Dear Khayla,

Last week you turned 9 months old. Happy 9 months, sweetheart! I can't believe that you have spent an equal time being outside and inside my womb. How time flies!

Bath time is play time with ducky-duck

If you could asked me a gift for being 9 months old, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a pair of walking feet and free access to the kitchen area. Feet you may have, but at this stage they still disappoint you. You can't use them to run after me or get to a toy faster than on your tummy. And your beloved walker is no longer your favourite transportation. Nuh-uh. They are only for babies. As far as you are concerned, you are very much a grown-up and can exercise every rights under the Malaysian Constitution.

So what you do right now is demand for a lift, either from Daddy or Mommy. We are now officially your legs to go around the house and inspect everything. In return, you flash us your loveliest smile that mostly works on us. Sigh.

Giving us that 1000-watt smile of yours

Because you couldn't walk yet, you are denied access to the kitchen. This frustrated you greatly because when Mom & Dad participated in this activity called cooking, we don't allow you to join in due to safety reason. You'd be on standby at the kitchen entrance in your walker, complaining loudly and sometimes throwing tantrums because you are not able to come into the kitchen.

To pacify you, we often gave you a spoon and a tin to drum on, which worked - for approximately 5 minutes and then you threw the spoon and then dropped the tin out of curiosity, and after that lost interest in them and back to badgering us to allow you into the kitchen.

My baby,

Earlier this month, you celebrated your first of the many more to come Hari Raya. I was more than excited about this. This is our chance to make money show you off to our relatives! Of course most of them had attended your aqiqah ceremony when you were a little baby but back then you were more interested in sleep than being an adorable little person. We were pretty sure that you would turn on your charming nature this time but then, enter separation anxiety at this age.

Only happy in Mommy's or Daddy's arms

Instead of being happy from having been passed from one hand to another, you screwed up your face and leaked fountains. Clearly this nasty separation anxiety would not leave you even during this festive season. Remember that one night when Mom & Dad left you in the loving care of your grandparents? Two hours later, we received several anxious calls from your Grandpa asking when do we plan to go back as you were throwing tantrums and crying till you vomited. Reason? You wanted us and we were missing.

That night, your aunt Udak Intan had to race us back to Grandpa's house coz you wouldn't stop crying for an hour. The moment you saw us arriving, you kicked your legs in relief and almost fell off from Daddy's brother's arms because you missed us THAT much.

Loving your play time

This month also, you delighted me tremendously coz you finally, FINALLY, can call me 'Mak'. You would babble and rant 'Bapak' at any time of the day even when you don't want Daddy, but when it's milk time you turned to me and called 'Mak'. It certainly made my day each time you correctly called me 'Mak'. Muah!

Growth-wise, everyone told me that you looked tall for your age. When it comes to height, you took after Daddy. People always thought you're one year old already. And the same people always get surprised when I said you are still exclusively breastfed. Eh, breastmilk also can give equal if not better nutrition than formula. So way to go, Khayla!

Playing swing like an older child

Last but not least, I'd like to thank you for being the best and sweetest baby in the world. You certainly showed maturity and understanding beyond your age especially when sometimes both Mommy & Daddy are not around because either one of us has to go to class now that our classes have resumed. One day when we graduate, we'll dedicate our success to you, my loveliest child.

Posing in your first baju kurung

Pagi tadi saya bangun awal. Saya toleh kanan. Bapak masih tidur. Saya toleh kiri, Mak pon tidur lagi. Tapi saya rasa nak kacau Mak jugak. Lalu saya buat bising di telinga Mak dan tarik rambut sampai beliau bangun dan kata, 'Kenapa Khayla tarik rambut Mak?'

Sebaik saja Mak tengok saya senyum beliau tak jadi marah. Tapi akibatnya saya akan dicium dan digomol sampai saya jerit marah. Mak suka cium pipi saya. Saya rasa perbuatan mak keterlaluan.

Mak bangun dan mandi, jadi saya kacau bapak pulak. Bila Mak dah selesai mandi, Mak mandikan saya pulak. Saya suka mandi dengan Mak sebab Mak bagi saya main dengan itik getah. Mak nyanyi2 sambil mandikan saya. Bapak biasanya nak cepat jadi saya tak boleh main bila mandi.

Hari ni Bapak bagi saya sarapan. Seperti biasa, makan bubur. Kenapa mak dan Bapak tak faham, saya ni dah besar dan tak suka makan bubur? Bubur untuk bayi je. Saya dah 8 bulan, bukan bayi lagi kan?

Jadi saya cuma makan separuh dan lepas tu saya tak pedulikan Bapak lagi. Lepas makan, Mak bermain dengan saya dan kemudian kami tengok tv sama2. Sekarang saya faham kenapa Mak suka pandang kotak bergambar tu. Ada lagu2 menarik dan kartun2 best!

Bila penat, saya baring2 dengan Mak sambil menyusu. Saya suka minum susu Mak sebab lepas tu saya rasa ngantuk lalu tidur.

Bila terjaga, saya tengok Mak dan Bapak sibuk mengemas bilik tidur. Saya tumpang menyibuk je. Oh, rupanya Mak nak alih almari dan katil. Mungkin sebab Mak jatuh kerusi pagi tadi masa tengah cari baju dalam almari. Mak jerit aduh sambil pegang punggung. Siapa suruh Mak tak berhati2?

Hasil kecoh2 Mak dan Bapak bilik tidur kami kelihatan seperti ni:

Bagi saya itu semua tak penting tapi saya tertarik dengan lampu tepi katil. Ia ada potensi untuk dipanjat saya. Tapi Bapak asyik sekat saya dari lampu tu. Bapak memang begitu. Spoilsport.

Petang. Bapak dan mak bawak saya jalan2. Ooo... Saya suka! Mak letak saya di dalam buaian bayi. Suka suka! Suka sampai ketawa mengekek2 bila Mak hayun buaian tinggi2:

Walaupun saya seorang je yang main buai, tapi Mak dan Bapak yang ketawa lebih. Mereka tu memang over. Sila maafkan perangai mereka ya.

Belum puas main buai, bapak dah keluarkan saya sambil kata saya masih bayi dan masih kecil sangat. Lepas tu mereka masukkan saya dalam kereta sorong saya dan berjalan2. Sambil2 tu, mak suapkan bubur nasi ke mulut saya. Saya yang terkagum2 melihat alam sekitar sampai lupa yang saya benci bubur. So ngap dengan berselera.

Kami tiba di kawasan lapang dan Mak bentang tikar. Saya terus mengamuk sebab saya nak jalan2 lagi! Saya taknak makan! Lalu saya mogok dan muntahkan makanan jugak!

Muka mogok taknak makan

Dengan Bapak

Last2 Mak dan Bapak cepat2 berkemas dan saya masuk dalam kereta sorong semula. Yeay!

Mak sempat belikan aiskrim dan dengan baik hati beri saya makan kon. Saya teruja sebab saya dapat makan makanan baru. Yum yum! ~

Oleh sebab hari ni sangat memenatkan so saya nak tidur awal ye. Selamat malam!

Three weeks ago, while at Perfect Living exhibition, we stopped by a booth promoting window dressing. I was looking for a roller blind for our kitchen and the previous booth selling the such blinds was rather expensive (priced around RM400+).

We were happy to find out that Maxtrack Curtains are selling theirs for a mere RM200, and they don't charge for measuring visit and installation although our house is quite far from their outlet.

Their service is quite fast - within 2 days we received a call that they wanted to come over to measure our kitchen window (which took about 15mins only) and since it was a working day, they were quite happy to come over after office hours.

I also got to choose the blind's pattern to suit my kitchen and I chose white and grey striped pattern that matched our kitchen cabinet. Maxtrack promised to deliver the blind after raya.

Today they came over to install the blind: