Salvation [post written on 16/04/2009]

**This post gave me chills because at the time when I wrote this, I was still child-less, just lost my first pregnancy, and was depressed from the thought that I may not even be able to conceive due to my PCOS. Look at what I have today, syukur ya Allah! Perhaps during my lowest period, He sent me a glimpse of what the future (now current) looks like**

[post written on 16 April 2009]
Today, work finally took a toll on me and I fell sick. I had to stay at home to recuperate, but my mind is still bogged down with all the work matters that still remain unsolved.

Sigh. I hate this feeling.

I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this feeling. Benci. Noktah.

Bila tutup satu pintu, satu pintu masalah lagi terbuka. Sampai bila kepala hotak saya akan berhenti serabut.

I slept. I dreamed.

Two little girls, wearing cute identical gowns. They grabbed my hand. Said they wanna take photos. There was a bench and a camera. I sat, they sat. My two little girls.

I woke up.

What are dreams to you? Do they tell that of the future, or just projections of your deepest desire?

What are dreams anyway?


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