Pada suatu petang yang indah, kami keluar berjalan2 di Perfect Living Exhibition di PWTC. Tujuan utama kami ialah mencari perabot rumah (dah beli pun, i.e. Sofa purple) tapi dalam usaha gigih kami memusingkan diri di setiap ceruk exhibition, kami telah terjumpa:

Jeng, jeng, jeng! Sila berkenalan dengan Puan Taiyohoshi, haittt! Konichiwa! Pengering pakaian versi low cost!

Dear Khayla,

In more or less 12 hours from now, you will turn 8 months old. That is equivalent to the time I gained 15kgs and a terrible mood to match. I was so looking forward to a trip to the delivery room because I got bored with my pregnancy.

Now let's discuss about a few things that happened in our lives over the past one month. Beginning with the appearance of two pearly white teeth that have made our lives so miserable and you leaking fountains of tears with their appearance.

The white pearls that gave us so much misery...

Yet another late post from Mommy to Khayla. May you enjoy reading this some day :)


Dear Khayla,

Happy 7 months old, baby! Oh God, she grows up too fast! How I wish you remain 6 months old for the next two years :p you are so much fun right now little one, that Mommy is reluctant to see you grow up :(