macam budak ini.

Bila kami dah berjumpa, ni lah yang berlaku:

Ha-ha-ha sana sini... Tak pedulikan tetamu2 yang lain.

Aini sebok bercerita sesuatu

Cerita Aini sangat panjang sampai Jen tarik kerusi dan duduk sambil dengar Aini bercerita.

Jen: ' This is where it's going to happen.' Us:'What will happen Jen?' (Ini ialah rekaan semata2)

Sebenarnya Jen sedang menerangkan adat-resam Cina di bilik pengantin. Lagaknya macam pemandu pelancong di muzium pulak. Muahaha!

Akhir sekali, mari ambil gambar bertiga pulak:

Selamat pengantin baru, Jen!

Sebenarnya kami nak buat lambang bintang 5-bucu, tapi kekurangan dua tangan yang lain i.e. tangan En. Chairman & Survivor yang ganas. Kamu berdua, saya terasa nak gigit kamu (Aini boleh gigit En. Chairman bagi pihak saya) kerana sekarang dah buang persahabatan Fab5 kita jauh2x...

Apapun, diucapkan Selamat Pengantin Baru buat Jen! :) May you be happy together, forever my dear-rie... Don't forget us after you got hitched, or I will also gigit you ok!

1. We went to Penang for Msjbox Holiday trip
2. We bought our first house!
3. The giant MNC called me for interview (yikes!)

1. I nearly went crazy preparing for a big event, going back & forth KL & JB almost every week!
2. We went to Madrid, Spain! :)

1. Despite my busy-ness, we went for an unplanned trip to Pulau Pangkor. Fantastic! Will definitely go there again.

1. We rescued a cute little kitten from the drain, later named 'Rio' a.k.a. Mr Smelly!
2. Rio went MIA! Huaargh!! I miss you, smelly kitten!
3. I got a new job with the giant MNC!
4. I tendered my resignation. Bye, bye Mr Trump (but actually, I felt sad to leave).

1. The event took place AT LAST!
2. My last day at my old office.
3. We went to KK for a holiday!

1. I started my new job.

1. Went to Miri for work, visit my sisters & missed my flight back to KL. Typical me.

1. I discovered that I got pregnant... with possibility of twins.
2. I had to be kept at home for 2 weeks and it drove me crazy.

1. I don't remember September that much, because I was too sick.
2. One of the babies did not develop. We're left with only one.

1. We lost the other baby. Al-Fatihah to our little one.

1. I had to attend orientation course for 2 weeks in Bangi!
2. Ainie, Jen & I finally met up again after 2 years!


1. We went to Cameron Highland for our 1st celebration of our 2nd anniversary!
2. We went to Singapore for our 2nd celebration of our 2nd anniversary!
3. Msjbox Holiday is back, this time at Sedili, Johor!

- Phew! What a year...

To have more fun.

How about that?