When Life Gets A Little Too Boring...

... I take a hike up the hill.

One fine morning in Bintulu, I decided to do something that I had not done for a long, long time. That is, going hiking up Bukit Nyabau. Seronok, wa cakap lu! Even my mom who was dead set against abusing her knees agreed with me that it was worth it.

Aiyoh. You never go hiking, memang la tak tau apa-apa. Wait until you see these pictures:

Berjalan-jalan di dalam hutan

Mula-mula kita panjat bukit dengan kecuraman 90 darjah!

Alamak. Baru berlaku runtuhan tanah. Tak boleh pijak di situ, nanti jatuh.

Ok. I'm starting to get the hang of hanging off the cliff.

Yaay! Berjaya!

Adik pun sukses!

Bonda sangat bangga sebab berjaya mendaki tebing yg curam.

And then, you are rewarded with this view from atop

Another fascinating thing about hiking is coming across exotic plants, like this pitcher's plant:

And a really beautiful flower:

Psst. Who wants to go hiking at Broga Hill next week? :)


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