Next month's header comes out too early. Waaayyyy too early.

Why, you beg to ask? Because next month, I anticipate that my already fast-paced, high-strung and hectic life will get even busier. To the max. The effect will be...


May:hem = a state of rowdy disorder (Source:

Time for staring out the window is about to end.
Our weekend... always tak jadi.

Every night before Saturday, I always make a mental note. Saturday, want to:

1. Pergi pasar buy groceries.
2. Tidy up home.
3. Go jogging.

Sometimes when I feel I want to go out, I add:

1. Jalan-jalan @ Jalan TAR.
2. Watch movie.
3. Window shopping.

This week, add 1 more wish list:

1. Want to visit my brother in Shah Alam.
2. Want to go Pesta Buku Antarabangsa @ PWTC.

Come Saturday morning? Sleep feels 10 billion times better, so snooze till 10am :p Then wake up, kacau Suami Terchenta (still sleeping). After that, angan2 want to eat nasi lemak but then couldn't be bothered to prepare / buy. So, eat a healthy breakfast cum lazy one (fruits lor). Kacau Suami Terchenta again. Forced myself to do laundry, kacau Suami Terchenta again.

Afternoon, still lazy to go out. Kacau Suami Terchenta, let's order delivery. Tak sempat pergi pasar 'dy. Suami Terchenta said ok (after kira2 duit in our wallets) so called McD for two set of meals. Haha. Suami Terchenta asked, when are we going out la? I said, later la. We eat first. Before that, help me do e-filing (before income tax website becomes slow like turtle).

Two hours later, laze in front of tv. Suami Terchenta's turn to kacau me. Suddenly we realize - eh, evening 'dy! Tak sempat visit my brother. Hihi. Tomorrow la...

Night falls. Let's go pasar malam, I said. Ok, Suami Terchenta agreed. Let's go after Maghrib, I proposed. Now, already Isyak. Still in front of laptop, blogging & surfing the Net. Walioweh! I think this will also be another 'tak jadi' plan!

Huhu. Welcome to Mr & Mrs Junaidix's weekend...

... In Suami Terchenta's case la, not mine. I would probably flee & scream like a banshee if I turned 30.

Not that he would admit it. He woke up and said, 'Wow, I feel like... 17.' *smack my head*

This year, I don't actually have a birthday gift for Suami Terchenta because... well. We lost the gift 6 months ago. He was supposed to share same birthday with Suami Terchenta.

Regardless, one doesn't turn 30 that often and I am currently under extreme duress at work that I need a break more than he needs a birthday celebration so it was just an excuse for me to splurge a bit.

We had a wonderful weekend getaway at our now-not-so-favourite hotel in town:

He looks simply adorable in this photo:

We spent the whole day lounging and watching tv in the room, just unwinding. We did not feel leaving the room - after all I paid two day's worth of my daily wage for the room so we might as well spent as much time in it as possible :p But as night fell, we were forced to roam Pavillion for dinner.

Dinner was TGIF, we had their gobsmacking Buffalo Wing and so-so steak and Whitefish. More importantly, we had an enjoyable & proper dinner, something we had not had since I started work at my new office (especially so now. Sigh).

At first we wanted to go for movie after dinner, but changed our mind. He wanted to watch the rest of football game on tv in the room and I had bought an interesting book (Angel & Demon, by Dan Brown) which I could not wait to start on.

I am glad that we went away for weekend because I felt that I truly need the break and Suami Terchenta ought to have some sort of celebration to compensate the fact that I had no idea what to give him this year. So it was a win-win situation :)

To Suami Terchenta, once again Happy Birthday. I do hope you enjoy the relaxing moments we had this weekend ;)
Love is like this shell I picked up in my open palm

Don't get me wrong with the title of this entry. I love my husband 24/7. All the time. Even when I am feeling upset. That's normal. But sometimes at night, when he was too tired and fell asleep before I did, I propped myself up on my arm and watched him sleep peacefully. And I feel a deep love for him in this tranquil moment.

Happy Birthday, darling. You are my shell, protecting me. My sun, giving light to me. My heart, sustaining me. My love, today & forever more.
As I entered the lift that will bring me to the sky concourse this morning, I remembered an email by Ainie that made me grin - my office as the nominee of 77 World Wonders.

Me: Ha, like that also can be World Wonder?
Ainie: That's why you're all stressed out, by the reputation...
Me: Ah... No 'Wonder'...

Truth be told, when I first came to KL for a date with Suami Terchenta, we met here. Had a date here. And now, I'm working here. Somehow, it was part of my destiny, I guess.

The sky concourse. Everybody hurried to change lift that will bring us to our individual levels. I remembered the first day I reported for duty. I had felt so awed, so proud, so... accomplished (and so lost). From an underground office back at the airport, then to the most stylish office in KL after the move from JB and moving higher up to Malaysia's tallest building. Yup, literally I am slowly 'climbing up' the corporate ladder.

Why then, I am still not fulfilled?

My routine started. Washed my mug, made Quaker Oats, signed in my profile and logged in my email. Established my tasks and got right away at doing it. There are millions of things to do, 8am - 6.30pm is inadequate! If I was still single, I'd probably worked till late at night every day. It was not much difference from my previous job.

Hmm. I wonder how is my hi-tech park project going on right now? Had the team figure out whether to get IPP or TNB for power requirement, or the blueprint of the park or the investors...? Had they gone to Bentley for a site visit, or KHP the least?

Sheesh, Carneyz... It's not your project anymore. Now, you are in charge of performance, meetings, preparing minutes, chasing deadlines, etc. etc.


Still, life moves on. Still. Something is bugging me at the back of my mind.

Still the little one is not coming. He who was to be the ultimate birthday gift to Suami Terchenta this month, or so I thought 9 months ago.

Be at peace, my son.
Saya harus mengingatkan diri saya berbanyak-banyak, berjuta-juta, beratus-ribu lemon kali:

- Sekarang ekonomi tengah merudum;
- Banyak kompeni cut cost;
- Banyak jugek kompeni tutup;
- Banyak orang kena potong gaji;
- Banyak orang pergi kerja tapi kerja takde, pastu gaji pun kena potong;
- Banyak orang kena ikat perut;
- Banyak orang kena buang kerja;
- Banyak orang menganggur tengah carik kerja!

Jadi, saya tak boleh:

- Komplen pasal tak boleh beli iPhone;
- Komplen pasal kompeni saya;
- Komplen pasal gaji saya;
- Komplen pasal KERJA SAYA;
- Komplen pasal banyak kerja tak sempat makan;
- Komplen pasal nak berenti kerja;


Ya Tuhan, semoga Suami Terchenta dapat kerja gaji best tak ingat dunia, lepas tu saya boleh jadi suri rumah graphic designer / penulis buku di rumah.