Like a Sandcastle...

I watched us crumbling. Little by little, beads by beads... 

The sandcastle built by the sea, at first so magnificent. Passersby stand and admire its beauty and grandeur.

Then the tide comes. At first small wave reaching out but failing to touch the sandcastle. It is invincible. Then as time passes by, the tide inches slowly towards the sandcastle. Slowly pulling the tiny molecules of sand grains towards the sea. 

The sandcastle is slowly disintegrating. Once tall and proud, the sandcastle is now struggling to remain intact. The towers are drifting apart, the fort that surrounds it dwindling into nothingness.

Soon, it will crumble down. Just another sandcastle that is forgotten.

We used to cherish that sandcastle. Now we let the tides sweep it away. I wonder. What will our fate be?


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