What would you do?

What would you do when you're angry but no one cares? What would you do when you keep dreaming of yesterdays? Or when you feel like you're trapped in your life?

What would you do when your life seems out of control and you feel like you'll never ever climb out of this misery, coz no matter how hard you try things still stay miserably the same? What would you do when friends are too far to warm your heart?

What would you do when you try to tell someone how you felt but couldn't find the right words?

I'm asking you. What would you do if you are me?


  1. Lemme see.....
    I will pack my stuff, buy a ticket to go somewhere and have a holiday for a week and try to forget all my miseries and have fun.

    How about that???

  2. Hahaha! Looove that idea ;)

  3. What would I do?

    1. VENT!
    If not to a person, then in my blog. Or in a letter to myself)

    2. SPLURGE or SPOIL!
    Either by myself something damn nice or go for a spa retreat.

    3. PRAY
    And after prayer, pretend I have a reboot button and reboot :)


  4. mediha: Hmm... the pretend to have reboot button idea is not bad... :)