Q1: When was the last time you took a break from work?
A1: Last week
last month
Last Raya
Last year when I was pregnant, but I did not want the break. The break made me all stressed out.

Q2: How many hours did you spend in the office per day, in a week?
A2: 8 hours
10 hours
12 hours
Okay, it was more. I just had to finish my work so I can go back early the next day work on other tasks.

Q3: What time do you usually wake up & what is the first thing you do after that?
A3: Nowadays at 5am. I switch on my PC and continue my work.

Q4: Are you eating healthy food?
A4: Definitely
Would cut fruits served during meetings considered as healthy food?

Q5: Are you happy with your work?
A5: Of course I am! It's a great opportunity, working in this company. Maybe I feel stressed out once a while. But that only happens once in a while, maybe you know, every other hour in a day.

Q6: What is the purpose of you working?
A6: For personal achievement & satisfaction
For my image as a highly successful career woman
For the money because we can't afford on a single-income.

Q7: Which is more important, work or family?
A7: Family. If only work is not so busy, I would go back more often. Of course, sometimes work can get a little bit demanding, but I still found the time between meetings to order McD chicken porridge & had them deliver it for my sick & starving husband at home.

Yes, family's more important.

Q8: If you had a choice, what would you prefer to be?
A8: what I'm doing right now
A woman in power suit
A happy woman.


When I was a student, I was so lucky because UTM generously sent me & a bunch of multi-racial friends to international trips several times as part of their internationalization mission.

This photo was taken at Cape Point in South Africa back in 2002. Last time we were told that this was the southernmost tip of Cape Peninsula (apparently when I read up later, it was not).

But back then, when I did not know, as I stood (or tried to stand bracing the very fierce & strong wind on Cape of Good Hope), I could not help feeling overwhelmed that I had reached the end of the world.

If it was not the knowledge, it's probably the sight of two seas (Atlantic & Indian oceans) meeting and producing contrasting colours that had me almost in tears.
Dulu, masa mula2 kawen, saya buat pai epal sampai hangus:

Sekarang, saya dah improved. Saya buat kuih apam mekar dan ini hasilnya:

Bukan setakat kuih hangus, dengan periuk2 nasi hangus!

Suami Terchenta, ampunkanlah dosa saya sebab merosakkan periuk nasi! Lain kali, rasanya saya beli kat pasar malam je lah (Suami Terchenta, tolong jangan bagitau Bonda Mertuaku). Huhu.

p/s: Itulah padahnya sebok jadi wanita korporat sampai skill di dapur dah berkarat! Lain kali, set timer bila tinggalkan sesuatu di dapur :p
When we were in Spain last year, we had very restricted choice of food because we forgot to research for halal restaurants in Madrid.

'Ok, seriously. What are we going to have for dinner? Not kebab again, ok?'

As a result, almost every day in Madrid, we had kebab and bread for dinner (lunch was provided by the seminar organiser). Each time I voiced out about trying out paella ala marinara, Suami Terchenta mysteriously became tired, dragged his feet and became extremely stubborn - he simply could not risk eating something foreign (what if they had pork in it??) The number of arguments and sulks we had over where to eat - you would not believe it.

(Paella, fyi, is Spanish rice dish and paella ala marinara is rice with mixed seafood. So no pork. Lagipun, I would not eat anything I was not sure of)

Luckily, we managed to get a taste of paella at the airport before we flew back so I did not bear a grudge with Suami Terchenta over paella. However, being the person who is more inclined to be adventurous gastronomically, I made a mental note to try out Mexican food in Malaysia (Mexico shared a lot of similarities with Spain in terms of menu & language because Spanish once colonized Mexico, like British over Malaysia, me-think)

So, diet out of the window, last night after two days begging my hubby to go out for a dinner date, finally he agreed!

Armed with Google and a few keywords, I stumbled into the website of:


I felt like strumming my banjo and doing a little Mexican jig when I found out that Las Carretas (Spanish for 'The Wagon') nearest outlet is in Ampang, which is just 10-mins away from our home. Since it's a special date (you don't often go on a date after married, mind you) we dressed up properly and soon found ourselves in the restaurant looking at the foreign menu, clueless.

Luckily, Las Carretas team is extremely helpful when we told them that it was our first time sampling Mexican food. They explained their otherwise incomprehensible menu and recommended their customers' favourite.

After ordering from the menu, the waiter brought us some nachos with tomatoes dip:

Nachos & tomato dips - exactly what I feel like biting into

This is how we dip it!

Our starter came about 10 minutes later:

Senor Damian Salad

I am one of those people who has to have veggie in my meal and therefore ordered this salad before our main course arrived. To be honest, there's nothing special about the salad except that it comes in this cute-shaped bread which is edible. The dressing is minimal (healthy) and they could add more chicken strips (which tastes a little bit like Nando's chicken). Other than that, we got the usual lettuce, tomato slices, green crisps, capsicum and green chilli.

For main course, Suami Terchenta had:

Fajitas (pronounced fa-hee-tas)

We were not really sure how to go about eating Fajitas - but when in doubt, we did how we like it! Suami Terchenta had the tortilla (pronounced tor-tiy-yas) spread on his plate, took the sliced grilled beef strips & cajun-flavored chicken slices and dumped them in the centre of the bread. Then he spooned the sauteed veggies and ladled them all over the meat before pouring a little of sour cream, salsa, guacamole & cheese each onto these fillings. Then he wrapped the tortilla and tadah! He bit into the fajita.

'How does it taste, babe?'
'Like chapati...'

Ok, there goes RM30.90 on Mexican version of chapati...

My dinner however was this:

Beef Backribs

My review. The beef is cooked until they are tender and fell off the bone easily. The baked potato with a dollop of sour cream is done to perfection. But... what's with the sweet gravy?

I was expecting spicy, salty and tangy marinated meat. I got sweet-as-candy meat instead. Thankfully, we did not order dessert. The beef was sweet enough to pass off as dessert, although I found it difficult to wrap my head around sweet meat.

So, a bit dissapointed here.

To sum up my review:

1. Location - moderate (we had to circle around to reach this restaurant because the map did not indicate that they were located at a one-way street)
2. Service - superb (helpful & cute waiters)
3. Atmosphere - good (cosy, though like TGIF, they are not 100% halal restaurant i.e. they have wine bar which Suami Terchenta could not resist taking a photo)
4. Food - moderate (or is it because my tastebud is not Spanish-inclined? But I liked the paella back in Madrid airport)
5. Price - expensive (our bill totaled up to RM100+) - go only if you are celebrating something worth throwing your money away
Hari Jumaat biasanya dept aku buat tazkirah. Pagi tadi topik yg sangat menarik. Friendship a.k.a persahabatan. Moral of the story, sahabat sejati itu tak susah, tak menyusahkan dan tak disusahkan!

Bila cakap pasal sahabat sejati, dulu aku ada sahabat sejati merangkap hosmet. Sekarang pun masih sahabat sejati tapi bukan hosmet, melainkan dia jadi madu aku. Muahaha!

Namanya Kak Za. Aku selalu story-mory tentang Kak Za di sini, sini, sini & sini. Kak Za ni cool orangnya. Walaupun aku rasa aku lebih comel drpd Kak Za (wakaka! ampuuun Kak Za!) tapi dia lagi ramai bf dari aku ok. Aku cuma ada sorang bf, sekarang dia tengah tido di atas katil. Sangat kesian kan (bf aku merangkap Suami Terchenta, bukan aku).

Ok, moving on. Kenapa dia cool?

Terus-terang, aku giler admire falsafah hidup Kak Za! Selalunya bila dia tukar bf baru, dia akan bagitau sambil kami makan2 dan aku akan tanya,

'Kenapa Kak Za break dengan si A?'
'Kak Za rasa tak de faedah dengan dia. Agak-agak menyusahkan, tak payah je la...'

Haruslah aku mengeluarkan pemberitahuan bahawa jawapan ini ialah jawapan standard Mek Kelate tu. Bagi dia, kalau balak tu tak de potensi untuk dikekalkan status sebagai bf, lebih baik dia terminate relationship tu. Cari yang baru. Korang kena setuju dengan aku - Kak Za punya falsafah hidup adalah sangat cool.

No wonder la dia ialah seorang yang happy-go-lucky. Rasanya, spjg hidup aku di JB, Kak Za menyumbangkan 50% feel-good-moments, kalau tak aku depressed ok. Bila aku depressed, aku akan mengeluarkan ayat2 jiwang dan very la tidak sesuai dgn jiwa aku dan kalian semua.

Contoh bila aku depressed ialah bila balak aku (a.k.a Suami Terchenta) sms nak break, pastu setengah jam kemudian nak sambung balik. Hahaha! Boleh korang imagine? Kami bercinta dgn sgt tidak serius, tapi bergaduh dgn emosional. Antara gaduh, baik, gaduh dan baik semula, boleh pulak dah kawen. Oh, very la bersyukur kepada Allah sebab pergaduhan percintaan kami sgt tak sia-sia!

Sebenarnya, falsafah hidup Kak Za applicable dlm kehidupan seharian. Kerja dah la sgt stress, kadang2 persahabatan pon boleh bikin stress! Tapi kan, kenapa perlu stress, betul tak? Bak kata Kak Za,

'Agak-agak menyusahkan, tak payah la...'

Persahabatan macamana bikin stress? Hari ini boleh jadi sangat baik, besoknya cuaca jadi mendung diikuti ribut taufan Katrina. Aku bukan seorang yang suka konfrontasi, maka kalau ada yang nak emo, silakan. Makcik ada banyak kerja lain nak dibuat.

Kadang-kadang ada yang suka berpuak2 jugak. Haruslah sgt bangga kerana membuat kafilah sendiri. Orang luar macam aku, tak de kelasss la nak apply membership. Jadi, pemberitahuan. Kami ialah neutral. Pembentukan golongan istimewa tak mendatangkan kesan apa2 terhadap tahap emosi kami. Kalau nak berkawan, sangat dialu-alukan. Kalau tak, kami tak kesah. Excuse me, we happen to have lives to carry on...

Bukanlah bermaksud aku tak appreciate member. Weh, gila ko, tak de kawan? Kawan dengan Suami Terchenta je? Kiteorang dua je, macam kera sumbang? :p Eh, no,no,no... What if Suami Terchenta merajuk, tak nak kawan? Maunya aku kena berkawan dengan diri-sendiri je?

Ada kawan yang sgt la terlalu sejati, kutuk camane pun tak amik hati. Macam Makcik Bibah (kosmet aku dulu). Tengok tu, aku kutuk dia panggil dia makcik. Tapi dia pun panggil aku makcik. Sampai la ni pun kiteorang masih kutuk each other, lagi-lagi hari Jumaat kalau gi lunch dengan dia (ofis dia dekat je). To Bib, terima kasih no, hang la sahabat dunia akhirat. Mintak tolong sama hang, jangan lupa brownies kukus dari Bandung untuk aku!

Then ada kawan-kawan yang share same experience, a.k.a. Fab 5 -1+1. Kalau nak tau, kiteorang penah perang besar ok, berbulan2 jugak nak repair itu friendship. Tapi, if it doesn't break you, it makes you stronger. Sekarang, walaupun semua dah bertempiaran lari dari ofis Mr Trump, tapi kami masih keluar lepak sama2. Kecuali Mr Chairman, sebab dia poyo (tengok tu, aku kutuk dia, tapi dia tak penah marah kan Mr Chairman?) Takdelah, sebenarnya Mr Chairman sekarang di London, so dia tak boleh join dah (kami pon dah tak boleh tumpang BMW dia. Uwaaa!!!). To Fab 5-1+1, I love you all la, terkenang zaman balik ofis pukul 3 pagi!

Lagi ada sahabat-sahabat Msjbox (@ Msjboxers, hahaha! Tengok, aku kutuk korang panggil korang macam seluar boxer tapi kalau ada yang marah sila keluar blog ini sekarang) yg dah beberapa tahun keluar beronggeng sambil pacak khemah merata-rata. Haruslah ucapkan TQ buat En Shai selaku Event Manager bersara. Kalau tak sebab dia bawak cenderahati free dari KL Tower, mungkin tak ramai yang semangat nak gi gathering kan? Hahahaha! To Msjbox friends (Kak Ret/Sis Lin/Kak CT/CM/Kasawari/En Sabar/Kak Dheqchik/Yatt's/Kak Ayu/Yonna/Sishoney/CD/Faizzah/Sodep/Rosli/Fysal/Acai /Shai/Azkam/Kiki/Umie/ Shayz/Kak Kasih/Kak Masy/etc.), you guys rock abis! Apa kata kita pegi naik roller-coaster ramai2 sbb kita tak penah buat lagi?

Kesimpulannya, friendship itu ialah berkonsepkan beautiful, simple, dan merangsang hormon-hormon gembira. Therefore, kalau friendship tu bikin stress & susah hati, apa yang penting? KERJASAMA! Eh, silap!

'Agak-agak menyusahkan, tak payah la...'