Hold me and never let go
Show me and shine the light
Upon the path I trod
Give me strength so
I may make it right
Oh Allah, Great God.

Pasti ada hikmahnya semua yang terjadi.
A couple of nights ago, while waiting for Suami Terchenta to finish his night course @ Cititel, I went to KLCC to cuci mata. Ya, ya... Working at KLCC doesn't mean I get the chance to cuci mata frequently. Usually lunch time I stay in the office coz so lazy to go down.

Suddenly walked into Isetan and blew away what's left of my salary on Communique blouse and Executive pants! :O I can't help it, leh! The mega sales discounts were so irresistible and no way I could get THOSE clothes at THOSE prices any other time. Hanya Tuhan membalas (as Diyana of diyanazman.com would say).

I must hand over my credit card to Suami Terchenta for safekeeping. Otherwise, I'll be getting a few more clothes such as:

1. A new swimming suit:

Source: Al-Fareeda Bazaar

I know, I know! I've got one already and since I don't go swimming every day why need two, right? But LOOK AT THAT DESIGN! How not to fall in love with that burqini? (Btw, burqini is the more or, a loooootttttt more modest version of bikini for Muslimah) Check out Al-Fareeda Bazaar for this kind of swimming suit. The price is reasonable too (RM100) compared to other online shops selling similar item.

2. Shawls

Source: www.shawls2u.blogspot.com

With the new baju, also need new tudung. Jen can become a testament to this crazy habit of both mine & Ainie's. These shawls are gorgeous. The good thing about this blog is, not only the lovely ladies sell shawls, they also provide step-by-step guide on how to wear them with style & elegance!

3. New Baju Kurung:

Source: www.butik-stareast.blogspot.com

I HEART this baju kurung, isn't it elegant? Except for its humongous sleeves, it is exactly something I want for my Raya outfit (eh? Baru je nampak kat Internet, dah kata macam tu?) Selling at RM290. Sigh. Is credit card accepted? :p
Lately, I've been thinking to get a new phone. Preferably, something that can be a PDA, mobile phone and video/camera at the same time. The reasons are so I don't have to lug around my pda to keep track work, phone to call/sms people and some more, both also don't have camera. Kesian.

These are among the gadgets that I would grab if I had the moolah:

1. iPhone 3GS:

Source: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk

When they first launched iPhone 3G, I couldn't understand why Suami Terchenta was head-over-heel with this phone. Yes, so it is gorgeous, looks futuristic and the widgets are cute. But that was just it, wasn't it? Then it came to Malaysia and when I laid my hands on it, I finally comprehends his passion for this baby. Like, OMIGOD, THIS PHONE IS SUPER-COOL! I MUST GET ONE FOR MYSELF! Yes, me. The crazy-for-gadgets IT engineer wife. I went gaga every time we passed by one of those billboards with gigantic iPhone on it. If you still don't understand why, read the review here.

This phone is Miss Universe in IT world ok. Don't play-play! The sheer beauty and dazzling shine off the phone kinda knocked me down and since then I have an insatiable desire to pocket one of this beauty. When it comes to touch-screen phone, iPhone has the widest screen and the most finger-friendly keyboard (I never like phones that require a stylus to operate). Also, we won't have problem to locate the kiblat direction because it has an in-built compass! The only reservations I have for iPhone are its price and the fact that it's not Windows-operated. Dammit.

Or, if iPhone is not for work, then maybe I wanna get this:

2. Blackberry Storm:

Source: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk

Work or play. Blackberry is your best bet. It's not half as beautiful as an iPhone but this phone packs it all. You can read all your emails, open Word / Excel document and even edit them. It even has GPS, and for travel fans like us, this would come in handy anytime. A unique feature of the phone is its clickable screen - when you tap the on-screen keyboard, it's like tapping on mechanical keypads. Cool, huh? Another plus, unlike iPhone, the memory can be expanded as it has SD-card slot. The beefed up memory means we can watch movie and I tell you, the picture quality is awesome, babe!

Ah-but-then, like HTC Magic, the phone is not as responsive as iPhone. We have to press real hard to get an application to open or to type email. And also, it's slightly heavier and bulkier compared to the sleek iPhone. But the most unforgiveable flaw of all - it doesn't come with a WiFi. Bleargh! What if I'm at the airport and can get free WiFi but cannot, coz phone got no WiFi mah! *slap forehead*

Then again, Blackberry seems like too serious for my liking, and where design meets functionality, you gotta give it to HTC to whip up something like this:

3. HTC Touch Pro

Source: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk

Runs on Windows Mobile (checked). Has real slide-out / on-screen keyboard (checked). Achingly beautiful/doesn't look too masculine (checked). TouchFLO™ 3D that makes it almost feel like an iPhone (checked). I can almost feel its fingers closing around my heart, but I can't say more, coz I haven't experience this phone yet. Maybe it will jump to no 1 over iPhone if it manages to convince me that it feels as good as it looks.

Ok, enough about phone. Gadget shopping wish-list no 4 (and final, for this moment):

3. Olympus Pen E-P1

Source: http://reviews.cnet.co.uk

I wanna take professional-looking photos but I don't wanna carry a bulky camera that I can't fit in my handbag. One day, jalan2 at PC Fair and suddenly saw this camera. Immediately drooled over it and spent days afterwards dreaming of it. It looks like a compact, feel like a compact (slightly heavier) but you can put on those professional lenses and voila! You have a DSLR in hand (ok la, for leisure photographer like me). Need I elaborate more on this fascinating gadget?

Anybody wants to give me any of these to-die-for gadgets? :p
Is your favourite colour blue?
Do you always tell the truth?
Do you believe in outerspace?
And I'm learning you

Is your skin as tanned as mine?
Does your hair flow sideways?
Did someone took a portion of your heart?
And I'm learning you

And if you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

I let my guard down for you
And in time you will too

If you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

If you don't mind
Can you tell me
All your hopes and fears
And Everything that you believe in
Would you make a difference in the world
I'd love for you to take me to a deeper conversation
Only you can make me

Deeper Conversation
Let me

Does your name rhymes with mine....

One night many years ago, two best friends sat on the porch of an apartment in Taman Universiti Skudai, and over a mug of hot drinks, they talked about the kind of guy they wish to meet in UTM:

'Carneyz, what kind of guy you'll fall in love with, do you think?'
'Hmm... I always like someone tall, fair, hair parted in the middle. What about you, Eva?'
'I guess I prefer someone tall and average size. A little bit of the bad boy type, you know, coz I like a bit of adventure.'
'And that dream guy of mine, he's gonna catch me when I fall, he's funny and makes me laugh and when I cry, he'll wipe away my tears.'
'... and takes you as you are, and loves you no matter what. I want that same thing too, Carneyz.'
'You know what? I want someone I can talk with for hours, and I have this fantasy. You know, me & him, we spend our afternoons in our kitchen and we talk about our days, our lives, our hopes, dreams, fears, and even global issues. We'll never run out of ideas.'
'Yeah, I know. Someone whom we can have deep conversations with.'
'Yes, real deep conversations. You think my dream guy is out there?'
'Perhaps. Hey, let's make a wish upon a falling star.'
'I wish you'll meet your dream guy, Eva.'
'I wish you'll meet your perfect guy, Carneyz.'
Source: Click here

Semalam ofismet ajak main futsal di Ampang Sports Planet. Aku macam gagah je join sekaki. Ala, apa nak takot? Futsal je... Wakaka! Haruslah kata-kata bongkak ni disumbat dalam tauhu sumbat, lepas tu kasi aku makan. Tengok la muntah ke tak muntah darah makan kata2 sendiri.

Pertama kali dalam beberapa bulan ni, aku keluar awal dari ofis. Pertama kali dalam hidup jugak, aku menjejak kaki ke Kompleks Sukan Ampang. Perggh...! Perasaan aku excited, blur dan tak sabar2 nak sepak bola ala2 Beckham. Tengok tu, bini siapa la macam jantan tu kan... En Junaidix, sila tuntut wife anda sekarang!

Kakak ofis aku dah hint awal2 - dieorang ni team yang terer futsal. Agaknya kepala aku masuk angin kot. Part 'terer' tu aku macam tak dengaaarrrr je. First time jumpa dengan budak2 yang lain, aku agak terkedu. Mereka ini wanita2 yang comel. Tapi sangat la perkasa. Dua orang pakai shorts macam footballer. Woah. Nasib baik kromosom aku pun XX jugak. Ngee. Tapi semua mereka baik2 belaka. Walaupun aku kata aku tak pernah lagi sepak bola, apa lagi main futsal mereka still teruja sebab dapat member baru (sampai la mereka tengok aku main. Wakaka!)

Sebelum main, aku & akak ofis kuis2 sepak2 bola. Ala2 warm up la gittew... Then semua masuk court, dan start lari 5 pusingan. Gagah ok. Aku cam biasa, semangat waja awal-awal. Sangat innocent, tak tau lagi tinggi rendah langit...

Then kiteorang buat bulatan. Semua tendang bola at each other. Warm up lagi. Aku tendang bola. Not bad. Mula2 sepak ala2 perempuan, lepas tu dieorang sepak tinggi2 dengan kelajuan yang boleh membunuh anak kucing, barulah aku sedar diri. Mak ai, gila terer awek2 ni! Kecut perut bila bola meluru ke arah aku dgn kelajuan 30km/j! Ngeri, ngeri...

Tapi yang tak tahannya, bila game start. Aku adalah sangat KAKI BANGKU! Hahaha! Siyes, aku sendiri pun tak faham. Tendang bola dah betul. Tapi tak masuk gol. Sepak bola nak bagi kat teammate, tapi terbagi kat lawan. Bila aku dapat bola, orang semua terkam aku, aku cepat2 tendang sesuka hati, sebab aku TAKUT! Muahaha! Takut orang sepak kaki aku! Terserlah sifat keperempuanan aku ok! En Junaidix, sila tuntut wife anda balik!

Lepas setengah jam, kiteorang berenti rehat. Kali ni, datang sekumpulan teruna. Mereka juga adalah gagah-gagah belaka. Ofismet aku boleh ajak dieorang main futsal sekali! Aku terasa macam nak pengsan. OMG, dah la aku dimalukan main futsal dengan kaum sejenis, ni nak main futsal dengan kaum jantan, kompem keesokan harinya nama aku akan naik satu bangunan KLCC tu as 'worst player in the century'!

Tapi kan. Aku tak tau macamana nak undur diri. Dengan senyum kelat, aku pon ikut semua yang lain masuk court. Kesudahannya:

Team aku kena belasah teruk. 8-2. Gara-gara aku.

Huahuahua! Ini ialah tangisan dalam ketawa.
Taubat. Aku tak mau main futsal dengan kaum jantan lagi.
Aku tak mau ulang peristiwa hari semalam!
En Junaidix, sila bawak balik rumah isteri anda sekarang!

Hari ni. Badan aku sakit-sakit. Kaki macam kena tumbuk 100 kali. Ini ialah padahnya bila cuba main game orang jantan :p Tapi, adakah aku akan serik? Maybe minggu ni, tapi next time aku mesti lupa dan ikut orang main futsal lagi! :p

p/s: SisLin, Kak Linda, Kak Ret, Sishoney, Umie... Jom kita turun padang court! :D
So the next day, we went to the National Zoo, coz you know what? Even though the Land of Hornbills is the biggest state in Malaysia, we don't have a freakin' zoo of our own, except if you count in The Wildlife Park in Bintulu (well, they don't have giraffe and Gloria hippo, so it doesn't count as a zoo):

At the zoo entrance

While waiting for hubby to buy the tickets, I checked out the noticeboard and found out that the Animal Show will start soon:

Hurry up! The show'll start in 5 mins!

I had never watched the Animal Show, which made me a real pathetic. Hubby watched once when he went to Madrid Zoo and he said it was awesome (yeah2... he had more fun than me when we were in Madrid, because I was cooped up in some boring conference while he went exploring the city).

So in our excitement, we walked fast-fast to the show, found good seats before the show started, and realised that we left our parents behind. Bummer. I'm sooo not getting any nominations for best daughter-in-law award:

Phew, Made it on time!

The show started with a flock of birds flying across the audience and already, I was as excited as a two-year-old toddler. Suami Terchenta laughed at me and teased, 'So, who's more excited to visit the zoo, Dad or you?' Excuse me dear, but in case you hadn't notice, Dad happened to be excited as well.

Then a parrot showed its skill hoisting the Malaysian flag on a mini pole:

Oi, how clever!

And a baby seal jumped through a loophole and clapped its hands (feet) cleverly:

What would animal show be without the bright & funny seal?

And that was it. No dolphin. WHY no DOLPHINS?? *wail*

Ok, I had to contend with no dolphins and get a move on with life. After the show, we all trooped out and started our zoo tour. Zoo was well, zoo. Lots of animals, some looking bored, some were grazing, or just plain sleeping. To cut the story short, here's a couple of photos of our parents posing in front of zoo animals:

With the giraffes...

... and elephants

Here's Mom feeding sugar cane to one of 'em:

And us posing in front of the bored lion:

When I last posed in front of the camels during our last visit to the zoo 4 years ago, I never thought that we'd come here again and pose with our parents pulak:

The two generations together with the clueless camel

Mom-in-law looking tired

2 hours later, we figured that we had had enough and it was time to leave the zoo:

Bye Zoo. Till the next relatives come to visit...

To be continued... the trip to Putrajaya.